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K.W Cross

K.W Cross

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PostSubject: Episode List   Episode List Icon_minitimeWed Feb 03, 2010 2:24 pm

I thought we could post completed RP's in this thread.
Basically once you've completed an RP you post it here so that others can reflect upon it.
Have fun!

  1. Rescue Force! Protect The People!
  2. Nakida Appears, Wing in danger!
  3. The EDG, Great Wyern Returns!
  4. Rescue Zero Fire, The Commander Appears!
  5. Corruption In The Ranks, Rescue Taker Light-Speed Rescue!
  6. Final Rescue! Cornered New Terra!
  7. The episode we just did
  8. Whatever the episode we just did was called
  9. This episode

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K.W Cross

K.W Cross

Posts : 1252
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Age : 24
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PostSubject: Re: Episode List   Episode List Icon_minitimeWed Feb 03, 2010 2:26 pm

TITLE: Rescue Force! Protect the People!
CHARACTERS: Ren (R1), Cross (R2) and Kaisu (R3)

"So these are the new vehicles!" Kaisu exclaimed. He was leaning over the side of a banister, his eyes wide. "This is amazing! I can't wait to drive these guys!" Kaisu said to himself, smiling. He stretched, cracking his knuckles, then walked off.
Father... Mother... Just watch. I'll save everyone... I'll live up to your name... He thought sadly as he walked.

Ren stepped out of the cockpit of his Rescue Wing and looked down, "The vehicle is fine." He told the mechanics. "Now, what was the problem you wanted me to check on?"
"We thought there might be a problem with the engines and the heating system." A mechanic told him.
"I didn't feel anything wrong." Ren said, climbing down and dropping to the ground.
"Ok, I guess we'll have to hope you're right, since we can't find any problems."
"Then how do you think there are problems?"
"Mechanic's intuition."
Ren walked by him, heading in towards the control room, "Well, I guess we'll see."

Cross looked over the balcony at the vehicles and smiled. Ren was climbing out of Rescue Wing and talking about some sort of Heating Problem. And Kaisu had wandered off to the control room. Cross couldn't believe it, an entirely new fleet of vehicles just itching to save some lives. Though it sounded horrible part of Cross was hoping for an Earthquake or an Inferno or even a Meteor Storm to spring up at any moment and endanger a nearby city, just so he could test New Striker. Cross sighed looked down onto the vehicle and smiled.
"Like, that's gonna happen," He muttered in English, and walked off to the control room.

Kaisu walked through the homes, watching all the children play. Rescue Commander was clipped to his belt, though he only had the Impact cards. He wondered what vehicle he would drive, if he did drive one. Tucked into his pocket was a Tri Basher, which he had been given by the Director. He had changed it a bit, though he broke the extinguisher function. He had made it so that sword mode's Dragon Charge would be much stronger, while sacrificing some of Gun Mode's strengths.
"KAISU!" Cross yelled "KAISU!"
Was he deaf? Cross thought to himself running after his colleague and leaping over a fence and tackling Kaisu to the floor.
"Can you hear me now?" he asked.
Cross grinned and got to his feet offering Kaisu his hand to help him up.
"Ugh... What was that about?" Kaisu asked as he took Cross's hand. Dusting himself, he turned and smiled at Cross. 'Have you seen the new vehicles? To be honest, I hope we some giant mecha like Rescue Fire." Kaisu said, pushing his Tri Basher back into his pocket.
"Yeah, that's what I wanted to talk about,"
Cross took a pair of cards out of a small black box that he'd attached to his belt close to where his Commander was attached.
"You know how Ren's got Rescue Wing as his vehicle right?" Cross asked but it was a mainly a rhetorical question so he kept talking "Well we get our own vehicles to,"
Cross held both cards in one hand and pointed them in front of Kaisu.
"The only main vehicles that are working right now are New Striker," Cross demonstrated his point by taking the New Striker card out of one hand and spinning the other card around in his left "Or Rescue Scuba,"
Cross let the question sink into Kaisu for a second before making sure his friend understood
"... which do you want?"
"Hmmm.... I think I'll take Scuba." Kaisu said happily, pulling the card out of Cross's hands.
"They better make the Final Rescue and Rescue Gattai cards soon..." Kaisu laughed. He put the card in his card pouch.
"You know, wouldn't it be cool if we had a Jet Caliber like the old Rescue Fire Sky Team? Then we could fly, just like that."
Cross grinned and placed the New Striker card back in the small black case.
"I think I have your Final Rescue here, give me a second and I'll find it"
Cross began by taking out a wad of other cards and leafing through them while he talked, occasionally popping one back into the small box.
"Yeah flying would be fun, I could never understand how those things could support a grown man's weight without blowing off their arm,"
He frowned, turned one of the cards the other way around and kept on talking.
"Speaking of old Rescue Fire Tech, where'd you get the Tri-Basher?"
Cross handed the card he'd just turned upside down over to Kaisu along with a couple of others.
"Here you go, Final Rescue: Diving Impact and all the other cards related to Rescue Scuba, now you were saying about the Tri-Basher?"
"Thanks." Kaisu said as he put them in his pouch.
"The Tri Basher was a gift from the Director. You know how I'm good for tech and stuff? I rewired some of the circuits and edited some of the data and power converters, and now, the Extinguishers mode's entirely broken, Gun mode's weaker, but Sword mode's Dragon Charge is stronger than ever before." Kaisu explained. He was happy to have found his teammate in this area. He was even happier to have his vehicle and cards, but it made him sad to talk about the Tri Basher. His face fell.
Cross frowned and almost instantly stopped smiling.
"W-what's wrong? Kaisu are you okay?" he asked "Was it something I said? I didn't mean whatever it was I said that upset you!"
Cross went into his typical, overdramatic mentality and dropped to his knees begging Kaisu to tell him what's wrong.
Kaisu looked up quickly and smiled again.
"Oh, nothing. Just thinking..." Kaisu said, acting as if nothing had happened. He slung his arm around Cross.
"You know, I'm hungry." He stated. He dragged Cross into his car, a look-alike or Core Striker.
"Let's grab a bite." He said cheerfully. He put the key in ignition, and turned on his GPS, setting for the Uptown Marketing District.
"I'm gonna treat. You wanna come?" He asked.
"Um, okay," Cross looked a bit sheepish and a little embarrassed from his earlier ... outburst.
"Oh, cool car?" he pointed out as he got into the passenger seat of the Nissan300ZX. Cross pulled the seatbelt across his chest and strapped himself in.
"So ... where were you thinking of going?"
"Well, at the Uptown Marketing District, there’s this restaurant, it's great, though some of the dishes can be a bit umm, fiery, I guess. It's really good though, I go there a lot." Kaisu explained, and he started to drive.
"You know, I kinda hope there's a flood or something, then I could test out Rescue Scuba." Kaisu admitted as he drove.
"Oh, the main roads blocked. We'll have to go through the End City Highway...” Kaisu explained as he turned, taking another route.

Cross looked out of the window of the Car and felt a chill run down his spine. He didn't have anything against End City. It was just a little ... strange. There was very little crime, no poverty or homeless people and it was home to scientists, artists and geniuses of all sorts. In short it was perfect. And that was why Cross didn't like it. He also didn't like how it was turning into its own state and how they had forbidden Rescue Force to enter the capital. Cross sighed and turned back to the windscreen.
"Tch, it's starting to get cloudy," he muttered. It reminded him of Scotland, rain and clouds and ... screaming people running in terror? He smiled, sometimes it felt like only the British could handle bad weather.
"Wait ... those aren't clouds ..." he realized.
Cross took a closer look at the fluffy blobs in the sky. Technically they were clouds but the rain coming out of them was green and it was starting to burn away at everything in sight. This wasn't normal rain, it wasn't even normal acid rain, it was an extreme disaster raging right over them.

Ren rushed into the control room and saluted Hikaru. The former R1 was busy working.
"Ren, mobilize with the Rescue Wing, and go to End City. Extreme Disaster sighted in the vicinity of your two comrades." Hikaru told him.
"Understood." Ren said, rushing to one of the capsules in the side of the room. He swiped his card across his Commander, "Chaksou!"
Ren's armor started to appear over his body. The orange undersuit appeared, and the white armor came from the tube, assimilating over top of his suit.
"Rescue Force, Chaksou Complete!" He saluted, and rushed off towards his model of the Core Striker. He drove it into the Rescue Wing cockpit, and took off.
"R1, follow the path displayed on your module." Hikaru ordered.
"Right!" The images displayed on his terminal, and onto his visor. He began to fly out towards End City.

"Shoot!" Kaisu screamed as he swerved to the side, hitting the brakes, and he narrowly avoided a drop of the strange rain.
"Core Scuba - Change!" He shouted, swiping a card into his Rescue Commander. Soon the car's front and side opened up, revealing the UFDA Emblem. In the back, the middle seat's seat rose, revealing two Rescue Zamber and two Rescue Breaker inside.
"I can Chakusou from here. I'll start the evacuation, you need to Chakusou." Kaisu said, opening the door and exiting. He black flipped so his back faced the boot of the car.
"Chakusou!" He commanded, swiping the 'Chakusou' card. He put his arms by his side and some metal arms surrounded Kaisu as they scanned him and begun to attach the orange undersuit. It was followed by the black amour, helmet, and finally the white visor.
"R3 - Genchaku!" He announced as the arms slid back into the back of the car.
"Standby - Tri Basher!" He said and his modified Tri Basher was ejected to his open hand. "Gun Mode!" He instructed, shifting the tool into Gun Mode.
He shot at one of the Raindrops, but they just melted through the ice.
"Cross! Deploy New Striker!" R3 shouted urgently.

The Rescue Wing flew through the strange clouds, opening fire with energy bolts fired from the feathered wings of the jet. Ren set his large vehicle down on the highway and leapt out, taking both the Rescue Breaker and the newly built Rescue Slicker sword-based on the Excalibur of the Rescue Fire team.
He took the long sword out, and pressed the yellow button on the side of the hilt. He swung it back, generating electricity on the blade. He shouted, slashing straight up, sending the burst of lightning rippling forward and up, towards the clouds.
The electricity erupted into the strange raindrops, connecting out and lancing into other drops, and blowing many of them apart with a disintegrating force.

R3 had begun the Evacuation. The Extreme Disaster was spreading. There was a gap between him and a busy section of the Highway, and there was no way he could jump that. "Break Rope!" He shouted, pulling out the tool from his back and aiming it at a truck. It managed to grab hold of the back, and Kaisu leapt, hoping he could make it. He managed to jump of a damaged pillar and land on the other part.

"The Extreme Disaster is damaging the road and buildings. They could collapse at any time. Deploying Rescue Chaser!" R3 informed and he swiped the card.
"Rescue Chaser - Start Up!" He commanded.
He began to ready everyone for evacuation. He frowned. He had to get them off the road, but how?

Ren fell back, rushing towards R3, "Use the Wing for evacuation." Ren said. He held up the blade weapon, showing the UFDA insignia, "Just got this off the line. I'll be keeping the rain at bay with it."

"Thanks." R3 said. "Core Scuba!" He called, and the vehicle jumped over the gap, drifting as R3 got in. "Rescue Wing!" He called, and the vehicle swooped down, flipping, and Core Scuba began to ride in as it finished the flip, so Core Scuba was in the cockpit. He landed it, and a ramp opened, allowing people to get into the vehicle. "Core Scuba, auto pilot okay?" He said to his AI as he was transferred into the other area, and starting issuing first aid.
"Zone B4 Evacuation Complete." His Commander informed. "Rescue Wing - Ramp Close!" He instructed, and the ramp closed as the vehicle took off.
"R1 - Deploy Rescue Turbine. We could blow the clouds away, or get all the rain into a place where we could remove of it." R3 suggested as he returned to Core Scuba. He landed Rescue Wing in a safe area, got everyone out, then drove it back to R1. He drove Core Scuba out and stopped next to R1. "Thanks."

"No problem." R1 replied. He drew a card and swiped it, "Rescue Turbine, Deploy!"

As he waited, he continued to slash more raindrops with the electrical discharge of his blade. He began pondering. What was this rain? What made it up? Was it acid rain? Weaker? Stronger?
He didn't really want to find out the hard way...
"Ah! What's causing this?" He shouted, continuing to throw electrical blasts skyward, awaiting the next vehicle to arrive.

R3 got out of his car. He aimed his Tri Basher, and started a Dragon Charge.
"Dragon Charge!" He announced as he began to charge up the gun. "Blizzard Bullet!" He shouted, and he fired out a large bullet. If managed to eliminate a couple drops of rain. He frowned. This was hard. He was hoping it would be easier. He saw that one building was beginning to collapse, on side falling down. It could crush many things, and it was over one of the 'Safe Zones'.
"Rescue Chaser - Hurry!" He shouted. He hoped that if he needed to, Hikaru would approve a Final Rescue...

The building fell hurtling straight to the ground and then stopped suddenly. It's deadly fall interrupted by one of the Rescue Chasers which had been combined with New Striker, Chaser Striker.
"Sorry I'm late" R2 called over the radio.
He used the other two Chasers to lower the remainder of the building to the ground before speeding under a gap in the bridge, jumping out of the cockpit, onto the vehicles lift and rising up back onto the bridge carrying a Rescue Crusher. Right under the acid cloud ... not good. This wasn't normal rain, he wasn't sure if his suit would hold up. There was no possible way that this was natural.
R1 was using the Rescue Slicer and R3 was firing his Tri-Basher.
"Tch, no love for the old school?" he sighed attaching his commander to the giant water cannon.
"Whale Impact!" he called as a burst of water rushed towards the cloud popping several raindrops.
He swiped the card again, and ran towards his partners as he fired.
"You two okay?"
"Ugh. As you said, this isn't natural. I just hope the suit holds up." R3 replied.
"Tri Basher - Power Down." His Commander announced. His Tri Basher stopped firing. He put his Tri Basher away.
"Rescue Turbine's here. We can use that blow away the clouds, and then R2 could freeze them. I'll protect the civilians. Let's do this!" R3 said enthusiastically. He got back into Core Scuba and drove off the Highway, towards the 'safe zone' that R2 had just created. He started to guide everyone out of the Extreme Disaster area.
Ren withdrew the blade into the guard. He rushed towards the newly arrived Rescue Turbine and leapt into the cockpit. He put the Rescue Commander into the control panel and spoke down to R2 and R3, "R2, freeze the clouds alongside my vehicle's wind." He said. "Captain, Final Rescue Requested!"
"Approved. Explosively Suppress It!"
R2 rushed over to his vehicle and disconnected it from Rescue Chaser. He turned the vehicle round and drove it up to the bridge alongside Rescue Turbine.
He swiped the card over the rescue commander and watched the targeting computers flash onto the target before dissipating.
"Ready when you are R1,"
R3 watched anxiously. He was afraid they might fail, so he drove Core Scuba into Rescue Chaser, ready to catch them if necessary. The three Rescue Chaser were combined into one, and R3 hoped that he could catch Rescue Wing, should it fail.
"I'll back you guys up." R3 assured.
"Let's do it." R1 told R2, "Final Rescue! Cyclone Crash!"
The fan elongated and began to spin. A powerful torrent of wind erupted from the vehicle, going in for the clouds.
"Right!" Cross shouted "Final Rescue! Water Cannon!"
Both the water cannons at the side of New Striker moved themselves out of the vehicle and a small gauge showed the water pressure go up from 0 to 9999 in the blink of an eye. Both Water cannons fired two ice cold jet streams into the target.
The Cyclone Crash attack ripped straight through the clouds scattering them like doves which were quickly whisked away by the winds disintegrating as they flew apart, with no more rain coming and a clear target Cross's Final Rescue froze the remainder of the acid which fell to the ground as large chunks of ice, shattering on the floor.
Cross removed his helmet and stared at the very slippery ice melting onto the bridge in the bright summer sun.
"Ren," he smiled "Say the line ..."

R3 was outside, standing on Rescue Chaser. He had taken off his helmet, and he saluted as they did the Final Rescue, as he felt that it looked better than him just watching. He was glad that the Final Rescue had finished the clouds, but next time, he hoped it was underwater or a flood. He listened over the radio as R2 spoke.
"Ren, say the line..." He heard R2 say.
"EXPLOSIVE HUNGER!!!" R3 shouted suddenly.
Cross jumped and pulled the communicator off of his ear in shock. He breathed heavily for a few seconds before picking it off the floor of the car and pinning it back onto his right ear.
"What the Hell?! you nearly gave me a heart attack!"
Cross paused for a second then climbed out of the cockpit, on to the top of Striker and locked eyes with Kaisu.
"What are you on about anyway?!"
Kaisu grinned sheepishly.
"You know, I never got to eat.." Kaisu explained. "I'm hungry." Kaisu summed up.
Kaisu knew that Cross was with him on the way to the restaurant, so he should remember. He had claimed that 'I'm Hungry', and the running around, tension, and burning Rescue Soul bits didn't really help his hunger.
"You know what, Ren, you should come with us! If you're still going Cross, then it's 'us', but if your not, then Ren, you should come with me."
Ren removed his helmet as he walked towards the other two. He looked to Kaisu as his companion spoke.
"Sure, I'll come with." He said, looking back at the vehicles. He shook his head, "Too bad I didn't get to use the Wing yet..." He muttered.
"Heh. Come on R1. Say the words." R3 implored. He didn't quite hear what Ren had said, but nonetheless, he didn't really care. He turned and walked away, Core Scuba skidding to a halt, the trunk facing R3.
"Armor - Off. Core Scuba, form change." He instructed to the AI, and the arms reappeared, this time removing the armor from R3. Then the UFDA insignia changed, and some other parts revolved and Core Scuba turned into an ordinary Nissan 300z. Kaisu sat on the hood, looking around him. Rescue Chaser drove itself back towards Phoenix, and the sun started to shine again. He pulled a pastry out of his pocket and bit it. He was still hungry.
"Fine." Ren told him, "Explosively Completed. Happy now?"
"Very," squealed Cross clapping his hands together in a very fanboyish way and then hugging Ren very tightly.
There were a few seconds of awkwardness before Cross released Ren and smiled at his partners.
"Well," he grinned, putting an arm around Kaisu "I seem to recall you saying that you were treating?"
"Well, yeah. So, let's go! You know, I seriously want a giant mech." He said, laughing and getting into the car. He waited for the others, and then started to drive.
"One problem. How the heck do we get over the highway now? The huge gap's still there.." Kaisu turned around and said. He pondered on it for a moment.
"Let's jump!" He said jokingly.
Ren was just looking outside. He didn't answer Kaisu's question, or hear it at the moment. He was considering removing his armor now, or in the capsule...
"Actually, for now, we should head back to Phoenix. Then let's go. You guys can take the small vehicles to Blazing Restaurant. You know, where the Monja store used to be. I'll drive you guys to the Phoenix, and you guys can remove your armor and everything. So.. Let's go!" Kaisu said cheerfully, and he turned back and headed back to Phoenix, dropped the others off, and took another route to the Marketing District.
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K.W Cross

K.W Cross

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Episode List Empty
PostSubject: Re: Episode List   Episode List Icon_minitimeTue Feb 23, 2010 9:01 am

TITLE: Nakida Appears, Wing in danger!
CHARACTERS: Ren (R1), Cross (R2), Kaisu (R3) and Nakida (R4)

Kaisu was waiting to order a table when he couldn't help overhear the person in front of him.
She had long black hair, dark skin, and Kaisu noticed she had the UFDA emblem on her shoulders.
"Fire Curry again Tama-Chan." She said to the person behind the counter. Kaisu then realized who it was.
"Dozer Dragon - Bind CRUUUUSH!!" A voice inside shouted, and Kaisu saw Yuuma, the previous Fire-2, making monja, using the scrapers as bulldozers like the ones on Dozer Dragon. He hit the metal plate with them, before scraping them forward and mixing the cooking monja. Like what Dozer Dragon did. The woman in front of Kaisu laughed, but Kaisu retreated back and sat at one of the seat tables.
He pulled out his Tri Basher. He put it on the table and looked at it, deep in thought.

Mother.. I'll make you proud.

"Eeehhh? Tri Basher?" Kaisu heard someone say, and he jumped when he found the person from earlier leaning forwards, curiously looking at Tri Basher.
"You know, you remind me of Ritsuka." She said. Kaisu looked up at her. A Rescue Force member's beginner badge was stitched to her jacket.
"Rescue.. Force?"

"Um, has anyone seen my copy of ... a certain book ..." Cross asked sheepishly.
"Is it winter magic?" asked Hikaru as he leafed through a case report of the previous disaster.
Cross blushed and waved his arms around frantically.
"What!? No, no no, no, I'm not into any of that sort of thing, it's perverted and scary and-" he stopped when his eyes locked onto his captain's disparaging glare "... yes, but I didn't know what it was about when I bought it I just saw who wrote it and thought-"
"I've not seen your creepy yaoi book," Hikaru smiled and looked back to the file.

"So ... what do you think of the acid ... rain thing," Cross asked, desperate to change the subject.
"It's definitely not natural," Captain Todoroki replied in a very grim tone. "Also a local weather station found a load of odd readings,"
"It's complicated, I'd rather wait till the others show up, do you know where Ren is?"
Cross shrugged
"'fraid not,"
"What about Kaisu?"
"Oh Kaisu's at the blazing restaurant, I'm going to meet him in ..." Cross consulted his watch "An hour ago ... f***,"
Cross rushed through the door shouting some very ... colorful words in English.

Hikaru smirked and looked towards the recycle bin in the corner of the room where Winter Magic was buried under several sheets of paper. Hikaru didn't want the new member to think of Cross as the sort of person who read that stuff.
"Oh ... damn,"
He'd forgotten to tell Cross they had a new recruit, well ... he'd find out about her soon enough.

Cross rushed straight into the Blazing restaurant and collapsed to the floor, out of breath.
"Are you okay?" Tama-chan asked him.
Cross slowly got onto his knees and looked up, nodding weakly.
"How can you be tired out from driving?" Yuuma asked scratching his head.
Cross slapped himself. How did he not think of that?
"No, I took the healthier option," Cross replied.
"You cycled?" Tama-chan asked.
Cross slapped himself again. How did he not think of that?
"I ran ..." he whimpered getting to his feet and looking across at Kaisu.
A young woman was standing in front of him, she was wearing a Rescue Force jacket. He walked over to the two and looked over between one and the other.
"Hi Kaisu ... who is this?"
"Hey! I don't really-" Kaisu started saying to Cross until the person cut him off.
"Does it still work?" The person asked. Kaisu sighed.
"Yes it still works, and if you'd excuse me, I'm going to order." Kaisu snapped, and he pushed her out of the way and went to order.
"Jakkaen Soup please. Also, some Monga and a bottle of Blue Dragon." Kaisu said.
"Cross, how 'bout you?"
"Give me a second to think," Cross smiled.
He turned towards the girl and scanned his eyes over her. The first thing he noticed was the beginners Rescue Force badge on her jacket.
"You're a new member then?" he asked the mystery woman.
He held out his right hand and shook hers.
"My name is Kenneth Walter Cross, Rescue Force R2, and my friend over there is Kaisu Sanyura, Our very own R3,"
He released her hand and stepped back.
"And who might you be?"

Ren had ignored the invitation to the restaurant, and had remained at the Phoenix itself.
"Captain Todoroki, do you think..."
Hikaru shook his head and turned to face the new R1, "No. I don't think so." He answered. He shook his head, "Neo Terror is gone. We destroyed them a decade ago."
"Do you think someone rebuilt the organization?"
"No. With the Three Executives firmly secured with us, I don't think they did anything. Baatsu is gone, removing that option. If someone decided to rebuild the organization...why now?" He shook his head, "Things don't add up for Neo Terror. No. If that wasn't a natural acid rain...then something new has come."

"Oh right, I'm Nakida Sassu, Rescue Force's R4. Good to meet you." The person replied.
She sure does talk fast.. Kaisu thought to himself.
"Well, where's Ren anyway?" Kaisu asked, and he pulled out his Resue Commander. "Ren! Ren! Ren! Ren! Ren!" He called into the mike.
Nakida hadn't been issued with her Rescue Commander yet, but she had one card. 'Data Review'. She had written some coding before, and with some help from the Tech. Division, she turned it into a card that would show the data when swiped into Rescue Commander. She was going to test it on the simulation.
Ren's voice returned over the Rescue Commander, as he spoke from the Phoenix.
"I'm at the Rescue Phoenix." Ren answered, "Sorry, but I won't arrive for a while." He apologized.
"Aww.. Well, if you're there, can you ask Hikaru about Nakida Sassu?" Kaisu asked. Without waiting for a reply, he snapped Commander shut.
"So.. You're a newbie? Now we just need a R5 to finish the team." Kaisu said and Tama-Chan put some food on the counter. Kaisu took that to his seat.
"Yuuma! By any chance, do you know anyplace where I could find a Jet Caliber?" Kaisu joked, as he had a collection of several Rescue Fire and Force tools in his dorm.
Yuuma thought to himself for a second and then shrugged.
"Sorry," he said "I never really knew much about them, I preferred Rescue Breaker anyway,"
Cross stood up and fist bumped Yuuma.
"Thank you, see I'm not the only one who appreciates retro-tech," Cross grinned and then a thought struck him. "Ooh, we could ask Saeki! he made all of Rescue Force and Fire's stuff!"
Cross grinned very happy with his suggestion.
"... That soup smells good, Tama-chan could I have some Jakkaen soup please?"
“Good point! Maybe we could pick up GaiaLeon on the way back." Kaisu said, the second part jokingly. Kaisu took his food and brought it back to his seat.
"Ketchup or Salt?" Kaisu shouted at Yuuma.
"Speaking of GaiaLeon, how are the repairs going?" asked Cross.
Yuuma looked towards him and sighed.
"Not well, we're pretty sure that the memories are beyond repair ... and Bunji can't find anything to replace the independent motors that govern the gattai controls so ..."
Cross let the silence linger for a few seconds before turning to Tama-chan and taking his soup from the counter.
"Thankyou!" he chimed as he walked over to the table and sat next to Kaisu sandwiching him between Nakida and himself.
Kaisu immediately started eating, and Nakida picked up her Fire Curry.
"Man this sutff is spicy." Kaisu commented as he gulped down more soup. He drained half his bottle. "Bakuchin Kanryou!" He laughed. Nakida also began eating.
"You know, I owe my life to Fire-3. It's a shame they were disbanded, I never really got to show my appriciation.
"Yeah, this place brings back a lot of mem-" Kaisu started before adruptly stopping. Yuuma raised one eyebrow at him. Kaisu gave him a look to merely say don't.
"So, I'm guessing you don't have a vehicle yet?" Kaisu said to Nakida.
"Well, I've been working on other stuff.. Hey, give me your commander." She replied. Kaisu curiously handed it to her. "Data, Open!" She called and she swiped a card. Blueprints flashed onto the screen. "Great Rescue Max.. I've made blueprints, but at this rate, it'll take years for technology to advance far enough to create him. Rescue Scuba makes the Torso, Wing making the head, arms and legs, with Striker separating to make feet. I've got simulation of what it's Final Rescue might be, but it's nowhere near complete. We'll need to make a couple technological breakthroughs to make him." She explained sadly and she put the card back. "Anyway," She started on a brighter note. "You guys know Rei?" She asked, and Kaisu shook his head. He had graduated from a Hyper Rescue team, and was in Hyper Rescue when Rei got the job as a training instructor
"I did," Cross smiled "Rei was awesome, scary, but awesome,"
He smiled.
"I don't think she liked me much I ... mistook her for a man and she ... well lets just say that the story about her ripping open Rescue Phoenix's blast doors during that whole crashed phoenix thing is not a Hyperbole,"
He took a sip of the soup and then looked over at Nakida.
"What do you mean "you owe your life to Ritsuka"?"

Ren stood in the doorway, looking at his comrades. He walked towards them and sat down nearby, listening only. He wanted to get to know his teammates better than he currently knew them.
After all, there was an Extreme Disaster that had just happened. Who knew if that was just the start? If there were more to come, he would need to know them. They would need to know him.

"When I was younger, I was caught in an Extreme Fire. Ritsuka.. She charged into the fire, damaging her suit, and she pulled me out over the flames. If it hadn't been for her, I would be nothing but a charred body right now." Nakida explained, and Kaisu scoffed.
"Seems nothing like her." He commented, sipping more of his soup.
Ren continued to watch, and then, as his eyes looked over the newcomer, he noticed the UFDA insignia.
"Our fourth?" He muttered. He shrugged and walked towards the others, stopping next to the table. He looked at Nakida, "Who might you be?" He bluntly questioned.
"Aaaah! I'm Nakida Sassu, pleased to meet you. You must be R1, Ran was it?" Nakida said suprised, spinning on her heel. Kaisu threw his head and sighed.
This girl's hopeless.. He thought. All because she was saved by Rescue Fire..
"Ren." He corrected, "Nakamura, Ren. And yes, I am R1. You're our R4, right? Or, are you someone else, rather?" Ren questioned. He glanced to Kaisu. He didn't need to see Kaisu's actions moment's earlier to know she was a hopeless newbie.
Cross eyed up his teammates and rolled his eyes. He recognised that look.
"She's not that hopeless, I mean she's made this card,"
Cross plucked Nakidas card out of her hand and showed it to Ren.
"It stores blueprints and information, and look what's on it!"
Cross swiped it through his Rescue Commander "Data Open!"
Once again the screen flashed and the blueprints showed up.
"I mean, we barely have the technology to accomplish it at the moment but ... still, it looks fantastic!"
He handed his commander over to Ren so he could get a closer look at it.
Ren looked over the entire blueprint, over all of it. He was amazed by the display that this newcomer had created so quickly. He nodded, "Well, you're better than I thought." He told Nakida, "This is amazing."
"Really? Thanks. I'm a bit of an artist, so I made a couple sketches before turning them into a proper blueprint. There's one other thing too. It's in a 3D Comic Strip style, so excuse the choppy-ness." She explained, before swiping another card. "Final Rescue - Max Striker Kick - Draft Open!"
This time a hologram was projected, showing Great Rescue Max standing with a large hound-looking shape facing it. Great Rescue Max started to skate foward, then it jumped, spinning as it did so and the right foot hit into the neck, throwing the hound into the air as a Core Striker Max replica was ejected, hitting into the hound in a Dragon Attack style. This was repeated with a series of different 'enemies', and the hologram closed. "Rescue Commander - Power Low" Kaisu's commander announced. Kaisu snatched it back and snapped it shut.
"Well, I guess that is pretty good." Kaisu admitted. "Maybe you're not so hopeless after all. But slow down a bit when you talk." Kaisu laughed. "You should order Ren. I'm treating."
Ren shook his head, "No, I'm good." He told Kaisu. He looked to Nakida, "Excellent work. I think it'll be a pleasure to work with you."
"Really? Thanks.." Nakida said airily. Kaisu was impressed with the blueprints, but he sensed Nakida was going to get on his nerves. Kaisu had finished and he stood up and went to pay, and Yuuma took the money.
"Don't take after your mother so much." Yuuma said to him and Kaisu turned and went back to his seat.
"I just thought of something. Neo Terror might be behind this. They dissapeared after the Pheonix crash, and they've survived a Final Rescue, needing only repairs... Someone might have repaired them, you never know." Kaisu said.
"Hikaru-sensei and I have gone over that option already." Ren told Kaisu. Ren shook his head, "And we came to the general consensuses of it being unlikely that the Executives were rebuilt. They were part of Rescue Force at the end, anyway. No. If Neo Terror was rebuilt...then it's someone else, not Maare-tachi."
"Oh. Well that rules out that option. Anyway, I'm heading to Pheonix. I want to talk to Saeki. Jet Calibur's still missing. I've got erm.. versions of the vehicles, but Jet Calibur.. I still havn't got one. Bye then" Kaisu said and he got into his car. "Rescue Commander!" He called and he set his commander into his vehicle. He drove towards the UFDA Rescue Force headquarters.
Cross looked over at the television screen in the corner of the room and his eyes narrowed as he walked over to the screen. It was showing a news report of the Extreme Disaster that had happened a few days ago. There was a clip of the clouds being thrown aside by Rescue Turbo and then New Striker's Water Cannon blasting into the cloud.
"Is something wrong?" asked Tama-chan.
"No ... just," Cross turned to Ren "Am I paranoid or ... did you feel like you were being watched?"
Ren shrugged, "No. I didn't feel that. I think you're just paranoid." He said bluntly.
"Watched??" Nakida said, and she looked around the room. "Yeah.. I guess, sorta. It's a bit unnerving.."
"I suppose you're right," Cross sighed.
He'd already finished his soup. He ate a lot faster than he thought, must have been hungry after the run here.
"Sooooo ... this Great Rescue Max project, you should totally show Saeki! He'd love it!" Cross grinned "I mean we're all finished eating, Kaisu's payed we could go now if you like,"
Cross took a card out of his ... card box thingy, and swiped it through his Rescue Commander.
"CORE CYCLE, START UP!" the device droned in it's mechanical monotone.
... nothing happened so Cross tapped the devices screen a couple of times, then a warning came up on the screen. Cross flipped his device on its side so he could read it and began to recite the words.
"Dear Cross, If you are," he squinted and looked over at Tama-chan "I can't read hiragana that well, what does that say?"
"reading this" Tama-chan replied.
"Thankyou," Cross smiled before turning back to the screen "Then you have tried to launch Core Cycle, after what happened last time, I'm not letting that happen ever again, Bunji Saeki,"
Cross folded his commander down and sighed. It was only a small crash, he'd rebuilt the bike easily. Saeki was being totally unfair.

"Do any of you have a car? I am not running all the way back to Phoenix again,"
"Yeah." Ren said, "You can ride with me on my way. I'll drop you off before I head back uptown to see Tsubasa-sama-tachi." He flicked the hair hanging over his right eye, the way he knew Tsubasa had during his time as Fire-4. He truly idolized the man with his manner of appearance, his vehicle, even using the Rescue Slicer.
"Thanks," Cross smiled "Why do you need to see Tsubasa?"
"He and Hikaru-sensei are my idols." Ren answered. "I wanted to see him, to try to learn from him, now that it looks like we may have more active deployment."
"You should ask him to see if he can bring up some information on the acid rain stuff, you know witness reports, weather conditions beforehand and ... everything else, while you’re there,"
Cross stepped out of the restaurant and looked around for Core Wing.
"Where did you park?"
"Yeah, I'll ask him." Ren walked towards the street, "I parked across from the restaurant." He said, directing Cross towards the police car that he had assigned to him. He got into the car and started it.
"Thanks for the lift," said Cross.
He put the seatbelt on and sat back.
"Do you have any idea as to who'd do this sort of thing?" he asked Ren "I mean that acid rain thingy,"
"No problem." Ren said, fastening his own belt. He shook his head, "No. I don't know. The only guess I have is that someone rebuilt Neo Terror. Alternatively, it could be another terrorist group like them."
"But what would someone gain from causing disasters?" Cross frowned and started clicking his tounge to help him think.
Something clicked in Cross's mind.
"You ... you don't think they had something to do with ..."
Cross's eyes drifted out towards Ren's window. When Rescue Phoenix crashed it had landed in End City on a large raised area of land that could be seen from miles around, although it was far away, and in a large crater. It was easy to see the original Rescue Phoenix lying on it's side.
"... That?"

The thought worried Cross, if it was the same group that created the disaster surrounding Hikaru's last mission ... The crisis that robbed so many people of their homes, possesions and lives. That drove Rescue Force to the ground, that resulted in what was now Industrial Island getting obliterated in a raging inferno leaving nothing but ash and bone ... Then maybe they'd meet the same fate.

Ren remained silent for a few minutes. He finally opened his mouth, looking away from the road towards Cross.
"I honestly don't know. Possibly. I'd rather not think about it, not right now. Not until we learn more about the enemies as a whole."

Kaisu hit the brakes as he approached the Vehicle Training Area. He showed his ID to one of the workers there and they let him in. "Saeki, load Rescue Scuba please!" He said through his radio, and soon Saeki confirmed that Scuba was loaded.
"Chakusou!" Kaisu called and as his armour appeared, the car finished shifting. He hopped in. "Rescue Scuba! Hashin!"
"Rescue Scuba - Drop Deploy!" His commander confirmed and a 'dummy' Rescue Pheonix dropped Rescue Scuba onto the shore and Core Scuba went over a ramp and into the vehicle, which crashed into the water. R3 attached a tube to his armour, sending oxygen that was released through his armour. R3 had never driven Scuba before, and it was a thrill as he flipped and sped through the water.
"Thanks for the lift!" Cross shouted after Ren.
He waved at him until he was out of sight and then skipped over to the barrier and showed the guard his ID ... wait that was a bus pass ... and that was a library card. It took nearly 5 minutes before Cross found his ID card in his back pocket and show it to the guard and then another 2 minutes trying to convince the guard he really was 18.
Cross looked around for a bit until he found a control room on an upper balcony looking over the training ground. Saeki and a couple of other men and women wearing white coats and hurrying around occupied the small space along with various computers. Cross walked up next to Saeki and put his hands down on a table filled with various switches and buttons.
"Hi there-" Cross began
At the sound of his voice Saeki jumped and shooed Cross away from the table.
"Don't touch a thing!" he ordered "If you push the wrong switch then it'll go into meltdown,"
"Is there actually anything radioactive on site?" Cross asked.
"No," Saeki admitted "But I can never be too careful around you,"
It was probably a good time to change the subject away from Cross's technical incompetence and onto Kaisu's evident skill with Rescue Scuba.
"He's doing good," Cross noticed "We have the flood angle covered,"
"Yeah, we do," Saeki mused "He's a lot better at Rescue Scuba than I thought he'd be,"
"Why, what's his score?"
The old man handed Cross a piece of paper that had been printed off of a computer.
"99.9%!" Cross exclaimed, he grabbed the microphone and yelled into it "Kaisu! You're on fire!"
"DON'T TOUCH ANYTHING!" yelled Saeki pushing him onto the floor "Do you have any idea how much data these things hold?"

"Oh speaking of data this is Nakida Sassuuuuuuuuuooooohhhhhhdear," Cross's voice trailed off. He'd only come here to show Nakida's invention to Saeki and now he'd forgotten her.
... Dammit.

Nakida was riding Core Cycle, firstly, to annoy Cross, and secondly, because it looked darn cool.
She flashed her pass, but Core Cycle pretty much covered her clearance. She parked and ran up to the Control Room. She met a member of the Tech. Group, who gave her a Rescue Commander model.
"Saeki!" She said over the vido-conference system. She was at the Simulation Computer, and she was plugging her Rescue Commander into the system. "Watch this." She said and she began streaming the date. She swiped 'Data Open' and the Great Rescue Max sequences appeared. "Striker Kick!" She called, swiping the card, and it showed the several Striker Kick sequences.

"Core Scuba, take over!" R3 told to his AI, and as he began to surface he jumped out of his vehicle. "Rescue Divider!" He called an a Rescue Divider, a copy of R1 Max's Max Divider came out of his car and he clutched it.
"Divider Mode - Aqua Divider!" A large blue disc was fired, and it froze a path, and R3 began to run across it. Rescue Scuba began ploughing through the ice track, and R3 jumped up.
"Sword mode!" He slashed a target, landing on top of it before using a voice command.
"Diving Impact!" Rescue Scuba did its thing, R3 jumping onto it as it dove back down.
"Simulation Training - Bakuchin Kanryou!"

"You rebuilt the Max system?" Asked an astonished Cross.
"... Of course not!" Saeki growled "We just had a backup and a prototype Max Divider so we put them together,"
The older man muttered something about the Max system being beyond repair before turning around to face Nakida and looking over the diagrams for Great Rescue Max.
"Well anything that throws Cross out of something at high speeds is fine by me," he laughed.
"You hate me, We Get it," Cross muttered under his breath "If anyone wants me I'll be in the control room trying to find my book,"

Cross had managed to find Winter Magic hiding in a waste paper bin. He'd just found his page when Captain Todoroki grabbed the book and tossed it into the bin ... again.
"Don't you have work to do?" he asked Cross.
"Do I?"
The captain dropped a pile of papers onto Cross's desk and then a pen.
"You do now,"
Cross took the first paper off the top of the pile and skimmed over it. It was a eyewitness statement of yesterday's incident. So was the second, and the third. It was a safe guess to assume the other 136 were as well.
"I want you to read through all of those and see if you can find something that might tell us who did that,"
"What about those odd weather readings?" Asked Cross as he started to read through an old man's journey home from work.

"Like I said, I'll tell you when everyone’s here," The captain replied.

Upon dropping his companion off at the Rescue Phoenix, Ren drove back to Uptown Neo City. He drove through the quiet streets, alone, until he came upon the building he desired.
He parked the car on the opposite side of the street and ran across. He simply opened the door and walked inside. Sitting behind a desk in the main room of the building was the man whom he sought.

“Tsubasa-sama!” Ren exclaimed, walking in.
He looked up, “Sama?” He questioned. He looked Ren over, “Rescue Force.” He said.
Ren nodded, “Yeah. Anyway…”
“Sama?” He questioned, once more.
“I respect you.” Ren simply put.
Tsubasa looked at Ren’s hair, sighting something oddly familiar about it. He flicked his own hair, “Respect…or idolize?”
Ren didn’t answer this question. He just walked closer, “Anyway, I came to ask you about the search for the missing Rescue Force equipment.”
“Ah.” He stood up and walked to a filing cabinet on the side of the room. He pulled the top drawer open and looked inside. He looked towards a door nearby, “Ritsuka-chan!” He called, “Do you have the Rescue Force file?”
The raven haired woman entered the room, “No, don’t you?” She asked.
“It’s not here.” He answered. He looked through the other drawers and flipped through the files, unable to find it. Every other client file was there…but not the Rescue Force equipment search files.
Ren looked to Ritsuka, “Fire-3.” He said. “It’s a pleasure to meet you.”
“I’m not Fire-3 anymore.” She reminded.
Tsubasa looked up after he heard “pleasure”. He glared at Ren, and went back to looking.
Ren caught the glare, and walked towards the door, “I guess I should be departing.” He said.
“That would probably be best.” Tsubasa muttered.
Ritsuka glared at him. She looked back to Ren, “We’ll inform Todoroki-san if we find it.”
Ren nodded, and walked out.

As the last train for the day boarded, a man stood outside of the train, watching it. He was a tall man and looked completely normal.
He removed a small device from his pocket, keeping it in the palm of his hand. He triggered it, and tossed it at the train before he walked away.
As soon as the train started moving, it rocketed out of control, heading down the tracks at hundreds of miles an hour, out of control, unable to be stopped.

Kaisu had finished his training and he drove back to Pheonix, and he walked into the Control Room. He found that Hikaru wasn't in at the moment. "Hey Cross." He said cheerily.
Juri made a video-conference call over the main moniter, showing several side-screens.
"Bad news. At the highway, a train has sped out of control. If it continues like this, it might end up like Mach Train." She told Kaisu, who had slid into his seat.
He remembered Mach Train. Hyper Rescue had helped out, and they had evacuated everyone, though they hadn't stopped the train in time. The train had gone straight into it's End Station, destroying many buildings and damaging the subways. Two of the 3rd Generation had been killed, and the Rescue Suits damaged, some beyond repair.
Kaisu couldn't authurize the launch of the Pheonix by himself, and he should probably catch up with Nakida and Ren. "Member Nakida is already on her way." Juri told Kaisu. Kaisu was about to ask for permission to launch the Pheonix, but Juri knew what he was about to say and nodded.
"Rescue Pheonix - Flight Mode!" He called and the desks began to rotate into place. He flashed through the vehicles.
"Loading New Striker. We may need to drill, so loading Rescue Sub-Zero. As a power outage may happen, loading Rescue Searcher. In case we need to block the road, loading Rescue Chaser." Kaisu said, and his seat was in the right place when he was done.
"Ren, possible Extreme Disaster on the way. Head for End City's subway." He phoned to Ren.
"Rescue Pheonix - Hashin!" Juri called, and Kaisu repeated.


Captain Todoroki rushed into the room and took his own seat before looking over at Cross and asking him what happened. Cross tapped something into the computer on his desk.
"This isn't some sort of Power Surge, or an accident," Cross frowned "Some sort of secondary power source got thrown in and it's managed to wrench the train away from the main system so it can't be shut off,"
"Chanches are it's the same thing that caused the Acid Rain," Hikaru said.
He took a look at the screen and started running through possibilities in his head, the captain of Rescue Force looked at the two members in the room solemnly "Rescue Force Chakusou!"
Cross grinned and pushed off from his desk, toppling a chair under him. He basically fell into the equip pod and started to get to his feet just as it rotated and shot down to the floor he drew the Rescue Card and swiped it through the Commander.
It's emotionless voice declared "BUILD UP" and a bunch of green holographic projections flickered around him, Cross picked up the words "Ready" and "System 100%" alongside descriptions of operating systems and designations, the screens dissipated leaving Cross wearing the Grey and Red undersuit, the locking mechanisms on his gloves spun into place and he put his hands outwards as various pieces of armor shot themselves at him and magnetised to the undersuit. Cross's pod hit the floor with a loud clang and he flicked his wrist.
"R2, Chakusou Kanryou!"

Kaisu did the same thing, excluding the falling. He swiped his card and his undersuit, gloves and armour came up.
"R3 - Chakusou Kanyrou!" He chorused. He ran off and went into Core Scuba, launching it with a card swipe. "Iku ze!" he shouted and he drove off.

How cliche, no really. Tying people to the train tracks was so last decade. Unfortunately that didn't deter this creepy man ... at least he looked like a man. Eri Souji (14 in a week) looked over at ... whatever it was that had just tied her down.
"W-why are you doing this?" she whimpered
The thing just chuckled and walked off.
"You can't just leave me here!" Eri screamed "Please! There's a train coming, didn't you hear!?"
Her assailant had walked out of earshot, he couldn't hear her whispering.
"I'll die," she sobbed "I don't want to die ..."


Sub-Zero Striker raced through the tunnel, there was a surprising amount of room in the subway, but not enough to gain the speed he needed to catch the train, he was going as fast as the vehicle would as well. But how exactly were they going to stop the train, if it was an external power source they could just "Final Rescue" it off but it might be some sort of virus threaded through the trains internal circuitry, which would mean they'd need to get everyone off before they stopped it ... but they needed to stop it to get everyone off.
Cross swore under his breath and kept driving.
"Whoever had done this had better pray I don't get their hands on them ..."

Ren ran into one of the stations, one that the train hadn't reached yet. He could hear something, and was sure that it was the out of control train.

He snapped his Commander open, "Rescue Phoenix, can you hear me?" He questioned, "Did you load the Wing for me?" He looked up, "I think I could blast through the ground and fire cement down to hold the train in place, unless you have another plan."

"That's brilliant!" Cross cried over the radio, his voice suddenly fell "But we didn't load Rescue Wing ..."
"Shouldn't be a problem," Captain Todoroki replied over his own communication link "I can have Rescue Wing over there in about 3 minutes,"

Cross thought for a second and then stopped his vehicle. Time to think this through, the train was travelling insanely fast, stopping it suddenly would probably throw everyone around like ragdolls, he'd rather not risk an injury unless there was no other choice. Ren would have to match the trains speed and follow it along while firing the cement and decreasing his own speed. Tricky but if there was one person who could do that, It was Ren Nakamura.
"Alright!" Cross called over his communicator "Let's Go!"

Cross pulled the steering wheel of the red Core-Striker towards him and then reared left, his foot pushing hard on the accelarator. Sub-Zero Striker burst forward for about a second and then stopped abruptly. Cross noticed something on the screen. It showed a sonar like setup with lots of bleeping red dots on it. There was a large cluster squashed into several compartments which was quite obviously the train. But there was one more in the path of the rapidly approaching dots.
A panicked Cross burst into life across his comrades headsets.
"This is R2, there is someone on the tracks point Gamma-Alpha-356! I repeat there is someone on the tracks!"

Ren heard. He swore, "If Wing gets here fast enough, I can outrun the train-I think-and get to that person first. Unless someone has the Core Cycle and can land in front of the train with the Phoenix. Then someone could ride up, be small enough, and hopefully, fast enough to save this person."

The train roared by Ren, leaving him at a station behind. He swore again and ran out, trying to get topside in time to find the Wing.

"KKKKAAAAAAAMMMMMMMMMEEEEEEEENNNNN RRRRAAAAAIIIIIIIIDDDDDDDDAAAAAAAA!!!" Nakida shotued as she sped towards a subway station. Soon she was in her armour, riding Core Cycle down the subway station. Only one chance.. She thought as she clipped Rescue Zamber's claw to her utility belt.

"Zamber Rope!" She called and Zamber's javelin shot out and hit into teh back of the train, sending R4 flying towards the train. She caught onto the back as Core Cycle crashed on a turn with no driver to guide it. She pulled out the two parts of Zamber and she changed it to Haken mode before cutting through the back door.
"Rescue Force has arrived on the scene!" She shouted.

Cross skidded to a halt as he saw Nakida drive past him and crash Core Cycle into a wall, she leapt onto the train and then cut through the back door. She was good, really good ... and she'd been shouting something about Kamen Rider so bonus points there. He didn't have time to focus on that though there was still the girl on the tracks and the only way of getting her would be Core Cycle.
Cross jumped out of his vehicle grabbed the bike and revved it into life. Last time he'd crashed, this time he didn't have time for a mistake ...

Eri could hear the train approaching, she closed her eyes and waited for the inevitable collision of hot metal and flesh.
"Hold Still!"
... What was that?
A large sword lunged forward and Eri turned away as it rushed over the chains and tore them apart. She could move again! But it was a second too late, the train was still coming and-
Woah! something just grabbed her and pulled her onto a ... a bike?
What the Hell?


Cross drove as fast as he could he'd nearly reached the train, a few more seconds and he'd get the girl. Wait would he be able to just pick them up and take them out of harms way? He was able to see her now a girl aged about 12 or 13, maybe younger. She was chained down, if he stopped to untie her they'd both be killed ... but he didn't have to stop. Cross drew his Rescue Slicer with his left hand and rode as fast as he can.
"Hold Still!" Cross shouted, thrusting the sword into the chain tied around her and causing it to shatter. R2's right hand shot out and grabbed the girl pulling her onto the bike, he quickly reached out for the accelarator and pulled it down as soon as she was on. The train was still behind them so Cross had to swerve to the side as the locomotive roared past. There was a turn to the right after the train had passed and finally they reached the surface. The young girl thanked him and then followed the rescue workers to a safe area.
"This is R2, the girl on the tracks has been saved," he said over his Commander "I'm to far away from the train, to help, it's all down to you three,"

Ren ran topside and looked over his personal vehicle. He leapt onto the side and quickly scaled it, climbing into the cockpit. He felt almost naked without his armor on, but ignored that fact, and loaded his systems up.

"This is Ren. I have the Wing. I'm coming to stop the train...or at least try." He reported. He flicked a few switches, starting the vehicle and taking it to the sky. He flew fast, hoping to find
a turn in the tracks and find his moment to strike.

"This is R4, I am on the train." Nakida said through the radio, soon followed by another voice.

"This is R3, I am in pursuit of the train. Sorta." Kaisu said, standing on the railway track, waiting for the train to come. "R4, move everyone to the back carriages. Be sure to leave carriage 3 to 1 free." R3 said, and R4 began moving everyone.

"R4 here, job done R3." R4 said back, and soon the train was turning, and it lit up the tunnel as R3 waited for the train to come. The train rushed past, and R3's battered helmet was left on the tracks, the helmet and com. unit smashed. The UFDA emblem soon ran out of power and turned off. Kaisu or R3 were nowhere to be seen.

"R3 - Where are you? Respond, Kaisu..." Hikaru's worried voice rang out through the radio frequency.

Ren, flying the Rescue Wing, was searching the tracks from the cockpit. His Rescue Commander had a layout of the underground railways, and he was easily able to see.

However, flying the Wing and scanning at the same time was a bit more difficult than planned. Ren looked down, and threw caution away. He pressed a few buttons, and took grip of his controls.

"Fire!" He shouted, pressing the firing buttons.

Blasts erupted from the feather like blasters lining the wings of the vehicle. They blasted through the cement of the ground, revealing the subway tracks, but pushing rubble onto them. Hopefully that wouldn't damage the train too much, or anyone else down there, should their lives be put into danger from this move.

He continued to fire, opening up more and more gaps. He had a shot now. Now only the train had to come so he could use his Final Rescue and cement it down. He could hear it coming, even from his position so far up.

"Final Rescue requested!" He shouted, waiting for both the train and the go-ahead.

"No, there are still people on the train. It could kill them Ren. Final Rescues don't always work." Hikaru said solemly.

"R3, R3!!!" R4 shouted. Kaisu had just been standing in front of the train, and now he was gone.

Cross punched his hand into a nearby pillar out of frustration, a small chunk of the support column shattered. Cross drew his Rescue Commander and then drew five card cards.
"All Rescue Chaser's Launch!"
"Rescue Searcher Launch!"
"Wave Search, Power Search, Core Search Start Up!"
The four vehicles moved out quickly, Chaser's 1, 2 and 3 following behind the train, they'd catch up in minutes. Rescue Searcher stopping half way to release it's small vehicles into the tunnels and start looking for Kaisu, Cross took another card out of his pocket and used it to order Sub-Zero Striker to the surface.
"R2 to R4, The Rescue Chaser's are behind you, get everyone into them, tell me when you're done and then take them to the surface, I've sent Wave Search and Power Search to find R3 and Core Search to take him back,"

"Then I'm useless, now." Ren told Hikaru, "I can't use the cement without a Final Rescue." He looked down, "I can't do anything, unless I had armor. I'm pulling out to help with rescue efforts and evacuation up ahead." He reported, flying away from the current position of the train.

"Roger!" R4 called and she watched as Rescue Chaser appeared behind the train. "Everyone, get into the next carriage!" She instructed, and as everyone shuffled backwards, she cut the connection, leaving only a bridge. Chaser ripped the very back carriage in half, keeping up with the train as people went through the bridge onto Rescue Chaser. "Evacuation complete." She reported.

"No sign." She said sadly as she checked her Commander for the progress of the Search Squad. She heard an explosion on carriage 3 and she ran over to find a large hole in the bottom of the carriage. The door to the next carriage was open and she rushed over to investigate and she found Kaisu standing there, Break Shot in his hands. He was scanning a strange energy signature.

"Bad news. If this secondary power source is destroyed, it will cause a self-destruct destroying every mechanical piece in a five-kilometre radius." He informed. "If it's moved, it will cause havoc for about everything. We're fine right now as it's latched to the train." Kaisu finished.

"Rescue Crusher - Whale Mode!" He pulled the large orange tool from his belt, equipping the extra part. He attached Rescue Commander. "Whale.... IMPACT!!!" He called, swiping a card on his Commander and bracing as the large Liquid Nitrogen burst fired, freezing the bomb. Kaisu stumbled backwards, dropping Whale Crusher and clutching his arm. He screamed out in pain and he fell onto the bridge. Nakida looked from Kaisu to the small black power source. She ran over to Kaisu and dragged him onto the carriage before checking the 'battery'. It melted through the ice easily.

"Whoever did this sure put a lot of thought into this.." She muttered. Kaisu had seemingly broken his arm, as he had narrowly avoided being hit by a train, then he had only just broken through the flooring while his back armour was being scraped against the train tracks, then he had taken the impact of Whale Impact without full armour, and the armour he had was damaged.

"The battery can survive a Whale Impact, as it can melt through the ice. If it's removed, it will latch to anything mechanical and cause havoc to anything in the vicinity until it is properly latched. Also, if it is destroyed, it will cause a master self-destruct radio frequency, destroying everything mechanical in a five-kilometre radio. Any bright ideas?"

Hikaru's voice broke through on the Rescue Commanders.

"R3, R4." He said, "I hate to ask this of you, but latch it to your armor for the time being. I'll have Ren return to your position, and get it attached to the Wing-or onto something attached to the Wing-and we'll launch it into the sky. High enough so that the blast radius won't destroy or cause damage to anything nearby. Does that plan work for you?"

Nakida hesitated. "Roger, I'll do that. But R3's in a very bad state, I don't think he'll be able to make it to Chaser alone." She said before hoisting R3 over her shoulder and running to CHaser, putting him down carefully.

Soon she was back at the power source. It had no protection on the outside, so holding it was easy enough. Next was pulling it off. She moaned as she tugged on it, but eventually it came off, and the train went even faster, knocking R4 down as her armour went into a flurry of electric sparks.

She slowly latched it onto her armour, and a piercing scream rang over the Rescue Commander's communications unit.

"R4!" Cross yelled "Nakida-sempai! Are you alright!"
Cross swore, closed his commander and mounted Core Cycle, it didn't matter that he was too far away to catch up he still drove as fast as he could, luckily the train had stopped and it only took him a couple of minutes to reach Nakida. All he could see was dust and sparks
"Nakida!" he called "Nakida are you okay!?"

Ren brought the Wing back around. Then he heard Nakida's screams.

"I'm coming down!" He shouted, "I'll sacrifice the Wing if I must, Nakida!"

R4 was struggling to move, as every second there was a malfunction in her armour, causing a train of sparks, stunning her and her armour.

"Little.. Bit.. More..." She gasped as she crawled towards R2.

"I've found her! Pull up Ren! Pull up!" Cross tried to pick Nakida up, careful to avoid the device attached to her.
R2 grabbed R4 and started walking towards the surface, by the time he finally got up there Nakida's armor was violently sparkling and there was a large crack down it.
"Okay, we're up, now what?"

Ren managed to maneuver the Wing right above the train, still in the tunnel. It was hard not to do any unnecessary damage, but through his hard work, he managed to pull it off.

He landed it on the train car right behind where his comrades were. The cockpit opened, but the winds were too strong, the rush of it was keeping him stuck inside due to the speed of the train.

"Over here!" He shouted, unable to leave to help without his armor on. "We have to hurry!"

Nakida managed to get to Rescue Wing. Her armour was barely holding, and she began to crawl, when her armour entered a lockdown. The armour was continuing to take damage, but she couldn't move. "Oh for christ's sake." She moaned.

Ren leapt down and pulled her towards his vehicle. He took grip of the device, and tore it free, slamming it behind him onto the rescue vehicle sitting behind him.

He heard it latch on, and activate. He quickly drew his Rescue Commander and triggered it. The Wing's systems flashed to life on their own. The vehicle took to the air and through the hole above them, into the sky.

"There." Ren said, "It'll be fine now. The Wing for all of these lives." He said with sorrow easily heard in his voice, sorrow over having to sacrifice his vehicle so quickly.

Nakida was breathing heavily, her eyes darting around. Slowly the armour returned to normal. "Dropship Turbine, Hashin!" She called, swiping the three cards. She jumped into Turbine. "Final Rescue Requested!" She asked.

Hikaru hesitated. "Ren, are you sure?"

"Who says we have to destroy Wing?" asked Cross "All we need to is do is use Cyclone Crash to blast that device off of Wing,"
"Where it will violently explode ..." Hikaru pointed out
"So if we focus it on the device it'll explode in mid-air and the explosion will send Rescue Wing hurtling to the ground below!"
"Which is better in what way?"
Cross grinned, even though no one could see him underneath the opaqe visor, and drew his Rescue Gattai card
"And then we're in range to catch the Wing with Chaser Accel as it falls ..."
Cross let the Silence hang in the air for a second before sheepishly requesting a Final Rescue
"Both Final Rescue's approved! R4, Explosively Suppress the Extreme Disaster! R2, Save Rescue Wing!"
Cross used his commander to order Rescue Chaser 1 and New Striker to combine and head outside, R2 into the vehicle as it skidded to a halt followed by the (now empty) Chaser 2 and 3.
"Ready when you are Sempai!"

Ren stood back, watching, and hoping for the safety of his vehicle. He trusted that his teammates could do it, but if they couldn't, he wouldn't have regrets at their failure.

"Sempai! Iku Zei!" R4 shouted, and she readied Tornado Dropship.

"Final Rescue - Cyclone Crash!" She called as she swiped the card, sending the device and Wing flying. In three desperate seconds where the device tried to latch onto something and Nakida hoped for Wing to fall out and for Chaser to catch it.

"There's no way Chaser can catch it in time!" Nakida shouted. Wing was falling far from where Chaser Striker was. "It's going to hit the water!" Nakida warned. The water would damage Wing's systems, as it was damaged from the device and Cyclone Crash, causing water to leak into the systems.

"Saeki, how far is it? Wing's been damaged, it might not be repaired in time." Hikaru was saying, off the radio of the other members.

"It should be there in 9 hours." Saeki replied. "Have you told them?"

"No, not yet."

Luckily, Wing spinned out, some of ther device's programming still being deleted.
"Catch it!"

"Final Rescue! Chaser Accel!"

The three vehicles shot forward at a neckbreak speed Chaser Striker catching the vehicles cockpit on it's bed and the second Chaser caught the vehicles left wing. The very tips of the right wings feathers caught on to the third chaser. Cross let out a small cry of victory until he noticed wat was in front of him. The Water.
"Oh Smeg ..."

Cross pulled the handbrake with all of his strength. The vehicle on the right jolted harshly and the wing on top of it fell loose, hit the ground. The feathers edges snapped off and sparks began shooting from it as it dragged across the floor. The vehicle swerved to a halt inches away from the water front.

Cross removed his helmet, sighed and fell back into his seat. He picked up the Chaser Accel card and flipped it into the sky grabbing it as it fell.
"Explosively Completed!"

Ren saw the saving of his Wing. He sighed with relief, thankful that his vehicle was intact, and that nothing happened to Cross or his vehicles during the save. He flipped his Commander open.

"Saeki-san, please take a look at my Wing as soon as you can." Ren said, leaving a message and snapping it closed. He looked to the train, and walked towards it to help with evacuation and getting people reassured they would be safe.

Nakida smiled and she began to head back. Rescue Force was dangerous, but it was worth it. I'll save them all, no matter what the disaster is. She thought to herself.
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TITLE: The EDG, Great Wyvern Returns!
CHARACTERS: Ren Nakamura (R1), K.W Cross (R2), Kaisu Sanyura (R3), Nakida Sassu (R4), Sakura Ryusaki (R5) and James Domshika (RSOUL)

Nakida was running into the control room, shouting madly. "TURBO DRAGON IS MINE! TURBO DRAGON IS MINE! TURBO DRAGON IS - " She stopped when she found Kaisu standing there, the Turbo Dragon card in his hand, his other arm in a sling. She fell to her knees. "But.. But.. But... That... Aww.." She spluttered before walking up to the case resting on a table. It contained the new cards. She flicked through the labels.

Rescue Mode [3XCards]
Fire Dragon
Ice Torndao
Dozer Dragon
Bind Crush
Turbo Dragon [Empty]
Blast Hurricane [Empty]
Jet Falcon [Empty]
Aurora Break [1X]
Heli Falcon

"Hey, why are there no Jet Falcon cards?" She asked.

"I took'm for Ren, seeing as Wing's still under reapair. Should take a couple more hours though, but always good to be prepared." Kaisu explained.

"So the vehicles have arrived?" Nakida asked. Kaisu nodded.

"Gaia Leon's still under repair. It took some serious damage, it's self-repair systems are busted. When the AI atempted to use it, it actually caused more damage to the vehicle." Kaisu continued.

"But why'd you have to take Turbo Dragon? I was looking foward to that. I mean, it's not like you even met Ritsuka." Nakida argued, but at the mention of Ritsuka, Kaisu stormed off. "Humph. Jealous, I'm geussing." She said to herself, loud enough for Kaisu to hear. At this, Kaisu sped to a sprint and ran out of Pheonix.

Ren walked into the control room, just missing Kaisu as he ran. He looked to Nakida, "What's going on here?" He questioned upon seeing the case sitting on the table. He looked back to Nakida, "...Rescue Fire?"

Cross was already picking through the box when Nakida rushed into the room. He was too busy trying to find a certain card to worry about what her and Kaisu were talking about. He was too busy finding the same card to worry about what Ren was saying.
"Where's Freeze Corridor?" He asked finally looking up from the box "And more importantly where's a Rescue Mode card for Heli Falcon?"

Maybe they were being converted into Force technology? He frowned and picked up the report detailing how the cards were transported here.
... There were bunnies all over it ... and clouds ... and several other obscenly cute drawings including something that looked like a cross between a bird and a monkey.
"What the fuck?" He looked over at Nakida and Ren and held up the report "Did one of you doodle all over this?"

Cross sighed and opened it up, he was just able to make out some stuff about all cards except X-Dragon, and Gaia Leon being transported. Then where were the Heli Falcon cards? Cross sighed and picked up Heli Falcon. He was about to declare the law of bagsy and ensure his complete control over the bright blue rescue vehicle when someone snatched it out of his hand.

He spun around quickly to face a very tall woman with short black hair and a small smile.
"I was looking for this," she pocketed the card and walked past Cross.
"... You could've asked!" Cross indignantly shouted "I wouldn't have let you have it but it would ha-"
The woman shushed him and walked out of the room.
Cross spluttered for a few seconds before running out of the room after her. He didn't need a second vehicle, if someone was going to steal Heli Falcon he could just keep New Striker.

Ren ignored what was going on around him. He sat at his station and brought up his Rescue Commander, looking through the information on it. A single message, but it was blank.

He pulled a sheet of paper from his desk drawer and looked it over. He focused intently on it, and leaned back, closing his eyes, lost in thought. Paper in one hand, Commander in the other.

"Take DozerDragon. Trample Striker or something." Nakida suggested, showing the cards to him. Then a member of the dev. group rushed in and put a 'Free Corridor' card in the case, before rushing back out.

Sakura looked up at HeliFalcon and smiled. She was watching the technicians move the Rescue Fire vehicles into the garage she hadn't seen many of the new Rescue Force's arsenal so she decided to look around them ...
Dropship, Turbine, Wing (under repair but nearly fixed) she heard one of the technicians say that "There was definitely something up with the heating system," but that he "Couldn't figure out what it was," she stopped by New Striker and laughed for a bit.

"What a rip-off ..."
"That rip-off ..." Cross startled the girl and she spun around to face him "... Is my vehicle, as is the HeliFalcon you stole from me,"
"If you already have New Striker, why do you need the HeliFalcon?" Sakura regained her composure and stared at him.
"I kind of made a deal with Jun ... I'd make sure that Heli Falcon wouldn't get forgotten,"
Sakura smirked, then giggled and then finally fell about laughing. Several technicians paused to stare at her as she fell against New Striker.
"It's just a machine ..." She said "It's not like it has a soul," Sakura walked past Cross and got inside Dash-5.

"... Bitch,"

Kaisu got out of Core Scuba and trudged into the mountain range.

He remembered coming here as a child.

Kaisu laughed as he ran through the long grass, heading for the river. His mother chased after him, and his father stood back, acting cool and casual though he had a large grin on his face.

He ran fowards and swiped Kaisu, lifting him onto his back. "Dragon Attack!" He called, rushing foward and pulling Kaisu off his back, and holding him in a superman position as he ran towards Kaisu's mother. he made a sound effect with his mouth before pretending to slam him into his mother, who caught him and pretended to fall backwards, lying sprawled in the grass.

"Bakuchin.. Kanryou!" He and his father giggled. His mother stood up and ruffled Kaisu's hair.

Sakura got out of her car ... then froze. She had really been hoping no one was here apart from her, there was someone there, another Rescue Force member as well. The only three she'd seen were their Field Leader (Ran? Ren? something like that?), the girl (Something beginning with "Na" Sassu) and that Scottish kid. Sakura crouched down behind the rock and prayed that this new guy didn't see her.

Kaisu sighed, and he crouched down, picking up a small pebble. He stared at it, thinking random thoughts. He remembered as his parents left him. He had to change his name for his own safety. With a burst of anger, he spun around and hurled the stone at the rock, which Sakura was unfortunatly hiding behind. It flew past her ear ... Bounced off the rock in front of her and hit her forhead. Sakura yelped and then crawled to her feet to confront Kaisu. She'd tied her Rescue force jacket round her waist and so she had to fish around inside their pockets for her ID card, she threw the rock at kaisu's feet and flashed her card at him. There was blood dribbling down her forehead.

"That hurt," She told him flatly "Watch where you're throwing things ... R2?"
She had to guess at his designation, Sakura took a few steps towards him and started circling around him before finally turning away and fishing a first-aid kit out of Dash-5 and putting a plaster onto her wound.
"So ... why did you throw that at me?"

"Didn't know you were there, did I?" Kaisu replied bitterly. He was in a bad mood, and Sakura appearing out of nowhere didn't help. "Who the hell are you anyway?" He asked.

"We've detected a Scramble order!" Someone shouted, and sure enough, Fire Pheonix, 'roosting' at the Training Grounds, was releasing three vehicles.

"Is it a hack?" Juri asked urgently.

"That's the strange part. It's not, it's an order from one of our Command tools."

"Which ID?"

"Unknown. It isn't archived in our files, yet it's still valid."

FireDragon, DozerDragon and TurboDragon had been Scrambled. Controled by a radio frequency, Dozer climbed onto FireDragon's back, with TurboDragon changing into Rescue Mode as it landed on Dozer.

"Kans he! Super Dragon Train!" A voice giggled.

"It... It isn't even a proper Gattai." Saeki spluttered.

TurboDragon began to charge it's Turbofan, and 'Super Dragon Train' sped onwards, TurboDragon boosting it. A small silver car flew onto the grounds and entered Turbo. The fan spun as the vehicles began to do a circuit around the area.

"Final Rescue! Super Train Charge-In Ultra Tornado Rip-" The voice began when the power was cut off. "Eh?"

Ren had left the control room. He looked down, "What?" He muttered, running off, "Saeki-san! What's happening?" Ren shouted, somewhat in alarm over the vehicles possibly malfunctioning, or about to be damaged.

"Looks like some idiot's playing around with the vehicles. I just powered them down from here." Saeki explained. "Get a crew to get the silver car out!" He shouted to some workers.

A pod had dropped here a couple months back.

It had disguised itself as a rock, leaving many people confused.

It was time to activate the machine.

A man was looking around, searching for the EDG. When he found it, he tapped the top, causing the rock casing to burst, revealing a sinister blue device with several bolts and other peices. It sent out a shockwave, freezing everything in the area but the man. The shockwave could slide over ice, covering a large area whenever it crossed ice. The man walked away, laughing to himself.

Kaisu had stormed off, and he was crouching down, cupping his hands and dirnking the water from a stream. He realised the water was cold. Unnaturally cold. He paid to attention to it until he saw a chunk of ice floating down towards him. He turned to find a large area, covered in ice. He then saw the shockwave. It was heading towards him. Kaisu stood up and stumbled as he sprinted away. He let a sigh of relief escape as he saw Core Scuba heading for him. Flipping over it, he pulled out his commander and entered Chakusou.

Kaisu stepped onto a platform which spun around, and the arms appeared, scanning his body and checking everything. When it was ready, the arms went back inside his trunk, with bulkier arms containing his armour appearing. His suit was sent out first, with his armour joining after. Core Scuba had begun to drive away from the shockwave, hitting 475kmh as the wave chased them. With his armour on, R3 made a risky move as his platform slide back under the car, He grabbed onto the car and he swung the door open as he slid into the driver's seat. When he was a clear distance, he decided to attack. Clambering out of his car, he got out Rescue Divider, using Divider Mode.

"Flame Divider!" He called as he moved his arm up to press the button. He never made it, as a blue light washed over him, freezing him. He fell to the ground, his face filled with the horror as the wave caught him. Core Scuba was caught as well, but it had been using extra energy as it began to start an Emergency Connection with Pheonix. It exploded and Kaisu was sent flying, breaking off the ice. He screamed as he hit the ice, frozen once again...

Cross rushed into the room, leaped into his desk and started to tap around on the keys. He glanced at something on the screen in front of him. A signal in front of him was flashing ...
"Core Scuba's sending a distress signal," Cross reported.
"From where?" Hikaru asked.
"We'll be there in about ... now!? Sir you have to land!"

Captain Todoroki closed his eyes and sighed. If they landed then Rescue Phoenix could get caught in the ice. He looked up at Cross sadly.
"I can't, I'm sorry but ..."
"What if I were to do something ... reckless," Cross gave him a small smile and stood up.
"What do you suggest?"

Cross walked up to Hikaru and whispered something very quietly and quickly, the captain's face lit up and he nodded.
"Just promise me one thing ..." Hikaru broke out into a smile "don't die,"

Cross ran into the chamber next to him and commenced his transformation sequence, the capsule shot down to the ground and the various screens flickered on, then off and his armor attached itself to him. His vision was briefly tinted red before his visor fully aligned itself and a small HUD display appeared in his mask.
"R2, Chaksou Kanryou!"

R2 took a step out of the small corridor and into the vehicle garage.

Cross entered the garage and watched as the technicians tied every vehicle there was down to the ground except for the two Cross would need for his plan. Saeki shot him a sort of "Don't screw this up" look as Cross got into Core Striker-N.

The engineers rushed out of the room as the blast doors opened, pieces of paper and stray tools scattered out of the doors, Cross revved his car up as fast as it would go and drove out of the doors at full speed. He swiped another two cards, Rescue Dropship and New Striker shot out of the Phoenix and it shut itself closed again. No going back.

New Striker was heavier than it's cockpit and as a result Cross was able to land himself inside it and activate another card. Rescue Dropship soared downwards and claped itself onto New Striker.
"Dropship Striker! Gattai Kanryou!" Cross called flying the vehicle down towards Kaisu

He was in his armour, good. R2 fired the Dropships engines to maximum power a little away from Kaisu and watched as the ice melted all around him, the block surrounding R3 melted and Cross was able to pick him up with a Break Rope and pull him into the passenger seat of Core Striker-N.

Ren stepped into his tube and shot down. He swiped his card in his Commander, and remained silent while the displays appeared all around him. His undersuit formed on his body, and then, his armor came on, and was aligned by the machines. He looked up as his helmet came down, and the visor moved into place, creating his HUD.

"R1! Chaksou Kanryou!" He ran out, rushing towards the garage to get his JetFalcon.

Ren ran in a bit after Cross had left. He looked around, and then rushed towards his car. He got into it and drove it, shouting out to the engineers, "Get ready to launch the JetFalcon!"

He drove his car up the energy ramp created by his loaned vehicle. He drove into the cockpit, making his car his cockpit. He looked out, trying to get a feel for what would be a new experience. But he had piloted the Rescue Wing. How different could the JetFalcon-its predecessor-be?

He pressed a few buttons and pulled up on his controls, "JetFalcon, launching!" He shouted, flying out and into the mountains, searching for the target.

Sakura had to give Cross some props for that move, it was very impressive. However a more pressing matter was at hand mainly whether Dash-5 could outrun the quickly approaching wave of Ice. She had pressed it to full power and was groping around in the back until she found what she was looking for. Her bag, she pulled the black satchel in front of her and kept one hand on the wheel of her car while the other leafed around for her Rescue Commander. Her hands finally found it and she latched it into place on her vehicles steering wheel.
... Now what?

Cross looked down, Dash-5 was travelling at an insanely fast pace to avoid the energy wave, though it was nice to see that little (or rather tall) b**** get put (quite literally) on ice, he did have to save her. He snapped his fingers, only one vehicle was inside New Striker, Core Aider there was plenty of room for Sakura to drive in.
"Hold on tight Kaisu!" Cross told his passenger with a very passionate voice.

Dropship Striker soared down and the back of New Striker slid down, Sakura got the hint and drove in at full throttle, a bit of ice freezing round Dash-5 just as she got inside, the door closed behind her and she sighed with relief. Silence lingered for a bit.
"... you're welcome ..." Cross told her icily.
"Yeah ..." She muttered, she sounded bitter and just as cold as the ice that had followed her "Thank's,"

"Captain, I see something!" Ren reported.

"Be careful, procede with caution, R1." Hikaru told him.

"Roger!" Ren flew the JetFalcon down towards the device. As soon as it landed, he leapt out and approached it slowly, rather than just blasting it. He had no idea what it would do if he just destroyed it. He was better off checking it first.

He pulled his Rescue Commander free and opened it, using the camera to get a look at the machine. "Rescue Phoenix, I'm sending this back to you." Ren said, "Please, send me any information you can get off of it."

Kaisu jumped away. "DozerDragon - Scramble!" He called as he swiped the new card. He had pocketed this one.

"DrozerDragon - Start Up" His Comander replied, and DozerDragon was dropped under Pheonix. "Rescue Mode!"

"Dash Go!" He swiped another card, and Dash 3 flew out of Light Field, Kaisu jumping into it.

You'll live on.. I promise

He got into Dozer, and he began to scrape the ice off, creating a landing area for Pheonix. It just got out of the way as Pheonix turned into Fortress Mode.

"Super Fire Dragon!" He called, swiping five cards at once. Dozer Dragon began to back up, and the doors opened to allow FireDragon and TurboDragon to exit. They immedietly began Gattai.

"Super Fire Dragon... Iku Zei!" He shouted, using jet thrusters to get into TurboDragon. He began to plow foward, firing Blast Hurricane at the shockwave, hindering it but not stopping it.

"HeliFalcon, Scramble!" R4 called as she swiped a card.

He Commander began playing a fast-paced tune, with ChocoBananaEn doing a Samba as it chanted 'It's Peanut Butter and Jelly Time'. She sighed. She had made a duplicate as a prank and stolen the real card, but it had backfired. She now had the fake.

Sakura rushed into the control room followed by R2, who was chuckling a bit.
"What's so funny," she hissed at him.
"Mainly the irony,"
"... Irony?"
"Nakida launched HeliFalcon and stole it from you right? Just like you stole it from me,"
"... shut up,"

Sakura ran into the chamber and dropped to the floor, as soon as she swiped the card to activate her armor the various computer screens lit up and flashed over her body creating the green and lilac body suit followed by her armor and finally visor. R5 crashed to the floor rather un-gracefully and swore.
"Need a hand?"
She looked up R2 was standing there with an outstretched hand which Sakura promptly swatted away. Opting to get to her feet herself. The two ran off towards the nearest exit.
"The captain wants us to head to the village and stop the ice spreading there," Cross told her "You up for it?"
"Are you?"

Super Fire Dragon swerved to allow R4 entry as she swore under her breath. "What's with the ChocoBananaEn?" He laughed.

"Erm... It was for a prank. Didn't quite work.." R4 replied.

"Has HeliFalcon launched?"

"Yup." R4 replied as she drove into FireDragon. They were attacking the waves with their Turbofan, but they were failing the assault. Ice was beginning to form on SuperFireDragon, despite Dozer scraping all the ice and Turbo attacking the wave. HeliFalcon came and hovered around them.

"R1, Gattai Great Wyvern!" R3 shouted into his radio as Core (Insert name here) shot out and landed inside HeliFalcon.

"This is messed up.. I should be in JetFalcon, Ren should be in FireDragon, Cross should be in Dozer, and... Erm.. Hikaru in HeliFalcon?" R4 said jokingly.

The wave of ice surged towards the village, screaming people were running for shelter, a man slipped, fell and screamed out as he saw the ice head towards him.
He opened his eyes ... he was still alive! But how?
He looked up, in front of him were R2 and R5. The man in black and grey was carrying a sort of weird buzzsaw on his right arm that was pulsing with red light, the taller woman with a green and purple colour scheme was carrying a black and orange blade and pushing a red button on the handle.
"Get out of here! Run!" Sakura told him, pulling the young man to his feet and pushing him out of the way.

Another surge of ice sped towards them Cross pushed the Red button on the Rescue Divider he'd taken from Cross and hurled the disc at the oncoming freeze, Sakura stabbed at the ice in front of her with her Rescue Slicer and pushed the red button watching the ice melt, boil and finally evaporate. Cross repeated the process, aiming higher up while Sakura sent burning streams of fire at the ice closing in on the village.

"You and Kaisu were in the mountains ..." Cross muttered
"What do you mean?" Sakura yelled hacking at a piece of ice that came unnervingly close to her foot.
"You and Kaisu were in the mountains when this happened, Ren was close to Neo-city when that train went hyperactive, and me and Kaisu were on the highway when that acid rain started,"
"You're point!?" Sakura cried, far more concerned with the unnatural freezing happening all around her.
"I don't think that these people are trying to destroy the world, or threaten governments," Cross slashed the Rescue Divider into the middle of the ice and watched the flames spread out and melt the cold slippery substance "I think they want to destroy Rescue Force ..."

Super Fire Dragon had split and was heading for JetFalcon. They saw the pod. "Final Rescue requested!" R3 shouted as they approached the pod.

"Final Rescue Approved! Explosivly Supress it!" Hikaru said from Pheonix, and R3 nodded.

"Blast.. Huricane!" He shouted as he swerved, the turbofan charging, and it skidded to a halt as it fired the Final Rescue.

"Bakuchin.. Kanryou!" He said happily from inside his vehicle. "Eh!? It's not destroyed! Retreating!" He shouted as he began to turn and head back, when a shockwave was launched, freezing the vehicles.

Dozer Dragon broke though, with Dash 3 using Dash Go to exit Turbo Dragon. It slid on the ice as it was chased by another shockwave. He swerved to avoid a dark figure, then he realised they weren't a normal civilian. More appeared from around the area, surrounding them. One held a bazooka-type cannon that was locking onto HeliFalcon.

"Who.. Just who are these people?" R4 shouted as she flipped back to avoid a missile. "Hydro Laser!" She shouted, swiping a card hurridly. The jet of liquid burst out, freezing several of the figures, but they were broken free by their comrades.

Ren looked around. "Who...what are they?" He shouted. He drew his Rescue Slicer and looked at the amassing figures.

They were about six feet tall. They had black bodies that looked like a cross between leather and machinery. Crimson and yellow pulsating lines ran up their chests and limbs. They had rounded, dark eyed heads with no mouths. The tops of their heads were adorned with what looked like two pointed ears, like an animal of some sort. None of them appeared to have the same weapons, but rather, just the heavily armed ones with the bazookas.

"R3! R4!" Ren shouted, "We'll drive a wedge into them! We'll split them down the center, and drive our forces into the split sides!" He tapped the weapon on his shoulder, "Any other plans?" He called.

"Nope! Let's go then!" R3 shouted as he revved Dash 3. "This is for Core Scuba!" He shouted as he flew into Dozer, using it to plow though the soldiers that HeliFalcon had frozen using Hydro Lazer.

Ren ran in on foot, slashing back and forth into the mechanical soldiers. Sparks flew as the blade easily sliced through their strange body materials. Ren leapt forward, kicking one and throwing it down. The head smashed open on a rock, revealing the internal circuitry. He looked ahead at his comrades. He watched the Dozer plowing through them, and decided to remain on foot. The Falcon wasn't good for this situation.

"Everyone! Pheonix is under attack!" Hikaru shouted urgently as he kicked down one of the.. Cyborgs. He pulled out a Rescue Zamber from his desk and cut into one of them. They were storming into the building.

"Bad news! The vehicles have been cleared out! In Pheonix and back at the landing base!" Saeki shouted.

Blast Hurricane and Drain Water were fired stimutainiously, hitting the rest of the cyborgs.

"Pheonix! Emergency Take Off!" Hikaru ordered to the AI of Pheonix, and it entered Flight Mode as Hikaru cleared Pheonix of the cyborgs.

R3 was using Flame Divider, hoping to shorten the waves with fire.

"Take this!" A voice shouted and a chunk of ice was thrown at one of the cyborgs. More were thrown, and R3's HUD confirmed a human there.

"Core Liner! Chakusou!" The voice shouted and they produced a golden Rescue Commander with an orange highlight. They swiped a card, and a silver Lamborghini Gallardo stopped behind him, arms appearing out of the vents at the back. Scanning him, the armour was shot through.

"R... SOUL!! GENCHAKU!" They called, jumping down from the raised part of ice they were on. They pulled out a sword-like tool from their back.

Ren looked in wonder at this newcomer for a few seconds. He had more important things to worry about, like the Phoenix, and these cyborgs. He lifted his sword, and cleared one in half with ease. He looked again to the newcomer, "Who is this man?" He muttered.

"RyuKen Blade - Flame Key!" SOUL called as he pulled out a small key and slotted it into his sword. The handle turned red ands began to heat up, with the heat brusting into the blade, setting it alight as SOUL cut into the ice, setting out waves of fire to counter those of the EDG. Cutting through the many cyborgs, he was at ease.

"Get into your vehicles and exit the area. I'll take care of this." He said in an almost robotic voice.

Ren didn't know who this was, but decided it was for the best to flee to his vehicle. He leapt into the JetFalcon and took to the air, hovering over the area, gazing down upon them.

SOUL continued to cut down the cyborgs, until he got to the pod. He charged his RyuKen Blade, and the flames turned white. "'Z' Soul Strike!" He called and he cut across the top of the pod, spun around, cutting the bottom, and made a diagonal slash through the pod, making a 'Z' shape. He rolled away as the pod explode. He looked back to find that there had been next to no damage. The pod began to change shape, turning into a large dome with cannons and other parts poking out of it, firing lasers at SOUL and the vehicles. SOUL ducked away from a laser as he began to approached the pod. That was when it fired another shockwave, knocking SOUL back down with his arms and torso frozen to the ground, RyuKen just out of reach. One of the cannons revolved to face SOUL, ready for the kill.

Ren flew the JetFalcon at the pod. He couldn't risk a Final Rescue, but had one other plan. One that he hoped would work, even without the Final Rescue.

"Falcon Attack!" He shouted. The AI picked up his voice recognition. Even without using the Aurora Break first, the car began to charge with power, and the front of the vehicle opened. Ren braced himself as the car was launched forward, and plowed into the pod.

The robot that was aiming it's bazooka at R-SOUL squeezed it's finger on the trigger. Then stopped, crackled and fell onto the ground. R5 pulled her Rescue Slicer out from the huge gash in the robot's chest and ran her fingers down it. Casually the girl approached SOUL and cut through the ice.
"Who are you?" She asked him, her voice sounding angry and irritated "What is that sword? And just how many more people in Rescue Force have I not met yet?"

Cross meanwhile was having less luck, he was struggling to figure out how he could switch the Rescue Divider into Sword mode without chopping his arm off in the process, he finally managed to spin the device round and plunge it into the chest of one of the robots. He repeated the process a few more times, slashing and hacking until finally getting bored and finishing the rest of them off with the Sonic Divider. He smiled and pushed a button returning the device to the smaller, more manageable storage mode. He looked around. Ren's Core Wing (or whatever it was) blasted out and smashed through the pod breaking it apart. Cross removed his helmet and walked up to it. He picked a piece of it up, gingerly and looked at the side.
"EDG ... Edge?" He looked up at R1.

R1 walked out of the Core Winger and looked to R2. "Edge?" He asked, "What do you mean?"

Cross showed R1 the piece of the pod. Scrawled across the side, engraved with something sharp were the letters EDG. Cross pointed to each letter as he said them aloud.
"E D G, The first three letters of the word Edge," he picked another piece up from the floor and turned it around "What do you think it stands for?"

He looked behind him at Sakura she was talking to someone wearing a similar suit to them but with headlights and bulkier armor, and something that looked like one of the Madan weapons, Cross turned back to Ren.
"Who's that?"

"I have no idea what it means." He looked to the newcomer, "And I have no idea." He opened his Rescue Commander, "Hikaru-sensei, who is he?"

"No ... I'm afraid not," The captain admitted "I'm a little busy trying to move the robot corpses out of the Phoenix ..."
There was a loud crash and the sound of someone saying "Sorry, these things are heavy!" before Hikaru resumed "All we do know, is that he's the one who was fooling about in the testing zone with his ... Super Dragon Train?"

Cross frowned, looked at Ren, then at the commander and then at Sakura and R-SOUL ...

Sakura didn't get much of a response so she just turned around to look out over the now frost-free landscape, it was beautiful. She removed her helmet and took a breath of the mountain air before looking back at this R-SOUL. It made her sick to try it out, but she was going to see if she could illicit a response by acting cute. She shuddered a bit and then fluttered her eyelashes at SOUL.
"So, who are you?" She asked in as sweet a voice as she could, raising her left leg and holding her helmet close to her chest with both hands.

"R-SOUL.. Finish the evacuation, I'll make sure this machine is destroyed." He said, again with no emotion in his voice. RyuKenBlade shrunk and he placed it on his back. Dash 3 was skidding, melting the ice that was left.

"Well that was... Who the heck are you meant to be?" Kaisu asked. SOUL sighed before his vehicle appeared by him.

"Scan, start." He instructed, and the vehicle circuited around the area, scanning the ground.

"Extreme Disaster Suppressed." His AI reported.

"What the Hell-" Cross stopped mid-sentence and then switched his language back into Japanese "Who the Hell do you think you are!?"
Cross walked up to SOUL and pushed him into a boulder.
"Since you didn't answer any of our questions I'm going to have to guesstimate, your one of the Madan Warriors armed by ANGER using leftover data from SHOT and allied with the UFDA,"
Cross grabbed SOUL's helmet with both hands and ripped it off with all his power, a mess of black hair followed by a pale face emerged, it wasn't Kenji, Fudou or Koichi. Cross fell backwards and sat up holding the helmet, he looked up at the new Rescue Force member and paused
"Okay ... not the first time I'm wrong but I bet I'm right about the sword ..."

James angrilly snatched the helmet back before punching Cross.

"For your information, all three Mada Weapons have been destroyed." He snapped.

Suddenly the boulder behind SOUL began to fall down the mountain, along with many other rocks. The outer casing broke away, revealing more EDG machines. This time, SOUL was reminded of the Droideka from Star Wars, as they rolled down the mountain, firing bursts of freezing... Things. They began to refreeze the area, heading for the river. Every now and then, one would fire a shockwave, then burst into large chunks of ice.

SOUL swore as he entered his vehicle.

"Situation Scan!" He instructed his AI, and it launched a small probe, which did a quick assessment of the situation then reported it to SOUL's AI before losing power.

"Soul Liner - Approved." His AI said with more emotion that SOUL.

A large rainbow energy bridge burst out, a giant train riding on it. Core SOUL rode into the first carriage as the rainbow dissapeared. It waited for the others to get in, giant hangar doors spliting open, wide enough for a Large Scale Super Vehicle.

Ren didn't take time to wonder what was going on. At the sight of these new EDG machines, he loaded his Core Wing back into the JetFalcon and took it to the sky.

"Just how many are there?" He muttered, using a scan to get a reading. Their movements prevented him from getting an accurate reading. He looked to the train, wondering just what was going on...

Soul Liner shot off, smashing through several EDG, cannons placed atop the train firing. They only just hit, and Soul Liner was peppered with ice as it unloaded Rescue Sub-Zero, stopping for a second as the vehicle shot out and burrowed into the ground.

Cross rubbed his face ... that guy had punched him with the large gauntlet over his hand. It really hurt and there was a bit of blood dripping out. Cross looked up, swore and locked his helmet back on. Sakura pulled him to his feet rather hard.
"You didn't know that the Madan Weapons are destroyed?" she asked.
"... Didn't Fire-1X use one?"
"No, the X-basher was originally Ryudoken you're thinking of Ryukendo,"

Cross gave a little nod and flicked his right wrist the Rescue Divider snapped open and switched to divider mode, he pushed the red and green buttons and lunged forward, a disc of red flames, and another screeching pulse of blue flew into the EDG's throwing up smoke and explosions. It cleared to reveal ... no change at all. Crap.

Sakura sighed and drew a Rescue Slicer, she waited for them to approach her and slashed straight through the orbs. That was two of them down but there were still hundreds rolling towards the river, the village and ... everywhere. She hissed and ran over to Rescue Sub-Zero. She drove the vehicle straight towards the EDG's. Her vehicle froze into a solid block.
"Nice move ..." Cross sighed.
"Anyone else got a plan?"

Ren spoke to the others over their Commanders.

"This is R1. We could try using every Final Rescue we have at once. That could provide sufficient power to destroy these things!"

Cross was helping Sakura out of the trapped Drill vehicle when they heard Ren's idea.
"All the vehicles we have are Fires Arsenal," Sakura replied grimly “They're Ice-based we'd just give them more power and help them to freeze the surrounding area,"
"That's right we'd need something hot to stop them," Cross responded "Like fire or ..."
The two exchanged a glance
"... Electricity ..."
and then headed towards their Core vehicles driving them towards the three Dragon series mecha.
"I think we can go one better Ren," Sakura chimed.
"Oh so you can be nice ..." Cross muttered as his car locked into Dozer Dragon."
"Shut up R2!" Sakura returned to her communication "R1 has Jet Falcon, R2 has the Dozer Dragon, R4 is in Heli Falcon if R3 get's into Turbo Dragon then-"

Sakura and Cross's voices rang out in unison "We can combine the vehicles into Great Wyvern!"

"Roger!" R3 called as he drove back into Turbo Dragon.

"Rescue! Five vehicle Gattai!" They called in unison as FireDragon's Dragon Ladder moved, forming the tail, and HeliFalcon landed on JetFalcon, with TurboDragon landing on one of JetFalcon's wings, with the Turbofan atop JetFalcon.

Ren immediately called Hikaru.

"Final Rescue requested."

He gave no hesitation with answering, "Final Rescue Approved. Explosively Suppress It!"

"Final Rescue!" They called as they swiped the card.

"Target, lock on." The Commander AI reported.

"Infinite... THUNDER!"

The attack had been named Infinite Thunder for a reason. Back when Saeki still liked Cross he'd told him that Infinite Thunder's power reserves drew energy from every vehicle used in the gattai including Core Vehicles before charging, Cross felt the car shake as various lights began to flicker on and off in his cockpit. The idea of transferring Fires technology into Rescue Cards was still experimental, and it showed, rather than a single 0.3 seconds of the vehicle losing all power and jolting a bit before it regained a full charge and flew back into place so it could perform a Wyvern Attack it shuddered for a full three seconds after the energy blast was fired, every light in the dragon-like vehicle shut off and Cross began to feel the ship plummet to the ground, fast.
He turned the headlights on his suit on and started groping around for the gattai release control before he was suddenly blinded by every light in his vehicle coming on at once. Cross looked at the view screen to see the ground fly past quickly and then the vehicle to rise up and turn to face the EDG's.

They were frozen in a pulsing storm of electrical energy and starting to clump together due to what Cross guessed was some kind of electro magnetic interference, well that told him something about them. It was hardly the time to focus on what the disaster generators were doing he suddenly felt a large clunk next to him and smiled ... poor Sakura.

Sakura let out a cry of triumph when her eyes caught the paralysed EDG's all that was left was for the Wyvern Attack to ... oh no. She looked ahead of her and felt Dash-5 move slowly forwards until it was at the front of JetFalcon. There was a loud CLUNK sound and several energy auras started to generate around the car. She screamed as her vehicle was forcibly ejected out of the dragon and into the electrical storm, it screeched to a halt and she stepped out of the car to watch pieces of shattered EDG fall to the ground and crumble to dust.
She drew several of her Rescue Force cards and threw them up in the air.
"Bakuchin ..." Her hands cupped together and caught the Infinite Thunder card, the others falling around her feet "... Kanryou!"

Ren walked out of his Core Wing and looked around at the destruction around them. He smiled under his helmet, a smile of success. He drew a card for Infinite Thunder and flashed it, "Bakuchin Kanryou."

"Bakuchin Kanryou." R3 and R4 nodded, taking off their helmets. Soul Linder flew over the landed Great Wyvern, the vehicles exiting the train as it shot off at the speed of light, dissapearing instantly.

Ren walked closer, removing his helmet. He looked a the others, "I think this is done. We should return to the Phoenix, and let the R&D department take a look at these machines."

Kaisu nodded and he began a primary scan. "We should be able to move these." He confirmed as he got back into Dash 3. "I'll need a new vehicle though."
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TITLE: Rescue Zero Fire, The Commander Appears!
CHARACTERS: Ren (R1), Cross (R2), Kaisu (R3), Nakida (R4) and Sakura (R5)

Kaisu was in his chair, reading 'Final Rescue' as he pulled chips out of a packet one by one. James was circuiting the room on an electronic office chair, a low whir filling their ears as he stole a chip from Kaisu, proceeding to do the same from Nakida. Eventually, Kaisu snatched his packet away while Nakida gave the entire packet to James. He was delighted until he realisd the packet was empty. He exited the command room as Hikaru spoke.

"Kaisu, I've just got a call from Tsubasa." He said, and Kaisu's heart missed a beat. "Could you go pick up the files?" He asked, and Kaisu walked out, getting into Dash 3 and towards the building.

Kaisu slammed the door as he walked into the building. His eyes scanned the room and he found Tsubusa looking intently at him.

"Hello." He said warmly as he stepped up to the desk. "I was looking for the Rescue Force files."

"We've found a vehicle.. Zero Fire, it's damaged and a kilometer underground inside a tunnel, but you might be able to remove it." He said. "Ritsu- Ritsuka, bring the Rescue Force files!" He shouted and Ritsuka came hurrying over, stopping when she saw Kaisu.

"The files?" He asked coldly. He collected them and turned to leave when he heard Ritsuka's voice.

"You can't still hold it against us." She said worriedly.

"You ruined me." Kaisu replied, cold as the EDG from before, clenching his fists. "I could still be there, studying. But now-" He spun around, his coat falling back, revealing his Rescue Force undersuit and commander. He ground his teeth as he began to walk back out.

"Kaisu, honestly. After all this, you still-" Tsubasa began, but Kaisu cut him off. Kaisu stormed over to Tsubasa.

"If it hadn't been for her, I'd still be in Chicago. You don't know how long it took to garantee myself somewhat safe." He growled, his fist clenched tighter than ever.

"Go. You've got want you wanted, and this is no place for an arguement." Ritsuka said abrutly, and Kaisu stormed out.

I did all this for them.. Do I really still want that life back in Chicago? He asked himself, flashing back. He gulped.

He would stay away from them for a moment. He drove into Pheonix, still mad.

Cross looked up, Hikaru had just left the only people there were him Nakida and Sakura. It was quiet as well ... worth a shot.
"Has Kaisu ever mentioned his family?" He asked.
Sakura turned around she still had a plaster on her head.
"Which ones Kaisu?" she asked coldly.
"Did you at least try and remember our names?" Cross shook his head in disbelief "Anyway that's Nakida, I'm Cross, Kaisu is R3,"
"Got it ... what do you mean?"

Cross walked over to a small control panel and closed the door; it would open if anyone walked in but would at least give them time to stop talking just in case the man himself entered.
"It's just that ... he sometimes drifts off or looks really sad and says it's nothing,"
Sakura picked up a notebook and whatever it was she was working on and walked out of the room.
"Then it's probably nothing," She sighed a sort of exasperation mixed with fear in her voice "Just trust the people you work with,"

Cross turned to Nakida and knelt down next to her desk.
"I know I'm being nosy but do you have any ideas as to what happened?"

"Think about Tri-Basher." Nakida said as she kicked her chair back. "He holds that dear, I think it might have something to do with Fire 1 or Fire 3." She said. "It wouldn't be Fire 2, he and Tamaki only had one kid, and that kid looked nothing like Kaisu. Yuuma and Tama-Chan know what it's about though. This place brings back a lot of mem- Mem-what?"

Ren walked into the control room. He looked at the others, and walked to his station. He sat down and just sat there, in thought. It didn't matter to him what was going on with Kaisu. It wasn't his place to discuss it, or to want to think about it. He wasn't going to snoop or want to help in any way to uncover the past of his comrade, unless said comrade would outright tell them.

Kaisu jumped out of Dash 3.

"Hey, 'bout when can I expect Core Scuba NX?" He asked Saeki as he ran over to him. Behind him a a Chevrolet Corvette ZR1, painted black with green highlights. One of the workers were striping the internal parts of the vehicle, replacing them with more effective parts. He looked over at Rescue Scuba. It was still shiny and new, with no battle damage, unlike New Striker and the almost-repaired Rescue Wing. TurboDragon was next to Scuba, which was resting in a large aquarium-like tank. He parked Dash 3 and exited the hanger, and the large blast doors slowly shut, revealing a large 3 painted on the doors.

Smiling to himself, Kaisu went to the Control Bridge.

Kaisu walked into the room, and Nakida kicked herself back onto her station. Kaisu raised and eyebrow but said nothing before sitting at his desk. He began a couple scans, and he smiled.

"The train was caused by those Cyborgs." Kaisu confirmed. "We have footage of a man throwing a device onto the train, and it matches our data." He explained. "We'll need to check information from the Acid Rain Incident, and maybe it'll throw more light onto the situatiom."

Cross walked over to a table and pulled out a photo taken from a security camera.
"I've seen that photo, he's a human,"
Cross hadn't got a good look before but he could now see that it showed a large man, with no hair, and in his mid-late 60's. Cross's eyes widened.
"S***!" he yelled.
He rushed over to his desk, toppling the papers and stood over his computer, he thrust his hand to a USB Drive hanging from him and tore it off, snapping the clip attaching it to the string around his neck. Cross pushed the device into his computer.
"What's wrong?" Asked Hikaru moving next to him to see the screen.
"You know when you wanted me to look through those witness reports?" Cross asked, opening up a file marked "Acid Rain".
"Yeah, why?"
Cross double clicked a Jpeg image and swore again. The picture depicted a large crowd, among them was the same man who sabotaged the subway train. That wasn't what annoyed Cross, what annoyed them was how he was smiling straight at the camera ... and waving. Cross punched his fist into the side of his station and swore for a third time.

Ren came over, gazing at the screen.
"It would seem we have our target, wouldn't you say?" He asked, either of them.

Kaisu and Nakida ran over. "I'll agree to that.. If anyone sees him, I'll say we get him and lock him up." Kaisu said grimly.

"On another note, have they found the report?" Hikaru asked.

"Oh yeah.." Kaisu fumbled as he pulled out the files. "They found ZeroFire."

Sakura walked over and took the file from Kaisu's hand.
"Zero Fire ... what's that?" she asked.
"It was R0 and later R5's personal vehicle," Hikaru replied "It carried all our original medium vehicles,"
"It says here that its buried in an unused maintanence shaft under the Industrial Island," Sakura told them.

Cross turned around, still seething from that man's ... that man's ... arrogance! He managed to keep his anger under control and looked over to Sakura.
"How do you think it ended up there?" he asked.
"The tunnels were already there, they used to be part of an underground transport system but were switched to maintenance tunnels after ..." Hikaru looked wistfully over at the group picture on his desk "... that,"
"So after about 8 or 9 years they find it now?" asked Cross.
"The tunnel was flooded, the builders found it when they scanned it for stable building areas," Sakura replied, she threw Cross the files and he looked through them.

"Flooded you say?" Cross asked, he shot Kaisu a small grin.
Sure enough the file had several pictures of a CG model showing a shape very similar to that of Zero Fire. The tunnel had collapsed down into the sea with Zero Fire trapped between layers of rock. Cross put the file on a table and opened up a program on his computer. SCRAMBLE was a program created by Bunji, it had details of all vehicles, gattai abilities, repair status's and other useful information for planning a mission.

"We can use a Rescue Gattai with Rescue Scuba and Sub-Zero right?" Cross asked.
"Um ... yeah," Hikaru replied "But then Zero Fire will just sink further down into the sea if you drill it free, and there is no way that Rescue Scuba could carry it out of the tunnel,"
"Yeah but Rescue Wing is repaired, Jet Falcon and Heli Falcon still work and all of them have grappling hooks,"

Hikaru ran to his station and started typing in some information. That would work! If they merged Scuba and Sub-Zero they could dig down into the water and free Zero Fire, then allow the Falcon vehicles and Rescue Wing to lift it out of the tunnel!
"Loading, Rescue Scuba, Rescue Sub-Zero, Rescue Wing, Jet Falcon, Heli Falcon and the Rescue Chasers," Hikaru looked behind him at the new Rescue Force "Save Zero Fire! Rescue Force Emergency Dispatch!"

"Roger!" They chorused as they ran back to their seats.

"Rescue Phenoix - Launch!"


Pheonix changed into Flight Mode before taking off.

"Debris of the previous Rescue Pheonix is still on the Industrial Island, but damage from the subways hasn't been repaired, and is currently blocked off, so we will take a shortcut through there." Hikaru explained before they landed.

"Rescue Force - Chakusou!"

Kaisu and Nakida ran into their Chakusou Booths, swiping their cards as they went down the tunnel.

Their undersuit appeared, followed by the gloves fastening, then their armour, collar, helmet and visor.

"Rescue Force - Chakusou Kanryou!"

"Core Scuba NX is completed and loaded." Saeki confirmed as R3 ran into the vehicle entry gate. He fell into it, the vehicle morphing like the Dash vehicles, then set their Rescue Commander before taking off.

"Sub-Zero, Chaser, Scuba - Gattai!" R3 called as he swiped the appropriate cards. Soon Sub-Zero Scuba was combined with Chaser, and it launched, followed by HeliFalcon.

Ren ran into his booth and swiped his card.


His undersuit and armor began to spawn on his body as he fell. As soon as he landed with everything locked into place, he ran off towards his awaiting Rescue Wing. He missed it, and wanted to sit behind the controls of it again.

Sure, the JetFalcon was fun, and previously Tsubasa's, but he missed his own ship. He needed his own vehicle again.

Cross and Sakura ran to their transformation booth's and then stopped. There were four booths and five members. They were standing in front of the same booth. The two stood around awkwardly waiting for another chamber to rise out up. Luckily R3 and R4's did and Sakura rushed into Nakida's allowing Cross to reach the one already there.

Sakura watched the screens scan her body and recognise her commanders registration as R5. The light green suit flowed over her body and she felt the gloves lock themselves into place. She held her arms out and took a deep breath. The lilac chestplate attached itself to her armor along with her helmet. Sakura's face was quickly concealed by a yellow visor and she braced herself for the landing ...
"R5, Chakusou Kanryou!"

Cross tried to read the screens, his name, Birthday and all the other information of R2 appeared briefly before they dissapeared revealing his undersuit. His gloves locked into place, nicking a bit of his skin while they were at it. He muttered something and held his arms out for the jetblack armor to attach itself to his body. His face was exposed for a second before the visor slid down his face. Cross felt the floor move away from underneath him and landed on the metal floor.
"R2, Chakusou Kanryou!"

R2 and R5 nodded at each other and rushed towards the vehicle garage.

R5 got into Dash-4 and then Jet Falcon, she took off and the vehicle soared out of the Phoenix's launch bay. Cross followed and looked around for Core Cycle, the Core vehicles were always loaded because they were lightweight. He got on top, attached his Rescue Commander to the middle of the handlebars and drove outside. Saeki shot him a menacing glare. R2's bike drove out of the blast doors and he headed towards the industrial island...

R3 had a strange feeling in his gut as he ploughed though the rope, heading for one of the many holes in the wall, before beginning to drill underground. As he reached the flooded tunnel, Chaser broke off, and SZ-Scuba began to go through the muddy water.

"This is R3. I have arrived at Industrial Island, and I am heading for Zero Fire." R3 informed as he nudged his controls. "I'm under the construction zone for the new UFDA headquarters." He said as he began to scan the area.

"This is R1. Rescue Wing is in position." He reported, "Awaiting further orders."

Cross stopped his bike underneath where the airborne vehicles were gathering.
"Did anyone else see how Saeki looked at me?" he asked "I swear he still doesn't want me using this thing,"
"Time and a place R2," Sakura told him "This is R5, Jet Falcon is ready for action,"

Cross nodded, his job was to search for people who were still there. They needed to go. Now. He got off Core Cycle and began walking through the skeletal buildings and the scaffolding around them. No one was there, he checked every cupboard and box until he was satisfied that no one was still on site. He was standing on top of a building which was mainly just heavy girders but with some of the lower floors fully constructed. He smiled and sat onto one of the girders.
"This is R2, there is no one left behind, everything is A-OK!" He called over the radio.

This would probably be a great view to see Zero Fire get lifted up to the surface. All he needed was a banner, some popcorn maybe a camera. You know, make it memorable.
"Popcorn?" a cheery sounding voice asked.
"Thankyou," Cross replied, he reached over to a large bowl held by a young girl wearing (what was in Cross's opinion) a cute dress, and took a handful of popcorn.

... Wait.
Cross looked back just in time to see something green and black hit him in the face and send him hurtling to the floor below. R2 crashed straight through the two completed floors and into the basement of the building. He looked up, there was a shatter over his visor, starting in the left corner and radiating outwards. There was blood trickling down his face and the Heads Up Display in his armor was offline, as was his radio. Cross got to his feet and pulled out a Rescue Breaker a group of the robots that assaulted them on the last misssion jumped down and targeted him with what looked to be modified 1947 model Automatic Kalashnikovs. They opened fire and R2 collapsed again.

The girl on the top of the building giggled.
"Jishin-San! Activate the EDG!"

"Everyone, communications with R2 have ceased!" Hikaru shouted, "It might be nothing, but someone check on him."

"I'll go." Ren said. "I'll leave the Wing on automatic."

He leapt out of his vehicle onto the roof of the nearest building. He went running, looking at his Commander, searching for any signs of Cross. Then he heard the gunshots going off...

He rushed away, heading in that direction.

"Almost there!" R3 called when he heard static. "Guys.. What's going on? R3 to Pheonix, R3 to Pheonix, respond!" He shouted franticly as he approached Zero Fire.

"Everyone, R3 has been cut off as well. We've lost all tracking on him, it'll be difficult to find Zero Fire now." Hikaru shouted.

R3 suddenly felt hot as he realised the water was heating up. Geysers sprouted out of the ground as Sub-Zero Scuba began to overheat. The EDG had activated.

Ren stopped and looked at the series of androids before him. He was at the side, watching as Cross was fired upon down below him, while the androids were above, being led by a woman.

Or maybe she was a hostage.

He drew his Rescue Breaker and span it around. He leapt over the side, firing one end up towards the opposition, rooting his tool in. The other end landed on a platform above Cross, yet still below Ren.

R1 flew through the air, reaching down and grabbing the armor of R2. He pulled Cross up with his swing, landing them on the next platform, and retracting his Breaker as they hid behind a partially constructed wall.

Cross looked up at Ren and gave him the thumbs up before losing consciousness and hitting the ground with a thump.

R5 wasn't happy. Kaisu was cut off, Cross was cut off. Sakura growled as she swiped the "Dash Go!" card and her Core vehicle dropped out of Jet Falcon and she drove over to R1 and R2. Her car screeched to a halt and she got out, Cross was hurt badly. She bundled him into the back seat and turned to Ren.
"What just happened to Cross?" she asked "And who's that girl on the roof?"
"Looks like those androids are back." He said. He looked over his shoulder, "No idea on the woman. But whoever she is, I think we can assume she's not an ally."

Nakida had a grim expression on her face as she pulled out a card. "Turbo Dragon, Scramble!" She called as she swiped, and when the vehicle came, she began to rip through the ground. "The water's heating up, I'll use Freeze Corridor to try and get to R3." She shouted as she dove towards the water.

Sakura drew her Rescue Slicer and rushed straight into the robotic hoards. She slashed at the first two, knocking them aside but they recovered and got back to their feet. She ignored them and carried on, plunging her sword straight through the third robot she encountered and twisting it. Sakura’s finger touched the Yellow button and it's blade began to crackle with electricity, which also ran through the mechanical monster skewered upon its blade causing the machine to convulse violently.
"Shocking Slice!" R5 cried.
She pulled the sword straight through the right side of the robot ceasing it's spasms and making it drop to the floor, the lightning covered blade continued on, slashing through the two robots that she'd hit before prior to coming straight back and caving the head of a fourth machine straight in.

R5 ran forward again slicing at the legs of a robot so it fell to the floor giving her a better opportunity to stab it in the chest. She stood on top of her victim and pulled the sword out of it giving a loud battle cry before slicing straight through the waist of her next target and stomping on it's head as she charged into another two skewering them into the wall of the unfinished building. It was stuck ... she couldn't remove it, rather disappointing, there was still one left.

Sakura felt ansomething grab her arm, she dropped the sword leaving it suspended in the building and breathed in sharply. She turned around and kicked the robot in the face before backing away and taking a deep breath.
"Don't you dare touch me ..." she whispered.
Sakura ran forward and sliced across the robot with the break axe she'd drawn from her back "DON'T!" she delivered another slice parrallel to the first "YOU!" a third attack followed slicing down through the previous two "DARE!"

The robot staggered backwards and collapsed. Sakura sighed with relief and looked up at the girl atop the building.
Just who was she?

Ren ran over and removed his Rescue Slicer into his right hand. His Breaker into his left.

"Let's subdue her. We'll figure this out." He told Sakura, shooting one end of his Break Rope up. He held his hand out, "Want a ride?" He asked her.

Sakura looked at his hand and then took a step back.
"I'm fine," She told him "Break Rope!"
R5's Rescue Breaker launched up to the top of the building and she reeled it in, propelling her upwards. Sakura clambered onto the thick metal girder that was being used while the building was still constructed and walked towards the girl.

She was sitting on the side dangling her legs over the edge and pouting. She was about 24 maybe younger and had long, wavy hair. She was wearing some sort of black and green gothic lolita stuff including a frilly dress, jacket and a little top hat with a green flower in it. She was using an umbrella as a parasol and fanning herself with a gloved hand.
"Hot ..." she moaned "It's so hot up here,"
The girl shot Sakura and Ren a nasty looking smile.
"I can only imagine how bad it is for R3-kun ..."

Ren took a step forward, clutching his Slicer. "Who are you?" He demanded, "Are you an enemy commander?"

"Pheonix, please respond!" R3 shouted as he noticed a bright light by him.

HeliFalcon was circling a large circular area, and it was freezing the water as the vehicle slid across the ice.

"Dash Go!" R4 called as she swiped a card, and Dash 5 was launched and it slid across the ice.

"Signal located, reconnecting to Pheonix." R3's AI droned and R3 breathed a sigh of releif as HeliFalcon exited the tunnel.

"R3, we've located a possible Extreme Disaster source. It's a giant worm-like figure that is heating up the water, destroy it with Diving Impact." Hikaru said quickly as the Freeze Corridor melted, destroying R3's newfound link. R3's Commander soon found the worm.

"Time to end this.. Target Lock!" R3 waited to lock onto the squirming target, before swiping his card. "FInal Rescue - Scuba Cannon!!" He called as he swerved into place.

Sub-Zero Scuba began to power up it's turbine jets, before flying towards, it's drills spinning as it ripped through the ground, uncovering the EDG as the vehicle came back down, ripping through the EDG and throwing it into the water.

"Bakuchin Kanryou!" He shouted as he stopped in the water. Suddenly more worms burst out of the ripped worm, slinking back into the ground as the water began to reheat.

R3 screamed as he spun.

Cross looked around. He was slowly regaining conciousness. He was also feeling incredibly weak ... He could barely lift his armor. Cross rolled to his feet and reached around for that little black strip on the right of his armor and peeled it off, his hand felt around for the silver ring next to it and he pulled it out along with a long rip cord. His undersuit split down the back and was pulled into his armor which split into two pieces while the boot guard things and elbow/knee pads dropped off. Ordainarily his helmet would have followed suit but it was already off. Bunji would probably rant at him when he realised he'd have to undo this damage but still, Cross was now able to move freely, his first free move was to stretch and yawn ... now where was he?

"Roger!" Nakida called as she spun into HeliFalcon.

"Tenkyuu Gattai!" She called as she swiped the card.

Oh yeah, an Extreme Disaster. He looked up, Sakura and Ren were confronting the girl that hit him, and the last message from Kaisu was screaming...
Cross got into Dash-4, attached his own commander to the steering wheel and slashed the card entitled "Ride-In". Dash-4 rode up behind Jet falcon and was guided into the cockpit. He disengaged the safety rope and dove towards Heli-Falcon.
"Nakida get back into Heli-Falcon!" He called, a smile eased itself across his lips "We're doing the Sky Gattai!"

The girl laughed at Ren's demand. "Do you really think you should threaten an unarmed girl, Mr. Rescue Worker?" She questioned.

"You're not an ordinary girl." Ren hissed.

"Are you sure about that?" She asked, walking closer, spinning her umbrella around. She brushed her hand against the chest armor of R1, "I'm as ordinary as anyone else." She looked to Sakura, "I'm sure as normal as her, at least."

She walked past the two Rescue Force members, still spinning her umbrella around on her arm. She turned to look at them, and smiled grimly.


Cross and Nakida's vehicles combined together and soared above the gaping hole of boiling water. Cross dove the vehicle into the water, parts of the machine started to crackle and warning signals flashed all over the place, and water started to leak in through the engines making them splutter. Cross only had one chance at this, He zoomed past Sub-Zero Scuba and turned around, Super Jet Falcon's engines went into overdrive and it shot forward.
"Safety Shield!" Cross swiped a card through his commander the moment that his vehicle was next to Kasiu's.
A silverish bubble appeared around the mecha as they carried on out of the water and into the air. The bubble dissiapated and everything within it dropped to the ground with a horrendous crash.

Cross looked up. A bunch of the worm things had gotten tangled within the safety shield and were wriggling around setting fire to everything in site.
"Wake up Kaisu, we've got work to do!" Cross cried, disconnecting the gattai between him and Nakida and taking off into the sky.

Sakura watched as the girl snapped her fingers. Her body seemed to flicker for a second before fading away to reveal a tall and slim body made of some sort of black metal, this body was dressed in a bright green sleeveless coat, with gloves and boots to match. Her head was black with a pair of triangular red slits for eyes, from the back of her head emerged several thick green cables that stretched down to her waist. The umbrella remained ... a little bit of a mood kill, what could an umbrella do?

Apparently slap her in the face and send her hurtling to the ground below. R5 got to her feet and rolled to the side to dodge the odd woman rushing to the ground to impale her on the umbrella. Sakura didn't have her Rescue Breaker and her Rescue Slicer was still stuck in the building ... She didn't have much of a choice.
"R1 get clear!" She called gripping the hilt of her blade and pulling it out of the building.
It didn't collapse (as she though it would) but instead slanted a bit, dropping her Rescue Breaker from the top of the building and into her waiting left hand, she switched it to Axe mode and ran up to the robot.

Her first hit was with the Rescue Slicer but her foe blocked it with the umbrella and spun off her. Sakura made another attack (a bit lower this time) which was also blocked with the surprisingly strong umbrella. This time R5 was able to land a hit on her adversary's left shoulder with the break axe. The robot staggered backwards, hissed at Sakura and ran forward again. Hitting Sakura full on with a kick and sending her into a wall. R5 rolled with the punch and was in the perfect position to run forward and make another slash at the machine. The Rescue Slicer and the Umbrella both locked against each other.
"Who are you?" Asked Sakura.
"I'm one of the three executives!" was the reply. Followed by Sakura being thrown into yet another wall "My name is Ame!"

R3 had managed to survive, and he flew out of the hole in the ground as he scraped along the ground.

R4 swiped a card, calling 'Dash Go!' as she was fired out of HeliFalcon. It crashed through a pillar and the top part of the building tilted as R4 jumped out of Dash 4, Rescue Zamber at the ready. "Haken Rain!" She shouted as she swung Rescue Zamber down, red energy emitting from the tool.

Ame advanced on Sakura.
"Any last words?" She giggled pointing the umbrella's point at Sakuras naeck.
"Yeah ... look behind you," Sakura said.

Ame turned slowly, just in time to catch Nakida's attack in the face. She screamed and stumbled backwards.
"You ... you little-" Ame struggled for the right word.
"Bitch?" Sakura offered.
The mechanoid turned around in shock to see Sakura standing there with her Rescue Slicer.
"Rescue Slicer, Burning Slice!" Sakura cried slashing across Ame with the (now flaming) sword. Ame staggered back and pointed her umbrella at the two girls.
"R4, let's go!" Sakura said, rushing forward.

"Buh-bye!" R4 chirped as she grabbed R5 and jumped, using Zamber Rope at the last minute. The two sped down and landed. "We need to destroy the Extreme Disaster." She shouted as she activated her communicator. "Final Rescue Requested!"

Hikaru's voice came out over the radio.
"Kaisu use Diving Impact to free Zero Fire, Cross use Aurora Break to destroy the worms,"

Cross smiled.
"Roger! Final Rescue Aurora Break!"
Jet Falcon soared past the worms on land spreading the energy trail behind it, underneath the worms crawling about on land, he braced himself as the vehicle dove into the water and wrapped the trail around the remaining waterbound worms. Cross pulled Jet Falcon upwards and flew it back to where he started.
"Falcon Attack!" He cried.
Dash-4 was lowered to the bottom of Jet Falcon and fired out onto the trail he just created. Several of the mechanical worms shattered as he drove straight through them, he reached the ones in the flooded tunnel, water was seeping through the car, it was stuttering. That didn't stop him, he ploughed through the block of ice shattering it. Cross pulled off his seatbelt and forced open the door before swimming up to the surface and crawling out of the pit. Dash-4 sank slowly to the bottom.

"Saeki's actually going to murder me ..."

R1 watched the wounded Ame. He approached her with his Rescue Slicer.

" Executive." He muttered. He hefted his blade to his shoulder, "You and me." He said, "If you think you can still fight after that beating you took."

"Of course I can still fight." Ame hissed. She ran forward, drawing her umbrella back. She plunged it forward, moving to impale Ren. He slashed down, slashing the umbrella's tip into the girder.

He ran his sword up her umbrella and pressed the yellow button.

"Shocking Slice!" He shouted, slashing into Ame's body with the electrically charged blade.

The electricity filled her already damaged body, shorting out some of her internal workings. She cried out and stumbled away, towards the edge. She fell from the high position, down towards the ground below, clutching her umbrella.

"Time to finish this!" R3 shouted as he rallied for the Final Rescue. "But first, Gattai!" HeliFalcon and Sub-Zero Scuba joined as Sub-Zero broke off, hurtling to the surface."Double Final Rescue! Freeze Corridor!" He shouted as he and R4 spun around, making a frozen path to Zero Fire. "Diving Impact!" He shouted as he flew down, HeliFalcon's propellers cutting into the ground as Zero Fire was freed. A winch shot out as they draged Zero Fire up..

Ren contacted Hikaru with his comlink in his helmet.

"Captain, I think we got the Zero Fire. Shall we pull out now, or is someone else coming to retrieve it?"

"Use the Sky Team vehicles to retrieve the Zero Fire. Bring it back to the Phoenix."

Ame clutched her arm, it was sparking and there was a deep gash leaking blueish purple liquid and growled quietly, she'd underestimated them. All of her robots were destroyed and the EDG had been completely trashed. Ame shifted into human form and scooped her umbrella up off the floor. She wasn't beaten yet, they had plenty more Extreme Disaster Generators where they'd come from. The girlish commander opened her umbrella and walked out of the construction site to blend in with the crowd.

Cross walked over to where Jet Falcon was, he had to get Core Striker-N as a substitute for the destroyed Dash-4. But that didn't stop him guiding Zero Fire back to the phoenix.
Nakida did though.
She had a point though, Cross let her take the vehicle back to base, himself opting to put a blanket over his freezing cold body and find somewhere to lie down...

Cross was curled up at his workstation ... well it was really more of Sakura's, they had to share now. He had a large red blanket draped over him and a couple of hot water bottles were tied around his body on varying lengths of string. He had changed his clothes from the Rescue Force uniform into an ill fitting green shirt that his grandmother had knitted for him and an ugly pair of leggings. It turned out that the water Cross had jumped into had been exactly a degree above freezing, he was starting to feel it. Despite the massive amount of stuff heating him up, Cross's body was still feeling like an ice cube.
"You know if you get hypothermia you should warm yourself up gradually," Hikaru said "You're probably heating your temperature up to an insane level, the sudden change could do some serious-"
Cross shot him an (pardon the pun) icy glare and the captain raised his hands and sat back down

Sakura entered the room with a clipboard.
"Sir, Zero Fire is already in the vehicle garage, if you would like to have a look at it,"
The captain nodded and walked off towards the vehicle garage nodding at Sakura in a silent way of saying something between "Good idea" and "Thanks". The girl turned over to Cross and pushed him off the chair. Cross got up and waddled after the captain.
"Where are you going?" Sakura asked, sitting down at her workplace
"To see Zero Fire," Cross's voice sounded odd, his nose was blocked.

Sakura shook her head, that boy was hopeless. Good thing was without him or the captain, it was just her, and nothing else, no distractions, no invasion of personal space and no other people.
Sakura sighed with relief.

Ren walked into the control room after leaving the Construction Zone. He ignored Sakura and sat at his own station, sitting quietly and pulling something out of a drawer.

Kaisu had suffered the exact opposite of Cross, and he held an ice pack to his head as he sat down at his station. He groaned as he turned on his computer. He went onto the UFDA System as he went over the assessment of the mission. They had footage of Ame from R1, R2, R4 and R5's armour camera, and Kaisu checked it as he leant back in his chair.

Sakura shrugged. She might as well try and make conversation with them, she was stuck with them for the forseeable future. She gulped.
"S-so Kaisu ... how's your mother?" She asked.
She suddenly remembered the conversation she'd had earlier with Nakida and Cross. She clapped a hand over her mouth.
"I-I didn't mean to ... um ... I-I have to go!"
Sakura pushed away from her desk, toppling her swivel chair to the floor. She rushed out the door and gulped in air. She was not good at tis whole "Social Interaction" thing was she?

Sakura was running down the corridor. How could she have done something so ... so ... Stupid? Maybe he was right ... maybe she was just a stupid little gi-
"NO!" She yelled "I'M NOT AN IDIOT! ... I'm not ..." She closed her eyes and slumped up against a wall ...
Ren was following her. She gulped and turned to face him.
"W-What do you want?" She asked "W-why are you following me?"

"Something's clearly wrong." Ren said, "Are you ok?" He was concerned for her well being...her mental well being, possibly. He wasn't entirely sure what was going on.
Sakura stood up, took a step back still looking at Ren and clenched her fist.
"I-I'm I'm fine!" She quivered a bit and then fell back to the floor "... No ... I don't think I'm fine, I mean I had this talk with Nakida and ... the Scottish one and he said I should get to know you or learn your names or something so I asked Kaisu about his family b-but," Tears were starting to well up in her eyes "But then I remembered that Nakida and Cross thought his parents were ... were dead or something and-and-and I think I must have said something really rude and ..."
Her head slumped into her knees and her arms wrapped around them.
"... I don't know if I hu-hurt his feelings or not ..."

Ren took a step towards her, "'ll be fine. Everything will be ok. I don't even think he heard you." Or maybe he did...Ren didn't pay attention to that.
He crouched in front of her and looked at her. He put his hand on one of her knees, "You'll learn about us. Don't let this be a setback to that. It'll just take some time. I'm sure even if he heard you, he'd understand."

Sakura froze the moment Ren put his hand on her. Her body shuddered, but she still nodded. Sakura didn't want to be scared, he was trying to be nice, he was being nice but ... it didn't feel nice. She stifled a scream and her voice quivered with fear.
"Please ... please don't touch me," Her head brought itself up to Ren, tears were dripping down her face. Every so often she'd hiccup "I-I know you're nice ... A-and what your saying is ... its really good, b-but please don't touch me,"

"I don't like people touching me ..."

He drew his hand back and looked into her teary eyes.

"Did...did something happen to you?"

"Th-thankyou," Sakura whispered as Ren moved away.
She took a deep breath when he asked if something had happened to her. She paused, she had never, ever told anyone about ... that. And she was not going to tell him while sitting on the floor with tear spattered cheeks. She stood up and wiped her eyes, her face was still red and her eyes were still swollen, but at least they were dry.

Sakura took another deep breath.
"I haven't ever told this to anyone," She closed her eyes, clenched her fists and her entire body tensed up, it was hard to say so she said it quickly "I was raped by my father multiple times since I was 6 years old to when I was 16,"
She started crying again.
"Promise me you won't tell the others," Sakura whispered turning away and then rushing down the corridor.

Ren just stood there, unable to move after hearing what she had to say. He couldn't process thought, he could only watch her leave. He stumbled to the wall and slid down, trying to comprehend how shocking this was to learn.

Kaisu had followed Sakura, and he heard Sakura sobbing. He turned around a corner to face her. "Dead." He said simply.

Sakura had found an empty rarely used corridor, the perfect place to find somewhere to crawl up into a ball and start crying. People said that a problem shared was a problem halved ... they were lying. Sakura felt even worse now, if Ren was as nice as he seemed then he was going to have to keep that a secret from his friends ... how was he going to manage?
Now the problem was doubled.

And now Kaisu had shown up to answer the question which had started this whole thing. Sakura wobbled to her feet, walked forward and slapped Kaisu across the face. She didn't like how her hand felt touching his face (however hard).
"I don't know if you've noticed but I am really distraught right now," Her voice was sobbing but it still sounded like ice "You knew I was upset about what I said, I mean running out of the room kind of gave it away didn't it? and yet you still decide to come over here and rub it in my face!"
She stood back and walked down the corridor quickly, she turned over her shoulder "GET THE HELL AWAY FROM ME!"

Kaisu sighed. "Fine, have it your way." He said icily before storming off. He headed for the vehicle garage to meet Saeki about some new technology.

Nakida was watching Saeki's team check Zero Fire.

"Should I start the Scramble test?" She shouted from a high bridge, next to a wirring arm. Zero Fire's paint had been badly damaged, and it was slightly rusted and silver, with a few scratches of paint left.

"No, not yet. We've got a problem." Saeki shouted back as Hikaru walked in.

"Why what's the problem?" asked Cross he was still cold but had dropped the blanket on the way here, as well as the hot water bottles. He was walking across the balcony and stood next to Nakida.
"The problem?" Saeki snapped his fingers and a pair of mechanics used a crane arm mounted on top of the Vehicle Garage to lift up the front of Zero Fire. Hikaru gasped, Cross just looked at it in wide eyed astonishment.
"No way ..."
"Way," Saeki said grimly "The entire vehicle has been stripped out, theres nothing inside it at all,"

There wasn't anything inside but mould and water. Everything had been removed, delicately and precisely. Hikaru looked to Saeki.
"Were there any vehicles inside?" Asked Hikaru.
"None," Saeki admitted "No Shovel or Riser or Turbo ... those vehicles were all loaded into this,"
"Can you fix it?" Called Cross.
"Of course I can!" Snapped Saeki "It'll take months but I'll have this thing fully repaired, my only real concern is finding the original tech ... it's not lost, someone stole it,"

Nakida gasped. "What!? It's been cleaned out, just like that?" She shouted angrily, jumping down one level. "You've got to be kidding me!" She screamed. "That was the last of the original system!" She continued, breathing heavily.

James wandered in, standing on what appeared to be a small Dozer Dragon. He was on the dozer part, with the vehicle in Scramble Mode. He was controlling it with a Rescue Megaphone that had a small joystick attached to it on the handle. "How's GaiaLeon doing?" He asked, circling around Zero Fire.

"Okay would someone please tell me who this guy is!?" Cross called, taking a less direct route (the stairs) than Nakida to reach the floor. "I mean I got as far as R-SOUL but that's it!"
"Cross, this is James Damoshika, he's the head of the UFDA," Hikaru explained.
Cross stood still.
"You're joking ..." Cross's voice sounded slightly pleading.
Cross turned to face Damoshika and gulped.
"Gaia Leon is still under repair," Saeki said, he was smiling for some reason "But we've got something even better ..."

James spun around and began to exit, humming 'Ide Yo GaiaLeon' as he went. Once he was clear, Nakida couldn't help but ask. "Doesn't he seem a bit.. Childish?"

"Member Nakida, he suffered Brain Damage during a rescue. That's the reason he's like this. R-SOUL is his serious form. He still has a Rescue Soul, and he's willing to use it." Hikaru said sharply, a hint of anger in his voice.

"Oh.. Right.. Erm, I'll be off then." She mumbled before running off.
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TITLE: Corruption In The Ranks, Rescue Taker Light-Speed Rescue!

Kaisu probably didn't mean any malice, but he probably still hated Sakura for shouting at him. She was upset and hadn't heard properly, it wasn't an excuse at all, but it made her feel a bit better. Sakura needed to take her mind off of what she'd told Ren. She hoped he wouldn't tell anyone.
"Hi everyone ..." She waved, trying to smile.
It looked forced, unnatural, broken. Sakura stepped up into the small crowd around Zero Fire.

"Hi," Cross said, half ignoring her "So anyway Saeki, what's this "something better"?"

Ren walked into the garage. He looked around at the others, and stood there silently, waiting for the explanation as well. He glanced at Sakura, and tried to push it out of his mind at the moment.

Sakura took a small sidestep away from Ren as he came in. She wasn't sure how he'd taken it and thought it would be best to stay out of the way.

Cross frowned and moved a bit closer to Nakida.
"Did you see that?" He whispered into her ear.

"It's a new vehicle, I call it the Rescue Taker," Saeki smiled.
He snapped his fingers and the lights at the far end of the room lit up to show what looked to be a blue train with a compartment at the back. It had a crane mounted on top of it and a pair of drills at the side. Cross whistled.
"Now that, is impressive,"

Ren noticed that she moved. He ignored it for now. He didn't want to speak of it, unless it became important. He didn't need to get himself involved, at least, not yet.

He looked over the Taker, and nodded with approval.

Saeki walked next to the vehicle and tapped it on the side.
"This is just the start," He was grinning from ear to ear as he took a small communicator from his pocket and stood back "Life Search Launch!"

Rescue Taker moved forward a bit before spinning round the back section opened up to allow another vehicle to drive out, it was a construction vehicle with a pair of water cannons a small medical bay, drills a bulldozer. Cross took a few steps forward and started circling the vehicle.
"This is awesome!" Cross squealed "Saeki you're amazing!"

Sakura ignored the ensuing scuffle as Cross tried to glomp Saeki and sighed.
"If anyone wants me I'm going to find Kaisu, I owe him an apology," She told everyone as she moved towards the door.
"An apology for what?" Cross asked, releasing Saeki from his embrace.
Sakura froze, turned around and glared at Cross.
"Something you don't need to know about kid," She hissed.

"... Kid?" Cross asked, not to anyone in particular "How young do I look?"

"Young enough." Ren told him.

Cross stuck his tongue out at Ren. Then realized that was kind of ruining his point so he just switched to mildly annoyed. Sakura had already left. Cross looked at Nakida and shrugged, he might as well find out. Cross walked over to the door.
"Hey, um Ren?" he asked "Could I talk to you for a second?"

Ren nodded, "Yeah, sure." He followed Cross. He thought nothing of it.

Cross waited for Ren to follow him and then closed the door behind him. He looked up at Ren and then down the corridor to see if Sakura was still there (she wasn't).
"Did you ... um, do something to Sakura?" He asked "Only, just now she tried to move away from you ..."
Subtlety was not one of Cross's skills.

"I didn't do anything to her." Ren told him. "But that's none of your concern, regardless."

"We're a team we can't afford to be keeping secrets from each other," Cross said "Remember that time with all the Ice? she went mental when I tried to help pick up a card, and the mission we just had? I heard her scream something like "Don't Touch Me" but louder, Now most people who don't like physical contact tend to have been ... you know and I just wanted to know if you ... might have,"

Why the Hell was he even considering this? It was Ren Nakamura R1! He wouldn't do something like that to anyone! ... Would he?

"You actually think I slept with her?" Ren demanded. "Is that what you're asking me, Cross?"

"Well not exactly ..." Cross admitted, how could he be doing this? Did part of him really think Ren was capable of that sort of thing? "I thought you might have ... um, forced her to,"

He shook his head, "I'm not even going to guess what you mean." He said, sickened by the thoughts of that. "What the hell do you mean?"

"Oh for God's sake you know perfectly well what I mean!" Cross yelled "Don't act so naive!"
He took a deep breath "Look, Sakura does not like being touched, she was sort of trying to avoid you a tiny bit in the garage ... I am completely 100% positive that you did not do what I think, I just need you to look me in the eyes and tell me,"
He looked up at Ren's eyes.
"Did you rape Sakura?"

Ren was sure that's what he meant from the start. He looked Cross in the eyes and told him, "No. I would never do that. How could you think that?" He practically shouted.

"Well something’s got her acting awkward around you!" Cross replied, actually shouting, "And I want to know what!"

"That's not something I can tell you." Ren told Cross, "That's something only she can tell you."

"So you do know something!" Cross shouted "How come only she can tell me?"

He moved forward and grabbed Cross by his collar. He hefted him off the floor and looked into Cross's eyes.
"I've said all I can. If you want any more information, you have to ask her. But don't."

Cross kicked Ren in the stomach as hard as he could and the two fell to the floor. Cross turned around and glared at Ren.
"What do you mean "you've said all you can"?" Cross growled "You haven't said anything at all!"

"Because there's nothing I can tell you!" He shouted, picking himself up off the ground. "I can't tell you anything. All I can tell you is to talk to Sakura if you want information."

Cross got to his feet and glared at Ren. Hikaru walked out of the door and looked over the small corridor.
"Is there a problem?" He asked.
Cross looked at the captain and then back to Ren, his eyes were cold and glazed over.
"No sir," He replied "We're fine, if anyone wants me I need to find Sakura,"
He turned away from the two and walked up a flight of stairs.

Hikaru looked to Ren, "What happened?" He questioned of R1.

"Nothing." Ren said. He looked to Hikaru, thinking of something else now. "Sir...can I see Sakura's files?"

"Oh, come off it. You guys were practicaly killing each other." Nakida said as she hooked her arm around Ren. "Something to do with Sakura and touching."

"Rescue Taker? Wow.. So, who's going to take this?"

Ren pulled his arm away, "It's nothing." He looked back to Hikaru, "May I see those files?"

"You're field leader, I'll trust your judgment. They'll be on your desk." Hikaru said, walking off towards the control room.

Sakura knocked on the control room door and walked in. Kaisu wasn't in there, instead Hikaru was putting a folder onto Ren's desk. He smiled at Sakura and then walked past her and out into the corridor whistling. Sakura looked at the file, it was her personnel file? Why did Ren need that? Sakura took a post-it note off her desk and wrote: "There's nothing about that in here why do you need this? -Sakura" Before sticking it on the first page of the file.

Sakura sat down at her computer and stared at the folder. She looked down at her hand and thought of something, she wrote a new message reading "Sorry about earlier, I was a bit upset and I acted like a bitch -Sakura", on the back Sakura wrote "I'm sorry about your mother".
The girl sat down at her own station and started doodling on the remaining post-it notes.

Ren walked into the room and looked at Sakura. He didn't speak to her, but instead picked up the file. He saw the note in it and read it over. He tucked it under his arm and walked out. He didn't need to be in the room with Sakura, he'd prefer to be elsewhere when he took care of things.

"Hello Ren," Cross said in his best deadpan and emotionless voice as he passed him in the corridor.
He was still angry at Ren, what could possibly so important that Ren couldn't tell him? The two were hiding something, and Cross wanted to know what. He walked through the door, Sakura was sitting at their shared desk drawing on some post-it's.
"Hey, Sakura ..." He said.
"What do you want, Cross?" She asked with an exasperated sigh.
"Um, you and Ren have been acting really weird around each other an-"
"What do you mean weird?" She said, her eyes narrowed "What are you getting at?"
"Like you have physical contact issues," Cross was trying to be as Politically Correct possible "And you sidestepped away from Ren a few minutes ago ... so did he force you to have se-"

Sakura slapped him. The feeling of her hand touching another person made her feel sick.
"How dare you joke about that sort of thing!" She shouted "You honestly think Ren is capable of doing something like that?"
Sakura shook her head at him and walked out of the room.

Kaisu, content with his Turbo Dragon and Rescue Scuba training, he walked in to find Cross being slapped. "And that m'friend, is why you do not fight a girl." He said as he patted him on the back and sat down at his desk. He pulled out a small thumbnail-sized photo from under his desk. It showed a young Kaisu and a older girl standing side by side, smiling. They were standing in front of a Rescue Striker model. Kaisu gulped as he stowed the picture away. He sighed before going through more files.

"Look it's ... it's complicated alright," Cross said, rubbing his face.
He walked behind Kaisu and looked at the photo he was holding.
"Oh my God, Is that you as a kid?!" He exclaimed "And who's she?"
Cross tapped the girl in the picture
"A friend of yours?"

Kaisu jumped as he spun around. He toppled off his chair and fell to the ground. "Arrgh.. That's my sister." He groaned. He realized his sister hadn't changed much as she grew. She could easily be recognized. Kaisu gulped.

Cross couldn't help but laugh a little as Kaisu collapsed to the floor. The photo fluttered out of his hand and Cross plucked it out of the air as it fell.
"So what's her name?" He asked handing Kaisu the photo and then offering a hand to help him up off the floor.

Kaisu sighed. "If you really need to know, it's Ritsu- It's Ritsu.."

Cross paused. Kaisu seemed a bit uncomfortable.
"Do you worry about her?" he asked, trying his best to be empathic.

"Worry, not really. She's married, and she's, well.. Highly trained..?"

Cross walked back to his desk and sat down at it. He smiled at Kaisu.
"Highly trained in what?" He asked.

Kaisu sighed. "This." He said as he handed a photo over. It showed Fire-3 standing in front of Fire Pheonix.

Cross's eyes widened.
"You are not serious ..."
He smiled at the picture, he was pretty sure what this meant but he just wanted to make sure.
"You mean that she-"

"Yes. My sister is Fire-3." Kaisu announced. "Only she ended up almost getting me killed." He added grimly.

Cross tried to contain his fangirlish squeal. This was amazing! He thought that it was only a rumour that there had been another Fire-3. Then his face dropped and he looked to Kaisu.
"What do you mean, how did she nearly kill you?"

"Some Mafia trouble. They ended up going after me, almost got me killed. That's why I'm back here."

Cross at there thinking what did Kaisu mean by "mafia trouble"? Had Kaisu's sister pissed off some sort of criminal underworld king, and they wanted to get to her through Kaisu? Or did Kaisu used to work for the mafia, and was suppossed to steal a load of money but instead gave it to needy orphans angering the local crime syndicate? Or did he ... Cross stopped and he handed the picture back with a grin that would make the Cheshire Cat jealous.
"Come on then, you've gotten this far tell me the whole story,"

"Huh? Oh, right.. Well.." Kaisu mumbled as Hikaru burst through the doors. Kaisu sighed with relief.

"Everyone, we may have an extreme disaster on our hands. We found someone who looks.. Well, similar to the cyborgs we found. They could activate an Extreme Disaster machine.." He explained. "It might just be a coincidence, but stay sharp."

Cross stood there and when no one was looking raised his arms, looked up at the sealing
and mouthed "why?". Everytime someone was about to tell him some exposition on their life and loss, they'd always be interrupted, or upset, or something. He sighed and sat down at his desk.
"Hang on ... where's Ren?"

Nakida returned to the Control Room. "I dunno.. Probably doing something random. A girlfriend, maybe?" She shrugged. "You know, I'm suprised there still isn't an Extreme Disaster happening. I remember, when Neo Terror and the Fire Tribe were rampaging, there was an Extreme Disaster every other day." She collasped into her chair. Yawning, she soon fell asleep.

Sakura was drying her hands on a paper towel, she'd just washed them recently after slapping Cross. Sakura binned the twoel and walked onto the balcony above the vehicle garage.
"Oh Sakura!" Hikaru smiled as the girl walked in.
"Sir?" She replied.
"How would you and Nakida like to share the Rescue Taker?" he asked "One of you could use Taker and the other could pilot Life Search?"
"Well ... um, Nakida what do you think?" Sakura said nervously.

"I"m happy with HeliFalcon, but I'll pilot Life Search as needed." Nakida replied cheerily. "So, when are we going to this one in action?" She asked Saeki.
"I'll begin the tests soon." He replied, grinning.

Saeki walked off, talking to a bunch of technicians in some sort of technological jargon that no one really understood.
Sakura looked up at R4, she may be a bit of a ditz, but she'd known Ren longer than she had, she had a better idea of how his mind worked.
"Nakida ..." Sakura said "Ren took my personnel file ... any idea why?"

“Hmm.. I'd say he was trying to figure out something about you. A detail 'bout your past or something. Why are you so worried?" She asked, opening a case holding the new cards.

Sakura gave Nakida an odd look.
"Yeah," She replied sarcastically "I told Ren something he didn't need to know, and now you theorise that he's trying to find out even more, what could possibly go wrong?"

"Wait, you told him what? Tell me." Nakida gasped, grabbing Sakura's shoulders tightly.

"I-I don't ... please don't ..." Sakura whimpered , Nakida's grip was incredibly tight "Get off me ... please, please, PLEASE LET GO!"
Saeki and Hikaru looked behind and frowned. Sakura lowered her voice.
"... please let go," she whispered "You're really hurting me,"

"Oh, sorry!" Nakida cried out as she jumped back. "Erm.. Anyway.. I'm going to check out Taker." She said awkwardly as she ran towards the vehicle.

Sakura took a deep breath, various technicians were shrugging at each other and going about their business. Sakura leant back against the wall and slumped into a ball. She took another deep breath and buried her head in her hands.
"... dammit,"

Ren pulled over and got out of his car. He walked towards a door and checked the address against the paper he held. He nodded-it was the right house.

He walked to it and knocked, waiting.

Hiro Ryusaki sighed an irritated sigh and then went downstairs to answer the door. He opened it up and looked over the man standing outside. He had blonde hair in contrast to Hiro's lack of it and blue eyes. He was about half Hiro's age and wearing a uniform that he instantly recognized as a Rescue Force uniform.
"What's going on?" he asked "An earthquake or something?"

"There's a potential gas leak around here." Ren lied, "I'm checking every house on the block to locate the source. If I don't find it...well, the whole block will go in hour, or so. Or so we assume. We want to check the situation. May I come in and take a look?"

Hiro shrugged.
"Yeah sure whatever," He stood aside to let Ren walk in.

Ren walked in, looking at anything, any pictures on the wall. Anything he could see. He pretended to examine a few pipes here and there, and turned to look at the man.
"Do you live here alone?" He asked. "If you don't mind my asking." He continued to look, seeing what information he could get from this man's personal possessions without being discovered as snooping.

Hiro nodded.
"Yeah, yeah, my daughter Yuri," He pointed up at the top of the staircase where a young girl with long black hair, maybe 10 or 11 years old suddenly darted back to her room. Hiro's eyes narrowed and he looked at Ren.
"Why do you need to know that?"

"I'm wondering, for future reference, if we'll need multiple ambulances, or something, in case this turns out to be in the danger zone." Ren lied again.
He walked into another room and looked around. He turned back to Hiro, "May I have a seat for a minute?"

Hiro shrugged and pointed at an armchair in the far corner of the room
"Yeah, take a seat," He said, setting himself down on a coffee table.

Ren leaned over, " you know why I'm actually here?" He dropped his voice to a whisper, "I know what you did. I know what you did to your daughter. I'm here to make you pay for that." He grabbed the table and flipped it as he rose, moving towards Hiro.

Hiro rolled to the ground and glared up at Ren. He leapt up to the side of the room, grabbed a lamp and swung it at Ren's head.

Ren parried with his forearm. It hurt on impact-hurt like hell-but he ignored it. He leapt forward and grabbed Hiro by his collar, smashing him into the wall behind him. He punched the man across the face and again in the gut with an uppercut.

Hiro collapsed to the ground clutching at his stomach, blood was dripping from his nostril. He growled at Ren and stood up to his full height.
"How do you know?" he hissed "WHO TOLD YOU!"

"I came, acting as a knight for your daughter-Sakura." He told Hiro. "I'm not going to leave here until you pay for what you've done to her!" He remembered the other child in the house. He would have to get her out of here too.

Hiro chuckled. "And just how are you going to do that then?" He sneered "Who are they more likely to believe a little girl, a stupid unsociable brat and yourself or a respected member of the community like me?" he sneered.

"We're both Rescue Force. We'll be believed. And the evidence. If you've done anything to your other daughter, I'm sure that'll be enough. I don't think she'll be active at that young of an age." Ren said. "We've got enough to work against you."

Hiro growled his face twisted into anger. Then he stopped and smiled.
"You're going to rely on those brats? really?" He sneered "Yuri's too scared to have a conversation with her friends about her favorite color, you think she'll be able to tell a policeman where daddy touched her?"
He took several steps forward until he was looking Ren right in the eye and smiled.
"And I don't think Sakura's told anyone but you,"

He stood back and held his arms out.
"Do your worst it's your word against mine,"

Ren looked into Hiro's eyes and stood there for a moment. He ran forward and plowed his shoulder into the man's gut, pushing him back and smashing him into a wall. As soon as he had hit, Ren pulled back and punched him across the face, then followed up with an uppercut to the gut.
He turned and rushed the other way to retrieve the girl. He flipped his Commander open, "Sakura, can you hear me?" He questioned.

James was kneeling in the water, still in his UFDA uniform. He was getting wet, but he didn't care. He leant back, submerging himself. He had always enjoyed the water, something he remembered from the time before his brain damage. A dog-sized GaiaLeon was at the bed of the river, roaring as RescueKing was riding on Wyvern Cannon.

The reason why GaiaLeon's memories couldn't be recollected was due to one reason.

James had stolen it and replaced it with another AI, using the real one for his 'toy' GaiaLeon.
He did the same for X-Dragon, something no-one knew. Eventually Kerberous Dragon appeared, wrestling with GaiaLeon. All of his toys had an AI, manual control and remote control, so James could watch them. Every single vehicle had a minature version of it, all handmade by James. It was one of his hobbies..

Sakura looked around, she'd pretty much just ran (Well drove) away from Nakida and tried to find somewhere quiet. The river seemed like a good plan. She sat down next to it, and stood looking at the sparkling water for a second. She poked at it with her left hand a few times before deciding to take off her shoes and scoks so she could dip her feet in the water. Sakura sat at the side of the river wiggling her toes about in the cool water, lost in tranquility without a care in the world.

And then something bit her foot. Sakura screamed and scrambled out of the river, falling over and tumbling backwards. She looked up, a tiny Gaia Leon was running around growling ... Sakura looked to her left, James was kneeling in the water getting soaked through. Sakura pulled her jeans up a bit and waded through the river to where James was.
"Um ... sir?"

"Oh, hi." James said absentmindedly. He turned to face Sakura. "Gaialeon scare you?" He asked, jumping onto his back. "Here, dry off." He murmured and Turbodragon activated his fan, drying off the water. "So, you're.. Saruto?"

Instead of drying Sakura off the blast of air took her by surprise and she stumbled backwards, falling into the river and then surfacing. Her entire body was covered from head to toe in the river water. She sat up and looked at James.
"Thankyou," She sighed "But I'd rather use a towel,"

Sakura looked over at the small robots rushing around each other.
"Did you build these?" she asked.

"Yup." James replied. "They're made of the same metal in our armour, so I can bring them into a Extreme Disaster if I wanted to." James explained. "They have AI systems, so they're really cool." He paused and touched a button on his glove, and a small microphone popped out. "Fire Phoenix Mini - Scramble!"

"What's that going to do?" She asked James.
Sakura looked around her ... why were the two of them sitting in a fairly deep river getting wet?

Soon a vehicle the size of a small truck flew onto the bank of the river. It was identical to FirePheonix, only much smaller. Some of the vehicles went back in, but one came out. It was X-Dragon Robo. It dove into the water, only just taller than James. "Now, this bugger was hard to make."

Sakura got to her feet, water ran off her as she walked forward and patted the machine on it's head.
"Wow," She whispered, her eyes wide open. She tapped the robot on the chest.
"It's beautiful ... you really built all of these?"

"Yup.. I've had too much time on my hands." James replied absentmindedly. "So, why are you here? It's normally pretty isolated 'round there parts."

Sakura dropped back into the water with a splash and just lay on her back for a second. She looked up at James and sighed.
"I'm running away from Ren because he knows something I don't think I should have told him, Kaisu because I upset him, Cross becasue he's a nosy bastard, and Nakida becasue she's a hyperactive ditz with no sense of personal space,"

"Ren's the guy in Scuba right.. R3.. He seems a bit.. Stupid.. Nakida? Oh, that's the other girl. Yeah, she seems like a bit of a weirdo. Kaisu.. Well, I can see how he might be a bit nosy.. Cross.. He seemed pretty hardy to me.." James replied, confused. "I think I got them all right.." He said, frowning.

Sakura smiled and turned around to face James.
"Your kind of cute ..." She whispered. Her voice returned to it's normal level "You got Nakida right but Cross is the Scottish one, Kaisu is the one who drives Scuba and Ren is the handsome one who-"
She paused and her eyes widened, did she just call Ren handsome?

"Oh.. Right.. What's with all these names anyway?" James asked quizically. He sat on Gaialeon. "Well, I better stop this guy from rusting up." He laughed before Gaialeon began to pace on the bank of the river.

Sakura followed James out of the river. Her clothes were soaked and water was dripping from her hair. She glanced over at James.
"Do you have a towel or something?" Sakura asked "Only my hair is really wet,"

"Umm.. There should be one in FirePheonix.." James frowned before opening up a hatch in the back of the vehicle. He threw a towel to Sakura. "Or you could use this." He pulled out an electric hair-dryer.

Sakura grabbed the towel and started drying her hair with it. She shook her head at the hairdryer. "No thanks, I don't really use hairdryers," She admitted.
She finished drying her hair and tossed the saturated towel at James.

"No problem. You know, I kinda expected an Extreme Disaster 'bout now, judging by the way things are going in this place." James shrugged, opening another hatch in the front of FirePheonix. "Well, I better get going." He sat down and he activated the vehicle, going to return it into the hanger he had made.

Sakura waved goodbye to James. She waded back across the river and put her shoes back on. She sighed and fell back onto the grass. For some reason she felt really tired, Sakura yawned and shut her eyes.
Maybe she'd just rest for a few minutes.

Kaisu hadn't wanted to return here, but ti looked like he had no choice. HE pushed open the doors and charged up to the desk. "Zero Fire was a fake.. Only it's outer components were there." He informed Tsubasa. "Also, have you found the Super Rescue Max blueprints? Or the RescueKing? We might need them later.." He trailed on.

"Oh, yeah! Kaisu! Could you help me look for the Super Rescue Max blueprints?" Nakida had shouted.
"Huh? Super Rescue Max? Why do you want them?" Kaisu asked.
"Oh, you know. .For Great Rescue Max.. I've been looking for RescueKing, Max Crane and Drill Dozer, but I can't find them!" She wailed.

Tsubasa got up from under the desk, his eyes shot up to Kaisu and he sighed.
"How do you know it was a fake? maybe someone just stripped it out?"
He clambered to his feet and took a drink from a green mug on the desk
"And why don't you just say "Please" every once in a while?"

"It would've taken something with the power of Rescue Max to open it.. Whoever did it would've used a lot of power. On another hand, I don't exactly have the most respect for this place." He explained. "Like her"

"Lay her off for once, won't you?" Tsubasa said disapprovingly. "Seriously. She is your sister."
"When hell freezes over." Kaisu replied icily.
"With a tone like that, you just might."

Kaisu had enough. He reached over and punched Tsubasa.
"Cut it out, will you?" He growled. Tsubasa jumped away and kicked Kaisu, sending him sprawled on the floor. He spat before jumping up and charging at him again. After a series of attacks, Ritsuka walked in just as Tsubasa spun around and dug his elbow into Kaisu's gut, and he fell to the ground.

"Come again, Yuki Chicago? Ritsuka asked, leaning on the desk. Kaisu bit his lip.
"You know perfectly well that's not me anymore."
"Face it. You haven’t changed."
"No.. I'm better than before. I'm stronger, smarter, and more mature."
"You still haven’t changed.. Think, what would he want? You've done nothing but join Rescue Force. You're just trying to outshine me."
"That isn't true... I joined Rescue Force to help those people in need.. You know that!"
"Admit it Kaisu! You just want to outshine me! Just because of Chicago!"
"I.. I don't care about Chicago anymore!"
"FACE IT! YOU JUST WANT TO BEAT ME!" Ritsuka was screaming now. Kaisu had snapped. He pulled Tri-Basher out of his pocket and revolved it, before shooting it at Ritsuka, who jumped out of the way. Breathing heavily, Kaisu returned Tri-Basher.

"Fine. I'll go." Kaisu said coldly before walking away.

"Super Dragon Train! Gattai-" James was shouting, only to be cut off by Saeki.

"WHAT ARE YOU PLAYING AT!?" He screamed through the radio, dashing to a camera. A car-sized Super Dragon Train was driving across the sand. Saeki sighed before returning to his seat. James was training with his toys, pulling off a series of combos.

Sakura wandered into the room yawning. She'd been awoken from her sleep by Saeki sending her a message over her commander and had driven all the way here. She felt worn out.
"Why did you *yawn* why did you need me?" Sakura mumbled, she'd been having such a nice dream too.
"We need you to test Rescue Taker," Saeki replied punching something into a keypad.
"And you called me all the way over from Sujou, when there are plenty of people here who-"
"Just get in the booth ..." Saeki told her, pointing behind them to the small transparent cubicle.

Sakura sighed and swiped a card through her commander
"Chakusou," she said, still rather sleepily.
The random screens flickered into life transferring the undersuit onto her body before dissapearing from view to allow the gloves and everything else to lock safely into place. Sakura breathed in as the armor connected to her body quickly, following with her visor coming down over her face.
"R5, Chakusou Kanryou," She muttered walking over to the waiting Dash4 and driving it into Rescue Taker's cockpit.

The blast doors opened and Sakura zoomed out, she screamed something and screeched to a halt in front of James.
"... What the Hell are you doing out here!" She yelled "I nearly hit you!"

"When did the Rescue Pheonix get here?" James said dumbfoundedly. "Oh well, I'd better get out of here anyway." He continued, before calling out the Falcons, merging them into Great Wyvern. "Sell, seeya." He held the vehicle like a large Jet Calibur before running off, taking into the air.

Kaisu then walked back in, with a cut lip, a bruising eye and a sore leg. He groaned as he fell onto his chair. "Cross, remind me not to fight with Tsubasa next time I lose it." He sighed.

"... Say that again," Cross said, turning around in his chair to face Kaisu.

"Remind me not to pick a fight with Tsubasa next time..?" Kaisu replied uncertainly, scouring through a miniature fridge built into his desk for an ice pack. He threw it onto his eye.

"Why the Hell were you getting into a fight with Tsubasa!?" Cross yelled "He's on our side isn't he!?"

"And that's why I'm glad your not Ren." Kaisu sighed. He leant back in his chair. "You know, I'm just glad we might be able to survive a week without deployment. The Chakusou hurts."

"You're blocking the question ..." Cross told him.
He had to admit that Kaisu had a point. There hadn't been an extreme disaster in days. That was good, they'd either sent New-Terror packing, or they were up to something.
It had to be the latter ... no one would give up that quickly.

"Look, is it that wrong to get into a punch-up with my bro- Either way, it was just a couple punches and a kick. Nothing major.."

At this rate, I'm gonna have to spill my entire life story. Sh*t..

Cross stood in stunned silence for a second.
"What did you just say?" He asked "You nearly called Tsubasa your br-"


Cross jumped and spun around, Hikaru was looking at him with a deadpan expression.
"Yes?" He replied.
"Stop being so nosy, that's an order,"
"... aye sir,"

Cross sat down in his seat and sighed, he'd nearly got Kaisu to spill his entire life story until Hikaru interrupted. Sh*t..

Kaisu sighed with relief. He was sure to hang around with Hikaru for a while... After a while, he fell asleep watching his computer screen, which was flashing through a series of pages about Neo Terror and what was currently known about 'New Terra'.

Nakida woke up, forcing her eyes open. "Wuzzup guys~" She called sleepily, pulling herself off her chair. "Hey Cross~ Any Extreme Disaster yet?"

"No not yet ..." Cross said "They spotted someone who looked like New Terror ... person somewhere a few hours ago but ... that's about it,"

"Oh, okay.." Nakida said, perking up slightly. "What's with Kaisu? Crashed Scuba?"

Cross glanced at Kaisu and then backed over to Nakida. He kept his eyes on Kaisu and then very quickly spun round to face Nakida.
"I'm trying to uncover his past, I think he's a little upset about it," He said.
Cross glanced over at the other two in the room.
"Want to swipe his personnel file with me?" He asked holding his hand out for Nakida.

"'Course! Let's go get that - Training Session..?" Nakida said, lowering her voice at the end as Hikaru raised an eyebrow. "Well, let's try the 2-People Gattai..." She walked out of the room, biting her lip. "We better do it fast then, then we'll need to get to the Training grounds.."

Hikaru watched the two leave and then turned to Kaisu.
"Do you think either of them know that they don't have clearance to enter the records room?" He asked.

Sakura had finished training with the Rescue Taker when her commander started beeping. She frowned and then opened it up. It was Ren.
"Yeah I can hear you ... where are you?"

He was rushing up the stairs, "Your father's home. I've dealt with him, I'm getting your sister out of here! I need you to talk to her to keep her calm so she'll come with me." He stopped, "Sorry for intruding in your life, but I had to."

"Ren w-when they Hikaru finds out about this ..."
Sakura froze and then took a deep breath. She nodded in agreement.
"Fine ... I'll do it,"

"Thanks." He said. He found Yuri and threw the Commander across the floor, "Yuri, I'm here for your sister. Tell her, Sakura." Ren said.

Yuri was cowering in the corner of the room until she heard her sisters voice.
"Yuri it's okay, it's okay," Sakura said reassuringly
The young girl got out of her corner and carefully walked forward, she picked the Rescue Commander up gently.
"Ren isn't going to hurt you, go with him okay?"

Yuri nodded and walked towards Ren she looked up at him nervously and handed him the commander back.

Ren took it with a nod, "Thank you. Now, we have to go. We'll go to see your sister, and you can get away from your father. I know what he's done to you and your sister." He held his hand out for Yuri to take.

Yuri looked at Ren's hand and then up at Ren. She gulped and then shook her head, the girl ran back into her corner and grabbed a teddy bear. Keeping the toy close to her chest and her eyes fixed on Ren she crawled up into a ball.

"Shit." He muttered. He looked down the stairs, unsure if he should go and try to get Sakura and come back. He didn't want to risk anything, and ran for the girl. He picked her up and ran for the stairs.

Yuri immediately started screaming as Ren picked her up after a bit she stopped and just started to shiver and cry.

He couldn't worry about the girl right now, he had to get both of them out.
He reached the door and grabbed his keys from his pocket as he grabbed the handle to leave.

Hiro was starting to get to his feet ...

Ren quickly got out of the house and ran for the car. He pushed the keys in and quickly opened the door. He put Yuri in the passengers seat and started to drive.

Hiro looked out of the door and swore. His head was bleeding, one of his teeth had fallen out, he was battered. He smiled and picked up the phone.
"Hello, ... I'd like to speak to someone regarding someone in Rescue Force ... Um, the white one, R1 ... Ren Nakamura, yeah, He's just committed a violent crime ..."

After some time, Ren walked into the room with Yuri carried in his arms. He didn't care what was going to happen after this incident-all he cared was that he did something good and right.

Ren was quickly followed by Sakura who grabbed her sister and hugged her tightly. Hikaru was answering a phone and Cross was following behind him with a confused look on his face.
"Who's the girl?" He asked.
"She's my sister," Sakura said, starting to tear up "Her name's Yuri,"

Hikaru got off the phone and looked at Ren solemnly.
"Ren ... that was the complaints department they say tha-"
An alarm started beeping rapidly and Juri's face showed up on the screen.
"An extreme disaster has just been detected! Rescue Force Emergency Dispatch!"

Hikaru sat down at his station "I'll tell you later let's go!"

"I did what I had to do." Ren told Hikaru. He took his Commander and ran for one of the corners to enter the tube.

"Chakuso!" He shouted as he flew down, swiping his card. Displays appeared around him as his suit and armor began to spawn on his body during his fall.

He landed and awaited anyone else.

Sakura put Yuri down on a desk and ran for a chakusou booth. For the second time today her armor materialised upon her body and she landed on the ground next to Ren followed by Cross.
"What kind of disaster is it?" Cross asked making his way to New Striker.

Hikaru responded over the helmet intercom systems, "The Disaster seems to be based in End City's Medical District. The Disaster itself looks to be a viral infection spread by the footsoldiers. We need to get the vaccine in and eliminate the virus and soldiers." Hikaru told them.

Nakida had managed to get to the door of the main database, and she tried using Commander to get in. "It's no use... Actually..." She pulled out a blank card and attached Commaner to the door before swiping the blank card. A stream of code appeared, which Nakida then copied onto Commander before tapping the screen. The door opened and Nakida fell into the room.

Kaisu jumped up, the map on his computer blaring before his eyes. He could feel Pheonix was flying, and he jumped into a Chakusou Booth, swiping the card as his armour latched on and he entered the white room. He ran out towards Core Scuba NX, jumping inside.

Ren ran into the Core Winger and drove it into the Rescue Wing. He loaded it up and waited.

Kaisu drove into FireDragon this time. Tatsuya was the only person out of the Rescue Fire squad that would leave him alone.

The Phoenix set down in End City. "Rescue Force, deploy!" Hikaru commanded.

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It was an awkward landing as Pheonix crouched down by a large hospita, with a series of vehicles driving around the cramped city. "Crap... Taker's still at the Training Grounds..." R3 said inside Fire Dragon, which was in Rescue Mode as it had to make more room. He had to stop to let someone cross the road, who looked strikingly like Nakida.

Nakida was leaping across FireDragon's path, heading for the disaster as Dash 5 chased her.

The Wing deployed, but it only set down on the rooftop of the hospital. Ren leapt out and gazed out into the city, trying to locate the enemy machines. He saw a group about a block away and rushed back into his vehicle. The Core Winger was shot out of it, taking a hard landing on the street below as he drove towards them.

Nakida jumped onto Dash 5 as she made a quick Chakusou, swinging herself into the driver's seat as she called out HeliFalcon.

Kaisu gave up trying to navigate the bulky vehicle and backed his vehicle out, speeding on the road.

"Woooooow Hito' your virus is awesome!" Squealed Ame, she wrapped her arms around a man wearing a black longcoat and an eyepatch. He checked his pocketwatch and then placed it back into his pocket to allow him to survey the scene.
"I'm well aware Ame-sama," he replied "In 24 hours This section of End City will be devoid of life,"
"But what if they figure out an antidote?"
"An unlikely possibility," Hitofuki replied "Jishin is leading a small army to the hospital, spread the disease around there for a bit, murder Rescue Force ... and," he smiled and turned to Ame.
The small goth smiled back and threw her arms into the air.
"Everything in End City will be wiped out!" She cried, delighted at the prospect of a lifeless city.

"I'll wash away all those who despise the lives of others... Hydro Laser!" R4 shouted as she locked onto a group of the cyborgs, the jet of Liquid Nitrogen gushing out from the vehicle as it hit into the group, sending their frozen bodies flying.

Cross had a more direct method, he drove New Striker straight through a group of cyborgs and swerved to a halt getting out of the vehicle and looking down. An old man with lots of rings, a top hat and a walking stick was standing in the middle of the robot bodies. The same man who'd been waving at the camera ... a New Terra commander! Cross stepped towards him and was immediately punched to the floor. The man laughed and kicked Cross. He snapped his fingers and called "Henshin" ...
His body changed into a heavily armed bronze suit with a large battle-axe and two glowing red cirular eyes. The cyborg looked at Cross and huffed before moving onto the hospital.
"This is R2! I need assistance!" Cross yelled into his radio.

Sakura was inside the hospital, doctors and nurses were rushing around a makeshift lab trying to find various different methods of getting an antidote. Nothing sure yet ... they needed to know what they were facing. Sakura opened up a comm link.
"This is R5," she said "I need someone to get a sample of the virus,"

"I think this guys got some!" Cross shouted as he punched the commander known as Jishin in the chest several times, each time with no response but a laugh from Jishin and an "ouch" from Cross. "But someone needs to help me take him out!"


Four small lion-shaped blasts hit Jishin's back, causing some ice to form.

"What the heck was that?" R4 asked through her radio as she pulled a lever, shooting herself out of the helicopter. She leapt out of the car and pulled out Zamber, running up to Jishin to aid Cross. "Haken Rain!"

Cross dusted his hands off and gave Nakida and James a thumbs up.
"You two are fast I'll give you that," He said "Thanks for the save,"

"A Lucky shot!" Jishin boomed "You won't get another!"
Cross drew his Rescue Slicer and ran at Jishin "We'll see about that, Nakida, James let's go!"

"Ryuken Blade!"
"Rescue Zamber!"
"Rescue Slicer!"
"Soul Key!" R-SOUL inserted a small key into his blade, starting a charge as R4 charged Zamber and R2 pushed down on the red button on his swords hilt.
"Soul Z Slash!"
"Haken Rain!"
"Burning Slash!"
"Final Rescue!" He shouted, and a series of vehicles appeared behind R-SOUL. "Infinte Thunder - Freezing Cannon - X Ryusei Punch!"

Jishin was bowled over by the blast and fell to the ground, he got up and growled at the three of them. He struggled to his feet and then smashed his axe into the ground sending a fissure towards the three of them.

R4 was taken by surprise and staggered as the fissure approached her, growing larger as it eventually swallowed her. She screamed as she fell, plunging her tool into the ground. R-SOUL merely watched the fissure as R4 fell down it.

"Break Rope!" Cross shouted jumping down the crack and firing the rope behind him, his HUD showed a bunch of distance and velocity readings all over his visor, he had to match Nakidas speed so he wouldn't break something when he caught her ... NOW!

Cross grabbed Nakidas hand and sighed with relief, he looked down at Nakida.
"Are you alri-"
Some dust and pebbles crumbled onto Cross's shoulder. He looked up, the rock attached to his break rope snapped and collapsed.
"You cannae be serious ..."
Cross felt gravity take it's hold as the two plunged further downwards.

"Oh gawd." R4 sighed as the two plunged down the hold. She hugged R2 tightly as she realised she had let go of Zamber, which was stuck in the ground several feet... More than that, above. She grabbed onto the pin and twisted it, and the pin broke off as a small parachute bloomed on her back.

R2 didn't notice that they'd stopped falling so he kept screaming and holding tightly onto Nakida for a few seconds before realising he was alive letting go and taking a few steps back.

"Thankyou, sooo much," Cross said, he flicked his helmet light on and looked around "Any idea if we can get back up to the surface?"

Nakida activated the light before taking her helmet off. THe parachute was jammed in the fissure. Breathing heavily, she looked up. Sparks were falling down on the the parachute. It was slowly burning away.

Meanwhile, R-SOUL, Super Rescue Max and RescueKing were battling Jishin, with two swords and a crane.

Ren leapt out of his car as soon as he reached the group of footsoldiers. He drew his Break Axe and ran forward. He swung as one rolled, clipping its back enough to cripple it and bring it down.
He span around, parrying a punch with the handle of his weapon. He span around, delivering a kick to it to throw it into another. He whipped his Rescue Slicer out and rushed forward, running both of them through.
He span around cutting two more quickly down. He continued on, watching the last handful flee. He rushed after them, leaving his car behind.

Cross followed Nakida's gaze and shrugged.
"This isn't too much of a problem now is it?" He asked.
Cross took a Swiss army knife from his belt and flicked through several things until he found a knife and started to hack through the threads attaching to the parachute. After a few minutes, he'd cut Nakida loose.
"Now then," He said "How do we get out of here?"

"If we had one of those Jet Calibur things... We could just fly out of here... the fissure's not too wide, we could climb up..." Nakida pondered.

Ren stopped and pushed himself against a building. He could see Ame and another figure on the other side of the corner, waiting, talking. He could attack them, but he might not come out of it very well. It could be a very rough battle.

He took the Rescue Slicer and pressed the yellow button. He ran around the corner, rushing for them as quietly as he could. He drew the sword to his left shoulder and swung it forward for their backs, electricity crackling up and down the length of the blade.

R2 and R4 haven’t emerged from the fissure. Better rescue them... R-SOUL thought as he parried an attack from Jishin. "X-Crush!" He shouted, and RescueKing complied, swiping his sword down twice in the same sequence as the original Final Rescue. He ran over to the fissure, jumping down it. "Break Pick!" He swiftly pulled out the tool and wedged it in the 'wall'. "Great Wyvern!" He called, and RescueKing broke off into FireDragon and X-Dragon, and F-Dragon combined with the other vehicles that had arrived to form the dragon-like vehicle. placing his sword so the vehicle was connected to it, he made his way through the fissure until he saw the two. "Hold on tight.."

Cross grabbed onto Nakida's wrist and followed SOUL's toy dragon out of the fissure. He dusted himself off and looked into the distance. Ren's car was still there.
"Right, can you lot handle this guy? Because I'm going to help Ren," Cross said as he rushed forward.
Jishin raised the axe and threw it towards Cross, R2 slid under it and knocked the commander off his feet in the process.

Hitofuki heard Ren come up behind him almost instantly, he could sense the electricity crackling through the air behind him and spun around to catch Ren's blade the moment it dropped an inch. Hitofuki's eyes (or rather eye) danced over Ren and he tutted.
"I was honestly expecting you to be faster than that Mr. Nakamura ..." Hitofuki sighed, his left foot shot forward and kicked Ren in the stomach before he turned around again, grabbed Cross mid jump and hurled him backwards into Ren "And you Mr. Cross, lack any form of finesse or grace, neither of you can sneak up on me ..."

Ren rolled and kneeled by Cross. He readied his blade for another electrical attack. He looked to the downed R2, "Any ideas for a proper plan of attack?" He asked.

"Time to finish this... Wyven Cannon!" R-SOUL shouted as RescueKing grabbed the weapon and fired the four ice shots. R-SOUL then proceeded to run off. Gazing around himself, he saw several dead bodies. The Extreme Disaster was begining to strike.

R3 was inside Core Scuba NX, driving to the hospital. R4 ripped off a sample of the EDG, diving past Jishin and rolling away.
"Helifalcon!" She snapped her fingers and a winch dropped down, which she attached the sample to. The vehicle took off as she ran off.

Jishin collapsed to the floor, blue smoke and liquid spewing from a crack in his chest. The machine growled and rushed past SOUL before diving into the fissure he'd made.

Sakura opened up a new communication channel "Kaisu, Nakida, get that thing over to the hospital and help me make an antidote, ASAP!"

Cross got to his feet and pushed the blue button on his slicer
"Aye, I've got a plan" he told Ren.
Cross's sword flew forward and sent a wave of ice towards the two commanders. Hitofuki and Ame's weapons (an umbrella and a wrist-watch) smashed into the ice and melted into water around the two. Ame giggled.
"What did you think that would accomplish?" She asked.

"Well you're both covered in water ..." He glanced over at Ren "... and water conducts?"

"Right!" Ren slashed, sending the electrical blast rippling forward. It crashed into the two Commanders, bringing them down to their knees. Sparks flew from their bodies, damage became rampant. They both screamed out, but he wasn't sure if they were downed for good, or if they would get right back up.

"Roger!" R3 shouted, swiping two cards. "Dropship - Scuba - Gattai!" Soon R3 was flying in his vehicle, which was attached to Dropship. He joined R4 and the two landed atop the hospital.

"Javelin Drill!" R4 shouted and she threw Zamber, which burst through the many doors and making enough room for Core Scuba NX. She climbed into the car and they took off, screeching to a halt as they leapt out and carried the sample over. Pulling his helmet off, Kaisu went to look out a battered window. Nakida handed the sample to Sakura, then begun to help with the antidote.

Kaisu removed his armour and loaded it into his car, ready for Chakusou. Nakida had stashed hers on a chair, and Kaisu noticed the undersuit had been ripped. He frowned. He had seen one of the pods carrying the virus in the sample burst, and they hadn't minded as there was four samples left. He turned to face Nakida as she collapsed, hitting the ground and sprawling across the floor, her head bleeding.


Sakura knelt down to Nakida's side and felt for a pulse. It was weak, the Sakura swore and pulled Nakida into the recovery position.
Sakura activated her radio "Kaisu! Get your ass down here and help me! ... And where the Hell are Ren and Cross!?"

"How would I know?" Kaisu snapped back before running over to Nakida. "I would help, but I can't do Medical..." Kaisu fretted, crouching down. "The antidote!" He called out before running over. He dipped an electronic scanner into the chemical, and an analysis appeared on a computer screen. He compared it with the virus, and decided wether it would work or not. "The problem is, this virus could upgrade and become more deadly. We'll need a Final Rescue to spread the antidote... A spray or a - Gas release."

Hitofuki collapsed clutching at his chest and gasping before struggling to his feet, Ame likewise staggered upright, the two sparking, soaking figures snapped their fingers and switched to their true mechanical forms. Hitofuki was tall with a black armory-vest thing and one of his diamond shaped eyes was blacked out. He growled and moved forward before Ame grabbed onto him.
"Hiiiiiiittoooo," She whined "I think we should teach them a lesson!"

Her associate nodded and snapped his fingers twice. Cross glanced around, the wind seemed to have picked up, something was forming behind the two figures. What was going on?
Oh ...
Oh dear ...

Cross watched as the remaining parts of the virus floated through the sky and gathered into a giant red ... thing. It looked like a large blob of red smoke with a pair of massive hands, each finishing with three sharp claws and a pair of angry eyes, and a growling mouth buried into the top of it. Ame waved at them and dropped off the building with Hitofuki. They'd gotten away! Again!

Cross shook his head and pushed the communicator.
"Sakura, antidote?" He asked, trying to hide the panic.
"Yeah, me and Kaisu are going to load it into Rescue Turbine and the Turbo Dragon, why do you-" Sakura looked out of the window "... oh,"

"Kaisu, you deal with that ... giant-ass monster and I'll take dropship and deal with the infected, 'kay?"

Ren looked to Cross, "I'll return to my car and get to the Wing. I'll help by spraying the antidote over the city from the sky. That's all I can do right now to stop the Disaster."

Before waiting for an answer, he took off running.

Cross watched Ren run off and sort of shrugged.
"Alright I'll just ... wait here," He said, sighing and then looking over the side "For you guys ..."
Cross watched the monster wander down the street. The road was completly deserted except for one man who'd been badly beaten up and looked really, really distraught.
"... Are you alright?" R2 asked him, jumping down to him and sitting him down "I'm Cross, what's your name?"
The man looked into Cross's eyes and smiled warmly "It's Hiro," he said "Hiro Ryusaki ..."

"Roger!" Kaisu replied as he placed his helmet back on. "Gattai! Turbo Dragon! Rescue Turbine! Rescue Dropship! Rescue Scuba!" He shouted as she swiped a series of cards. He got into Core Scuba NX as he took off into Dropship Scuba, then waited for the Gattai sequence to finish. "I'll call this one... Hurricane Jet!" R3 chuckled to himself as he took off. "Take this! Antidote! Clone!" He shouted as he cloned many copies of the antidote. "Final Rescue Requested!"

"Approved! Explosivly Supress the Extreme Disaster!" Hikaru called back.

"Final Rescue! Hurricane Wind!"

Two tornado-like beams where shot out of Turbine and TurboDragon's turbofans, loaded with the antidote. It hit the virus's manifestion, beginning to destroy it.

System Error

"What!?" R3 shouted as the engines failed and the vehicle began to fall to the ground. "This is R3! We won't be able to take it down this easily! It can easily hit us in the sky! We'll need to engage it in another way!" He shouted, driving out Scuba NX.

"We'll need... Rescue Taker."

She flipped open her commander and swiped the card Saeki had given her.
"Rescue Taker, Launch!"

Rescue Phoenix's doors slid open and the Rescue Taker drove outward towards Sakura and Kaisu. sliding to a halt in front of the gaseous monster and circling around it a few times before rocketing through it and skidding up next to Sakura and Kaisu.
"Kaisu, get some antidote and help me fill it into the water tanks!"

"Right!" R3 shouted as he cloned the antidote and pumped it into the large vehicle. "Life Search! Go!" He called out, snapping his fingers and the vehicle rolled out, heading out to help victims of the virus.

Ren was returning to the hospital, to his Wing. He remembered that it was on the roof, his car was on the street.

"Now what?" He muttered. He ran to the edge and looked out over the street, "Great, I'm stuck..."

"It's ready!" R3 shouted as he backed off. As some mooks began to get in Taker's way, he sighed.

"Whale Impact!" THrowing the card through the swipe, he let loose the mix of the antidote and liquid nitrogen, washing the road of both cyborgs and traces of the virus.

"Explosivly Suppres It! R5 - Use Bullet Crash!" R-SOUL shouted, using DragonLadder to point to the manifestation of the virus.

"Roger!" Sakura replied "Final Rescue, Bullet Break!"

The Rescue Taker shot forward, it's drills began spinning and it suddenly leapt off the ground and spun straight down towards the virus-monster. The drills burst into life and doused the monster in the antidote mist, it immediately started to dissolve the monster away before spreading out over the city. The monster thrashed around violently before screaming and fading away to leave only a small red EDG bobbing up and down in the air. Sakura leapt out of her vehicle and, armed with a Mantis Crusher, slashed through the middle of the Extreme Disaster Generator. She threw most of her cards into the air and then landed in front of Rescue Taker.
"Bakuchin ..." Sakura's right hand shot up and grabbed the falling "Bullet Break" card as it fell along with the others "... Kanryou!"

Hikaru came over the intercom, "Is that everything? Or do loose ends remain?" He asked everyone.

"Aye sir," Cross replied walking onto the scene "One loose end does remain,"
"Okay then, what is it?" Hikaru asked.

Cross's Rescue Slicer came down heavily towards Ren's left shoulder.

"And that would be dealing with this scumbag!"

Ren turned around, just seeing as the blade was coming at him. He dropped and rolled away, coming back to his knees.

"Cross, what the hell are you doing?" He shouted, taking his own Slicer.

Kaisu injected the antidote into Nakida, awakening her as she sat up, her eyes heavy. "Wuhappened?"

"Well we stopped the extreme disaster," Sakura told Nakida "but on the downside The commanders got away and Cross is trying to kill Ren ..."

Sakura turned and pointed at R2 and R1. Cross was advancing towards Ren and charging up a fire attack.
"See, I just met this guy, claims that you ... Assaulted him!"
Cross slashed the sword at Ren and sent an arc of flames towards him ...
"... Kidnapped Yuri!"
Another slash, sending out another arc of flame at Ren ...
"... And raped Sakura!"
This time Cross had reached very close to Ren and slashed his slicer down at Ren's head.

Sakura paused and looked at Cross with astonishment. There was no question about it, Cross had met her father and he'd spoonfed him some sob-story ... Now what should she do?

Ren couldn't move in time. All of his training, all of his skill, was now useless, being accused of such a heinous final crime, one that he had tried hard to avenge for Sakura.

The flames slammed into his body, making him cry out. His armor started to sizzle, he could feel his suit unable to protect his body at such close range from such a powerful blow. Then, the sword hit his head, bringing him to the ground. His helmet smashed into the ground, the visor shattered, the helmet rolled off of his head, blood ran from a head wound.

Cross smiled from behind his visor and brought the sword in front of Ren's face.
"End of the line, Ren," He sneered.
The sword plunged towards Ren's face and then ...

Sakura grabbed Ren's arm and tried to force it away from Ren. Cross was astonished, he let out a short gasp and dropped his Rescue Slicer. Sakura pushed Cross away and stood between him and Ren.
"If you want him! You have to go through me!" She yelled.
Cross got to his feet.
"W-Why," He stuttered "Why are you standing up for him!?"

"Everyone back to the phoenix," Hikaru declared "Now."

Ren was in no condition to move. He could vaguely hear arguing ahead of him, he could make out Hikaru's voice, but not his words. He could only lay on the ground, bleeding, nearly unconscious.

Cross snarled and then turned onto his heel and walked away from the two.

"Are you okay?" Sakura asked Ren "Ren are you alright?"

He could barely make out Sakura's words. All he could respond with was, "I can't move..."
Sakura knelt down to Ren. He could barely move.
"Ren! Ren! Stay conscious! Kaisu, Nakida, Cross, Help me carry him!"

Cross looked back and gave a short huff before walking towards the Phoenix again.

Hikaru's voice came back to them, "Cross, that's an order. Help him!"

Cross stopped mid step and threw down his helmet.
"But Cap-" he protested.
"Cross, Now!" Hikaru ordered.

Cross growled and stormed back to Sakura and Ren. Sakura was trying to drag Ren across by his arms and trying to suppress a sob. Cross grabbed Ren's legs and helped Sakura carry him into the Phoenix.

Hikaru's voice came again, "Get him to the Phoenix's Medical Bay, and then report to the Control Room."

Cross and Sakura lifted Ren onto a bed and various members of the medical staff began rushing around him. Cross walked out of the room and de-activated his chakusou, his armor fading out of existence.
"Where the Hell are you going?" Sakura asked him.
"Control Room, are you coming, or are you going to dote over the guy who violated you for a while?" Cross sneered.

Sakura watched him walk out the room and shuddered. That stupid gullible idiot! Sakura turned to Ren and watched the doctors work on Ren. The girl tapped one of the medical guys on the shoulder.
"Is he going to be okay?" Sakura asked.

"He'll be fine as soon as we get into his body. We need to check for internal injuries and then we can moderate him. We should have no problems as long as he doesn't have massive internal injuries." The doctor confirmed.

Sakura nodded.
"Okay," She looked at Ren for a second and then walked out of the room and headed up to the control room ...

Hikaru stood, waiting for the arrival of his team, minus Ren. The most important person at the moment, however, was probably Cross, for his attack against Ren.

Sakura and Cross entered the control room.
"Sir," Sakura said.
"Captain," Cross said.

"Cross...I'm going to make this quick and to the point. Why did you attack Ren?" He questioned.

Cross sighed.
"Well, during the disaster I ran into Hiro Ryusaki, Sakura's father, he told me that Ren assaulted him, kidnapped Yuri and raped Sakura," he said.
"Sir, none of this is true!" Sakura protested, very loudly.

"Ren is an avenger." Hikaru said, looking to Cross, "He's not a man who would do something like what Hiro claims. Whatever he did, I'm sure it was as an avenger." He looked to Sakura, "Do you know anything about this situation?"

Kaisu supported Nakida into the room, who was still weak. His eyes flashed around the room. Suddenly he let go of Nakida, who fell to the ground and he lunged at Cross, punching his across the face with a Breaker, changing it to Hammer mode as stood over him. "What the hell were you thinking? Attacking Ren, your - I just discriminated myself, didn't I?" He sighed, standing back and saluting to Hikaru. He gave a 'What are you gonna do now?' glance to Sakura.

Sirens blared as FireDragon, DozerDragon and TurboDragon whirred into the room, James Damoshika following them. "So what's going on here? Where's Ren off to, this seems important... Oh, at Chisu, you might want to put that away, and Cross, I'd stand up..."

Cross got to his feet and wiped some blood off his mouth.
"And was what I doing anything different?" Cross asked Hikaru, very near to shouting "According to Sakura's father Ren raped her, assaulted him and kidnapped Yuri! I was trying to avenge him!"

Sakura took a step away from Cross and helped Nakida to her feet again.
"Are you okay?" She asked.

"Why would you believe a man so quickly? You should have at least asked me if anything had happened that I knew of." Hikaru told Cross, "The man was lying. You shouldn't have acted so quickly!"

"How do you know he was lying!?" Cross asked, his voice getting considerably louder "How else are you going to explain the bruises all over his face!? Or how Ren came in here with Yuri a couple of hours ago!?"

"I don't know if he was lying or not, but you shouldn't have taken things into your own hands." Hikaru told him sternly. "The end doesn't justify the means-removing Ren, which sounds like your end."

"Oh I get it, so if Ren assaults someone it's perfectly acceptable, but it's only a crime if I do it?" Cross asked, sarcastically.

"You don't take justice into your own hands." Hikaru warned him.

"Well at least I was taking something into my own hands!" Cross protested "What justification has Ren got for rapi-"
"Ren didn't even touch me!" Sakura screamed.
"Okay fine, but what was Ren doing beating up Sakura's father?" Cross said, callously ignoring Sakura.

"Godamnit shut UP!" James shouted. "Hikaru is right, you shouldn't take justice into your own hands. Ren, Cross, you both shouldn't have assaulted anyone. Ren, you'll have to face the Japanesse Authorities, but Cross, you'll be taken into our own hands. Is that okay with you, Hikaru?"

"Ren's in the sickbay, shouldn't you tell him in person?" Cross hissed.
"James is right ..." Sakura agreed "Cross is definitely in the wrong,"
"And Ren?" Asked Cross "What about him? Is he wrong as well, or are you okay with him kidnapping your sister, assaulting your father and violating you?"
"For the last time. Ren. Didn't. Touch. Me." Sakura insisted.

"Firstly, watch this." James instructed, pulling a cord out of the black glove on his hand and connecting it to Ren's computer. He attached another one to Sakura's. They both connected to the main screen. One side showed Sakura's Commander's log, showing the Taker testing, and then a note saying 'Call from R1', which it then split into two, showing both their commander screens.

"Sakura, can you hear me?" Ren questioned.
"Yeah I can hear you ... where are you?"
He was rushing up the stairs, "Your father's home. I've dealt with him, I'm getting your sister out of here! I need you to talk to her to keep her calm so she'll come with me." He stopped, "Sorry for intruding in your life, but I had to."
"Ren w-when they Hikaru finds out about this ..."
Sakura froze and then took a deep breath. She nodded in agreement.
"Fine ... I'll do it,"
"Thanks." He said. He found Yuri and threw the Commander across the floor, "Yuri, I'm here for your sister. Tell her, Sakura." Ren said.
Yuri was cowering in the corner of the room until she heard her sisters voice.
"Yuri it's okay, it's okay," Sakura said reassuringly
The young girl got out of her corner and carefully walked forward, she picked the Rescue Commander up gently.
"Ren isn't going to hurt you, go with him okay?"
Yuri nodded and walked towards Ren she looked up at him nervously and handed him the commander back.
Ren took it with a nod, "Thank you. Now, we have to go. We'll go to see your sister, and you can get away from your father. I know what he's done to you and your sister." He held his hand out for Yuri to take.
Yuri looked at Ren's hand and then up at Ren. She gulped and then shook her head, the girl ran back into her corner and grabbed a teddy bear. Keeping the toy close to her chest and her eyes fixed on Ren she crawled up into a ball.
"Shit." He muttered. He looked down the stairs, unsure if he should go and try to get Sakura and come back. He didn't want to risk anything, and ran for the girl. He picked her up and ran for the stairs.

"And that concludes it..."

Hikaru nodded as he watched, "So, he was doing something good." He said, looking to Cross, "Bad way of going about it, but something good, at least."

Cross grabbed the nearest thing (which happened to be a chair) and threw it across the room. There was a small yelp from Sakura as it flew past her.
"That Bastard!" He yelled "The wee shit turned me against one of the people I respect most in the world!"
Cross took a few deep breaths and then stopped.
"... What did your father do to you two?" Cross asked.
"After what you did to Ren, after you believed my "father" ... I'm not telling you anything,"

"Firstly, watch this." James instructed, pulling a cord out of the black glove on his hand and connecting it to Ren's computer. He attached another one to Sakura's. They both connected to the main screen. One side showed Sakura's Commander's log, showing the Taker testing, and then a note saying 'Call from R1', which it then split into two, showing both their commander screens.

"Sakura, can you hear me?" Ren questioned.
"Yeah I can hear you ... where are you?"
He was rushing up the stairs, "Your father's home. I've dealt with him, I'm getting your sister out of here! I need you to talk to her to keep her calm so she'll come with me." He stopped, "Sorry for intruding in your life, but I had to."
"Ren w-when they Hikaru finds out about this ..."
Sakura froze and then took a deep breath. She nodded in agreement.
"Fine ... I'll do it,"
"Thanks." He said. He found Yuri and threw the Commander across the floor, "Yuri, I'm here for your sister. Tell her, Sakura." Ren said.
Yuri was cowering in the corner of the room until she heard her sisters voice.
"Yuri it's okay, it's okay," Sakura said reassuringly
The young girl got out of her corner and carefully walked forward, she picked the Rescue Commander up gently.
"Ren isn't going to hurt you, go with him okay?"
Yuri nodded and walked towards Ren she looked up at him nervously and handed him the commander back.
Ren took it with a nod, "Thank you. Now, we have to go. We'll go to see your sister, and you can get away from your father. I know what he's done to you and your sister." He held his hand out for Yuri to take.
Yuri looked at Ren's hand and then up at Ren. She gulped and then shook her head, the girl ran back into her corner and grabbed a teddy bear. Keeping the toy close to her chest and her eyes fixed on Ren she crawled up into a ball.
"Shit." He muttered. He looked down the stairs, unsure if he should go and try to get Sakura and come back. He didn't want to risk anything, and ran for the girl. He picked her up and ran for the stairs.

"And that concludes it..."

Hikaru nodded as he watched, "So, he was doing something good." He said, looking to Cross, "Bad way of going about it, but something good, at least."

Cross grabbed the nearest thing (which happened to be a chair) and threw it across the room. There was a small yelp from Sakura as it flew past her.
"That Bastard!" He yelled "The wee shit turned me against one of the people I respect most in the world!"
Cross took a few deep breaths and then stopped.
"... What did your father do to you two?" Cross asked.
"After what you did to Ren, after you believed my "father" ... I'm not telling you anything,"

"You can settle this amongst yourselves." Hikaru told them, "I need to go and see Ren." He walked by them and departed the Control Room.

Hikaru entered the Medical Bay. The doctors had gotten considerably less frantic but a few of them were still checking Ren's vitals.
"Is he able to talk?" Hikaru asked one of the doctors.

James walked in and watched Hikaru approach one of the doctors.

"Well, at least Shocking Slice didn't pierce the armour... He would be dead otherwise."

"He's on drugs right now." The doctor answered, "Morphine. We can take him off if you want to talk to him."

Hikaru nodded.
"Yeah, we need to talk about something,"

The doctor started to work the machines, turning down the morphine. After a few minutes, Ren started to come to.

"Captain..." He gasped in pain from the lack of morphine.

"Take it easy Ren," Hikaru said, "I just need to ask you a few questions, firstly, why did you feel the need to attack Sakura's father?"

"Because of what he did to Sakura." Ren answered, leaving him with only that. He wasn't going to tell Hikaru the entire situation with them.

Hikaru nodded, slowly.
"And was there a reason you had to go round to his house and assault him, rather than report him to the authorities?"

"I let my anger get control of me. My rage over what happened overcame my common sense." Ren admitted.

The captain frowned.
"That isn't like you Ren," He said "You don't flip out like that ... what did he do to Sakura?"

"I can't tell you. If you need to know, you'll have to ask Sakura." Ren said, "I can't tell anyone..."

Hikaru glanced at James, they were going to need to ask Sakura weren't they? If they knew why Ren attacked her father they could probably get some mitigating circumstances. Hikaru sighed.
"Ren ... we received a formal complaint from Hiro Ryusaki, we're going to need to follow that up, and until we have everything figured out then ..." Hikaru sighed again "You're suspended from Rescue Force ..."

"What?" Ren shouted. He tried to sit up, but the pain shot through him, making him go back down with a cry of pain. "How can you do this to me Captain?" He demanded.

"Look, even if you hadn't assaulted someone, you're in no condition to follow this up, we're going to need to follow this up," Hikaru said "Ideally I'd get rid of Cross as well but if Hiro is as much of a dick as you're making out, it's possible he was being manipulated,"

Hikaru turned out of the room.

"Look ... I'm sorry but ... yeah,"

He laid back onto the bed, "I understand...Captain." He muttered through clenched teeth.

Hikaru paused, he was only just outside the door.
"Look ... I really am sorry,"

"I know."

"What do you want?" Hiro grunted.

A young woman was standing at the door, she had long platinum-blonde hair and bespectacled, green eyes. She straightened her tie and smiled at him.
"Mr. Ryusaki?" She asked, politely.
"Yeah, What do you want?" Hiro growled.
"My name is Akiko Yamazaki, And I want to offer you a chance," She smiled.
"A chance for what?" Hiro asked, he was getting annoyed with this woman's constant talking.

The lady stepped into the house and slid her glasses further up her nose.
"A chance for to get that ungrateful little bitch back ..."
The woman picked up a book from the shelf lying on the floor and began to flick through it.
"... A chance to make your other daughter pay ..."
She threw the book to the ground and smiled, menacingly.
"... and a chance to make Ren Nakamura pay,"

Hiro Ryusaki closed the door and narrowed his eyes.
"I'm listening
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TITLE:Final Rescue! Cornered New Terra!
CHARACTERS: Hikaru, Kaisu, Cross, Sakura, Nakida, James

Sakura poked her food with the fork a bit. She didn't feel particularly hungry.

Upset? Yes.
Angry? Yes.
Scared? Yes.
Hungry? No.

She sighed and laid her head down on the table next to her plate.

Hikaru walked into the cafeteria. He looked, seeing Sakura. He walked over and sat across from her.

"Sir?" She asked, not even looking at the captain.

"I don't want to pry...but what happened? What made Ren do what he did?" Hikaru asked her.

Sakura froze up.
"Um ... w-what do you mean?" she asked, nervously.

"Ren did what he did for you. He won't tell me. Will you?" Hikaru asked.

Sakura froze up. She looked up at Hikaru for a bit and then stammered.
"I-I ... I have to ... bye ..." She whimpered.
Sakura pushed off of the table and rushed out of the cafeteria. She rushed into the hallway, checked that no one was there and then crumpled into a ball. She could've told Hikaru what her father did to her ... it could've got Ren back on the force, but she didn't. Sakura slammed her fist into a wall.
"I'm such a coward ..." She whispered to herself.

Hikaru let her go. He didn't go after her. He got up from the table and departed.

Cross entered the control room and looked around. He couldn't see anyone.
"Hello?" He called "Is anyone there?"

Hikaru walked behind him, brushing by him into the room, "Just me." He said.

"Oh ... hello sir," Cross said, a little surprised "I was ... um, I was looking for Nakida, do you ... have you seen her?"

"I haven't." He answered, taking his seat at the head of the terminals. "Will I do?"

Cross shook his head.
"No, no it's something ..." Cross stopped and smiled "... Personal,"

The real reason was that he wanted to see if Nakida would help him find Kaisu's personnel file, but something told him that wasn't such a smart plan, especially since Hikaru was probably still angry at him for attacking Ren.

"Ok. If I see her, I'll let her know you're looking for her." Hikaru said, ignoring the fact that he attacked Ren. He didn't wish to bring it up.

Nakida then stumbled into the room. She was trying to wash out the taste of vomit in her mouth. She was still weak from the virus, so she was quite pale.

"Hey." She called to Hikaru and Cross.

"Hi Nakida," Cross smiled "Um ... could I just ask you a question?"

"What is it?" She asked, pulling herself onto her terminal.

Cross glanced behind him to make sure that Hikaru wasn't listening and then leaned in close to Nakida.
"Did you get Kaisu's file out of the room?" he asked, quietly.
"Crap, I didn't... We'll probably need to sneak into the storage room again..." Nakida whispered back, pretending to type on her computer.
Cross smiled
"Well then, shall we go now?"

"Sure, why not? You'll have to help me though..." Nakida whispered back before climbing up and heading for the door.

Nakida approached the door, a cord attached to her Commander. She smiled as she attached it to the electronic lock, beginning to hack into the system and undo the lock. Cross looked around and sighed.
"Sooooo, what did you say I was doing again?" he asked
"Basicly, you go in, nip the file, and help me get outta here..." Nakida suggested as she changed the coding of the lock. A beep emmited from the pad and Nakida pushed the door open. "Voila~"

Cross nodded, the door opened and he dashed into the room, his eyes scanned over the filing cabinets.
"This would be so much easier for me if they weren't in Kanji ..." He muttered.
"Accounting", "Vehicle Maintenance" and "Mission Reports" passed by him until he reached the cabinet he needed; "Personnel".
"Gotcha," Smirked Cross as he opened the drawer and started flicking through the folders (which thankfully were arranged alphabetically).

"Cross Kenneth, Damoshika James, Nakamura Ren, Ryusaki Sakura, Sanyura Kaisu, Bingo!" He laughed, swiping the folder and rushing out the door. He smiled at Nakida and held his hand out for a high-five.
"Bakuchin ..."

"Kanryou!" Nakida finished, grinning. "Let's go check this thing out then! I say we go somewhere else, I don't think these are radio-tagged or anything.."
"Good plan," Cross said "I'm on a lunch break, know anywhere we can go?"
"How about we just go to Komaki? It's not that far from here.."

Sakura nervously entered the Medical Bay. One of the medics walked out of the room, leaving it empty except for Sakura and Ren, she leaned back and shut the door before pulling up a chair next to Ren.
"R-ren?" She asked "Can you hear me?"
"Yeah, I can." He said, turning to look at her, "Why?"
"It's just that ... This is all my fault ..." Sakura said quietly

"No, I don't blame you. You can't blame yourself for what happened in your past, or what it made me do. Only your father is to blame." Ren said.
"No I mean ... Hikaru asked me what my dad did to me and ... a-and I didn't tell him," Sakura sniffed "I could've got you reinstated ... but I didn't, I'm sorry ..."
"I don't blame you for that. You did the natural reaction of keeping it secret. I can't blame you for that. It's human nature."
"I can blame myself ..." Sakura muttered under her breath.
"Don't. Please, don't."
"Why not, if I can't even protect the people I care about why am I in Rescue Force?"
"Just please, don't blame yourself. Don't blame anyone but your father, if you need to blame someone."
"About that ..." Sakura said nervously.
"What is it?" Ren questioned.
"He's gone ..." Sakura said.
"What do you mean, "he's gone"?" Ren questioned.
"They can't find him, a couple of police officers went round to his house to get a witness statement and he wasn't there, none of the neighbors have seen him ..." Sakura said, her voice trembling.
"Ren I'm scared, what if he comes after me? Or Yuri?" Sakura paused "... or you?"

"You two will be safe. You'll be safe here at the Phoenix, and I can protect you. Anyone here would protect you. And if he comes after me, then so be it. He won't do anything, Sakura. He'll be stopped if he tries." Ren tried to assure her.

"I'm not gonna risk it," Sakura said, "I'm going to pick her up from nursery and take her to the Phoenix,"
She got up off her chair and turned around to walk out the room.

Cross put the file into a shoulder bag and fumbled around in his pocket for the keys to Core Striker N. He got into the drivers seat and tossed his bag in the backseat.
"Nakida!" Cross called "Hurry up will you?"
She grunted as she climbed into the back seat. "Alright then... Let's go."

Cross parked the car and sighed. He looked behind to Nakida.
"So ... Should we open it now?" He asked.
"Sure, why not?" Nakida replied as she trudged down a hill and took the case from Cross. She opened it and flicked through the pages, until she found a couple she wanted.

"Name - Kaisu Sanyura Age - 23 Code - THRFc 3 R3 Family - Tyru Naruda (Mother - Deceased) Yuki Changho (Father - Deceased) Yuki Ritsuka (Older Sibling - 34)

Note : Kaisu is a false alias created in Chiago, real name Yuki Chikao"

Nakida stopped short. "You gotta be kidding me..."

Cross's hand shot behind him and seized the file from Nakida. His eyes scanned over the page in disbelief, once he was sure that it was genuine he handed the folder back to Nakida.
"Now, what happened in Chicago?" Cross asked "What could be so bad, that the UFDA give Kai- sorry Chikao, a new identity?"

"No, not the UFDA. Look down here." Nakida pointed out, tapping a place lower down. "34 Investigations issued it." Nakida paused for it to sink it. "Meaning, Ritsuka-Nii-Chan and Tsubasa-sama gave it, to... Chikao, who just happens to be her brother."

"Something happened in Chicago ..." Cross whispered, recalling the conversation he'd had with Kaisu a few days ago "Mobster trouble ..."

"Holy crap!" Nakdia cried out suddenly.

"Remember why Tsubasa and Ritsuka moved back to Japan?" She paused but continued soon after, for it was rhetorical. "They provoked some Mafia leader or something, and in the meantime... Kaisu, or, Chikao here, was in there, studying... He was still Yuki Chikao then..."
"I say we go down to Tsubasa and Ritsuka's place, they've got to know something,"
"They must... Well, let's go then!" Nakida smiled before jumping into Core Striker N.

Cross pulled up outside the detective agency. He got out of the car and attempted to walk through the doors as dramatically as possible, he held his arms out and pushed against the double doors. The right one was bolted shut and the right side of Cross's body collided with the door.
"Ow ..." He said staggering through the door.

Tsubasa looked up at Cross's mishap. "...Cross, right? Why are you here?"
"I'm here becau-" Cross paused and poked his nose. "Sorry, is my nose bleeding?"
Tsubasa took a look at his nose and shook his head, "No. Now, go on."
Nakida hadn't expected Cross to stop and she hit into him, quickly regaining her posture.
Cross was pushed forward by Nakida and hit the floor hard.
He looked up at her and said "Ow,"

Cross cleared his throat (still lying on the floor) and then addressed Tsubasa's query
"Well I'm here to talk to you about Kaisu," He said.
"Kaisu...what about him?" Tsubasa questioned, not liking where this could end up going.

"Umm... We just wanted to ask about..." She stopped, looking to
Cross for support.
"What's this about?" Ritsuka asked, walking out of the elevator.
Tsubasa looked to his wife, "They want to know about Kaisu." He said.
Cross got off the floor, dusted himself off and smiled.
"Correction," Cross said "We want to know about Chikao,"
Ritsuka hesitated before replying. "Who... Who the heck is Chikao?"
"Don't play dumb with me," Cross sighed "It really doesn't suit you,"
Ritsuka sighed as well.
"Fine, I'll be honest. He was my brother, but still, what's your problem?"
"What happened in Chicago?" Cross asked "Why did you need to give him a new name?"
"That's none of your buisness."
"You should go. Now!" Tsubasa snapped.

"NO!" Cross yelled "We're not leaving until you tell me what's going on!"
He took the file out of his bag and flung it at Tsubasa.
"I have absolutely had it with everyone keeping secrets from me! Sakura, Kaisu, Ren, Hell I bet even Hikaru's keeping something hidden from us!"

Cross ran forward and grabbed Tsubasa by his shirt, pulling him close to his face.
"Tell. Me. What. Hap-"
Cross's sentence was cut off by a sudden bleeping on his commander, he muttered a vague insult disparaging Tsubasa's masculinity before attending to his commander. It was the captain.

"Nakida, Cross, are you two doing anything important?" Asked Hikaru.
Cross glared up at Tsubasa and Ritsuka.
"No," He growled "Nothing we can't tackle later,"
"Good, you two get back to the Phoenix, there's been an Extreme Disaster,"

Cross couldn't think of anything to say, instead he just snarled and pushed Tsubasa backwards.
"This is not over, Tsubasa," He muttered as he walked out the door, grabbing Nakida's arm tightly and half-pushing, half-throwing her into the passenger seat of Core-Striker-N. He drove the car over to the Phoenix silently.

Tsubasa turned to Ritsuka, "I'll make sure they don't come back asking more questions about him."

Ritsuka sighed after they left.

"They're too nosy for their own good... They might even be caught up if... He finds us."

"We'll be fine." Tsubasa assured her.

"What sort of disaster is it?" Sakura asked, placing Yuri (cradled in her arms, into a chair at the edge of the room.

"The Disaster seems to be centered at the ravine in Komaki Village." Hikaru said, "We don't know anything yet, but we do know there's a large amount of activity. The energy fits that of the enemy faction."

Sakura started tapping away at her computer, she frowned.
"I-I can't get a clear read on the EDG, there's something blocking the signal," She said, her voice full of concern.
"Fine, I'm loading, Wing, Dropship and the Falcon Vehicles so we can get a good look at the situation, I'm also going to load the Scuba and Striker in case the disaster isn't one we can tackle from the air, and last but not least, Rescue Searcher to try and penetrate whatever it is jamming the signal," She said "Any more suggestions?"

"No." Hikaru said, "It sounds good. Load them and let's go. I'll join you in the field."

"What do you mean?" Sakura asked her captain "You don't have a suit, you'll get slaughtered!"

He held up Ren's Commander, "I have Ren's while he's out of commission. It'll be like the old times."

Sakura smiled.
"That's great!" She said happily, "As soon as Kaisu and the others get here we can take off,"

"You go ahead, I can wait for them." Hikaru offered.

Sakura nodded, a small smile appearing on her face.
"Yes sir! Rescue Phoenix, Launch!"

Core Scuba NX swerved into the closing doors, sliding around as the Pheonix launched. Once it stabalized, Kaisu looked out a window onto the vehicle hanger, watching several vehicles being loaded. He flipped open his commander.

"Kaisu, reporting."

Hikaru responded, "Kaisu, welcome back. Stay where you are, I'll be right with you." He took his card and ran into the booth. As he fell he swiped it, "Chakuso!"

The armor began to appear around his body along with his undersuit. As he fell, everything initialized. He felt the familiar weight and feeling of the armor on his body as he landed and took off running towards Kaisu's car.

Sakura dropped to the ground, her armor having fully manifested on her body. She ran over to the other two.
"Sir, the Phoenix is on it's way to the disaster zone, I'm going to take Jet-Falcon and scout the area," She said, proceeding to grab Dash-4 and load it into Jet-Falcon.

"You two ready?" She asked.

Hikaru got into Nakida's car, "I'm ready." He said.

Kaisu spun around and got back into his vehicle, driving it into Turbo Dragon. "Ready when you guys are." Kaisu grinned.

"Rescue Force, deploy!" Hikaru shouted to them, driving out in his borrowed car.

"So, what is this gonna do again," asked Jishin, trying to make either heads or tails of the EDG's instruction manual.
Ame rolled her eyes, grabbed the book from Jishin's hand and hit him on the head with it.
"Idiot!" She said, blowing a raspberry at him.
"You little brat!" Jishin muttered, straightening his top hat and glaring at the young woman "I ought to take you ov-"
"Enough!" Hitofuki called from the top of the ravine.

"If you absolutely have to know Jishin, this EDG is going to drill down to the bottom of the ravine, wherein hides a dormant volcano," Hitofuki declared, leaping to the ground, and landing gracefully on his feet "Upon breaching it, we will force the volcano to erupt, scattering magma and debris all over Komakai village,"
Jishin nodded, pretending to understand.
Ame rolled her eyes, picked up the drill shaped EDG and pushed it hard (causing it to glow blue)
"Since you don't understand ..." Ame told Jishin with a frown "... we'll just have to show you,"

Ame threw the device into the ground where it began to burrow down towards it's target.

Core-Striker-N ground to a halt.
"... crap," He muttered "Today is just not going well,"
Cross got out of the vehicle and kicked it as hard as he could. He looked back in at Nakida and sighed.
"This is really bad, we need to get back to ... Do you hear drilling?"

"Yeah... Any idea what it is?" Nakida asked, one hand on her commander.

Cross walked over to the edge of the ravine.
"Maybe they're mining? Or planting something, the soil here is apparently rea- Jesus Christ!" Cross stopped still, a large group of New Terra drones glanced up.
Cross ran back to the car and looked at Nakida.
"Now is probably a very good time to tell you that there isn't a chakosou booth in here this car," Cross said lamely.

Four of New Terra's foot soldiers landed on either side of the car with an eighth landing on the bonnet of the car and punching through the windscreen ...

Nakida sighed. 'I guess you don't have any weapons either," Nakida asked as she flung the door into the gut of a New Terra drone. She relayed sklls she had been taught over the years as she slowly fled from the area.

"No, I'm afraid not," Cross squealed, dodging a slash from one of the robots.

Another pair of robots rushed at him, one of them grabbed Cross's arm, the other one missed and tumbled straight through the back-seat of Core-Striker N. Cross span around and pushed his full weight onto the robot and crushed it through the car's bonnet.

And the battery.

An electrical current surged through the android, and into Cross flinging him to the side of the road. A pair of the robots picked him up and began to carry him down the canyon.

Nakida ran into one of them, not realising they weren't cyborgs. She yelped in pain as blood gushed out of her knuckles. Her commander tumbled to the floor and she stumbled on it as it rolled into the ravine.


Hitofuki's pocketwatch could also be used as a grappling hook to get to high places. He was putting this interesting ability to good use by using it to swing up to the ravines edge and land in front of Nakida. He smiled politely and knelt down to look the girl in the eye.
"Now, I'm a reasonable man and I'll give you a choice, you can either die in a horribly brutal fashion as I slash both your throat and the gentleman being held by the Terra-Razers or you can come with me," Hitofuki stood up and cleared his throat "I don't really see another option presenting itself ..."

Ame jumped up and down squealing with delight.
"They got one! They got one!" she cried "And they're gonna ge-"
"Owwwwwwie," Ame rubbed her head and looked around for Jishin.
He was too far away to have hit her ... so what had? Ame span around, scanning the area until her eyes settled on the offending object.
Nakida's Rescue Commander.
The girl skipped over and picked it up, she quickly looked around to make sure no one was looking and slipped it into her pocket, Rescue Force wouldn't know what hit 'em.

The Phoenix landed just outside the village. Both doors opened up into the air.
"This is as close as we can get to the disaster zone," Sakura sighed, climbing out of Jet-Falcon and getting inside the Rescue-Searcher.

"I'm going to drive around the Ravine, see if I can find the EDG," She declared (Proceeding to do just that) "What about you two?"

"I'm heading right into the enemy territory." Hikaru reported, heading towards the Ravine.

"Bad news! Core Stricker N's signal's gone!" Kaisu reported as he began to drive towards it's last emmited zone.

"Then we'll have to hurry." Hikaru told him, speeding ahead.

"You..." Nakida breathed as she wiped her hand on her uniform. "Chakusou!" She shouted, reaching towards her utility belt. Instead of taking out her non-existant Commander, she jumped off the edge into the ravine.

What the hell was I thinking? She asked herself as he hung, suspended in the air. She pushed herself from side to side. Soon I'll be dead... I guess it was better than facing that other guy... She kicked off the wall of rock, letting herself swing far out to the side.

Wait, what?

Her mind cleared and she snapped back into her instinctive mode as she stuck her fingers onto a ledge, slowly levering herself up. How this happened, she had no idea.

But R3 did.

Core Scuba, repaired, had rammed into Hitofuki.

"Break Rope! Rescue Zamber!" R3 shouted as he quickly hooked the small tool to his car and shot the claw at the falling Nakida. Nakida's Rescue Zamber came out of the udnerside of the vehicle as it skimmed Hitofuki and flew into R3's hand.

"Or, the third option." R3 began cockily. "You face... Me!" He shouted as he lunged foward with his haken.

Hikaru's car pulled up. He ran out, taking grip of his Break Hammer as he ran. He could see Nakida engaging one of the enemy Executives, as well as Cross fighting against enemy footsoldiers.

Hikaru stopped, looking back and forth. He ran for Nakida, deciding that the Executive was a threat that needed to be eliminated more than the footsoldiers.

"Captain!" Kaisu shouted, locking a Terra-Razor with the javelin, the blade caught between the two prongs. Nakida hauled herself up and unhooked Rescue Breaker.

"Breaker Pick!" She called out and she charged foward, her weapon at the ready.

Sakura began scanning the area, no sign on what the disaster was but she did pick up Nakida's Rescue Commander initiating a Chakusou next to Kaisu's car, taking advantage of the fact that unlike Core-Striker-N it did have a transformation booth.
"Nakida! You're okay!" She exclaimed over the radio "Wait ... you haven't transformed yet?"
She frowned.
"... And Cross is unconscious so who just transformed?"

Ame giggled. Climbing up the ravine had been the tricky bit, stealing one of the unconscious Cross's card's had been easy, sneaking up behind the Rescue Force members who could still move had been somewhere in the middle. Transforming into R4 had been the easiest thing ever.

The commander span around and pointed at Nakida.
"Ame 4! Chakusou Kanryou!"

"What!?" Nakida yelled out as Ame stole her armour. She lunged at her with Break Axe, however wasn't quick enough, and she was soon pounded against the wall of the ravine. She moaned in pain as blood trickled down her chin.

"Rescue Force - R4 Inner Camera - Data Scanner - Open!"

[UFDA | James Damoshika - Clearance />>>> | Veiwing - RForce R4]

"Ame 4!"

The armour marked it's progress as the gloved hands shot into the unarmoured Nakida's gut, sending her stumbling onto Core Scuba. The armour was then used to support her weight, lifting her before throwing her against the side of the rock all on the edge.

[RForce Rescue Suit 16 - LIVE Recording]


The village was a secluded place. Nothing exciting ever happened. That was until a giant flow of ice invaded the village. It wasn't long after before three cards zipped through it. A fourth followed, leaving behind a faint rainbow-like tint in the air.

R-SOUL was used to it. The aldreline, the rebelling wheels of a car speeding at over 700kmh. He had practice, thus it was easy to avoid the villagers before they were blown back by his wind trail.

This time, the disaster was different. Every team member was occupied. Hitofuki was bent on revenge, with enough anger fueling him to fight off R3 and the captain of Rescue Force himself. Ame had gained the advantage of a Rescue Suit and Nakida and Cross were both injured.

The Extreme Disaster was going to take effect soon. He would need to be fast. Faster than the wind.

Light speed. There was only one thing in the entire UFDA arsenal that would get him close enough to Light Speed.

"Core Soul - Eject!"

Being shot out of a train going at over 1200kmh and whistling through the air at another 1000kmh is nearly impossible to control, mantain and...


Ame approached Nakida with a Rescue Slicer in hand, she pushed the red button and dangled the blade over Nakida's head.
"Burning Slice ..." she whispered before plunging the blade downwards into ...

Sakura's hand. Ame took a step back and R5 waved her hand in the air for a second to get rid of the flames that engulfed it. Sakura held the hand out to Nakida and smiled.
"Need some help?"

"Sure." Nakida moaned as she tried to stand up. She crumpled and fell unconcious.

"Soul Strike!"

Sure, it was reckless. And stupid. And a waste of over 5,000,000 Yen. But R-SOUL didn't like it.

"Target lock on!"

The small car continued to slowly ascend before suddenly shooting downwards.

"RyuKen Blade!"

A gold and grey Rescue Commander was spinning in the air, having been ejected out of a car. It was grabbed and clipped to a utility belt.

"Evolving through years of dedication, service and loyalty... Envoy of the great Nexus, The great soul! James Damoshika, R-SOUL!!"

A blade met R4's Rescue Slicer as R-SOUL appeared, an explosion behind him. Five million yen in peices.

"We duel!"

Ame growled.
"Stop interrupting me when I'm trying to kill you!" She screamed lunging forward at SOUL and swinging her sword down wildly at him.

Sakura glanced over at the fight between Ame and James. Deciding the situation was under control she picked Nakida up and started running out of the battle raging on the edge of the ravine ...

Hikaru saw that Ame was being dealt with. That left Hitofuki to him. The tall Executive swung his bladed pocketwatch at Hikaru, forcing the Captain to roll underneath it. He slammed both feet into the machine, throwing him back.

"Since when does the Captain come to the scene?" Hitofuki demanded.

Hikaru lifted his Break Hammer, "Since the threat has survived for too long." He said, running forward. He swung hard, but Hitofuki rolled under him, sweeping Hikaru's legs out.

As Hikaru went down, he span around during his fall, clipping Hitofuki's chest with the hammer, doing some damage. Hikaru rolled immediately and rushed forward, switching to his Break Axe.

"You're stubborn, aren't'cha?" R3 muttured as his Tri-Basher was again blocked. "Take this! Dragon charge!" He charged the tool as it glowed with a light blue aura.
"Artic Slash!"

R-SOUL didn't break away as Ame attacked. He wedged the two swords between the two suits.

"Ever been bungy jumping?" He growled as he pulled his weight towards the edge of the ravine, cutting with his sword and taking Ame's Rescue Breaker.

The Break Axe cut through Hitofuki's chest, felling him. Hikaru had expertly used momentum against his opponent, and was on the verge of victory.

He pointed the blade of the axe down to Hitofuki, "You're done." Hikaru said, "Surrender."

"We don't surrender." Hitofuki hissed.

"Tell me about your organization, or I'll reduce you to scrap." Hikaru threatened.

"We'll never talk." Hitofuki answered, "We'll keep our silence."

Ame spluttered as she fell off the edge of the ravine, she scrambled around, trying to grab at R-SOUL but instead tangled her arms up in the Rescue Breaker he was holding. The device jammed in between a rock and the rope became taught. The commander wearing Nakida's armour screamed in agony as she suddenly stopped, her arms breaking and the strain running through her body and down her legs. Gently she started swaying in the wind, twitching and groaning occasionally.

Sakura put Nakida down in the back of Core Search.
"We need an ambulance," She muttered "We really do ..."
She made sure that Nakida was buckled in and then noticed something beeping rapidly.
"Captain!" She said happily "I found the EDG it's ... oh ... oh dear,"
Sakura looked at the screen with concern.
"R1, R3, R-SOUL, get Cross and yourselves off the ravine now!" She yelled.

A large plume of lava erupted from the ravine floor, followed by another, and another, and hundreds more.
The EDG had activated.

"Soul Liner - Go!" The train gained momentum as it neared the ravine, soaring through the air.

"Dragon Booster!" Grabbing Ame and holding his sword in the other hand, he cleared the ravine, narrowly dodging several gysers of lava. "Dragon Tounge!" The sword ejected a crystal-like rope that wrapped around Hitofuki, Kaisu and Hikaru. The sword began to drop, straining to carry all the weight. "Car 6 - Open!" The last, smallest car's side door began to slide open, making a landing pad. "Enter!" Air was being sucked into the one compartment, and soon R-SOUL gained his footing, Dragon Tounge wrapped around Ame. He hit the sword's blade against a winch in the wall and the 'tounge' wrapped around it, pulling the three dangling on the rope up.

R-SOUL spun around and landed a kick in Ame's stomach. "Chakusou booth - Armour off!" The metal cylinder was placed on Ame, sucking out her R4 armour. After this, the booth didn't revolve back into the roof.

"All vehicles, load!"

The train began to touch the ground and another car opened for Core Search. Taker slid into another compartment as the ground rocked, magma spraying everywhere.


This was all instinctive. Hopefully everyone was on the train. Ame and Hitofuki had to be dealt with, and the rest had to be safe. On the train. The train began to sway as the ground under it began to collapse. A fissure began to grow in the ground, sending itself right through the middle of the train as a giant spring of lava was released.

"Aqua Divider!"

R3 hurled the small disk, and soon a wall of cooled lava formed around them.
"Get out of here!" He shouted.
"Thanks for the help." Hikaru said, "Now, onto business. Anyone have any ideas for the EDG? I don't think that single Aqua Divider will do enough to stop it all. I'm sure more lava will come."

Sakura patted Nakida on the head and pulled a blanket over her. Her attention was diverted towards Hikaru and the others.
"Well, none of the vehicles we loaded can get down to the EDG to freeze the lava for more than a few seconds," Sakura said solemnly "We'd have to get straight to the EDG, but we still can't find it so we'll have to drill about for a bit searching, meaning the vehicle'll get itself burned unless we could get something to protect it like ..."
She snapped her fingers.
"Sir, could we use the airborne vehicles to cover Rescue Taker in ice ... ?" She asked her captain.

Ame looked terrible, she was sitting on the floor of her container, sobbing and rubbing her wrists which had been covered in cuts from where the rope had torn into her arms, little bits of grey and neon green could be seen through her skin, black oil dripping out of her arms and the corner of her mouth, tears were streaking down her face and her clothes had been tattered. She was sobbing softly and watching the Rescue Force members debate how to stop their plan. One of her injured hands touched the glass gently and Hitofuki laid his hand on the other side over hers.

The other machine growled and then stood up, he walked up behind Kaisu.
R5shouted a warning but was only able to get as far as.
"Kaisu! Look Ou-"
Before Hito's wristwatch came around Kaisu's neck.
"Let. Her. Go." The commander snarled "Or I kill your friend,"

Hikaru put his hands up, "Someone-anyone-release Ame. Release her and let the two of them leave." He also nodded in the general direction of Sakura, telling her to go ahead with the plan.

The human nerval system had several points where, if pressed, would send certain parts of the body in certain directions. Kaisu, R3 had studied this anatomy.

The sword in his device flipped out, and R3 used it to jab Hitofuki in a pressurepoint. He should have the same anatome, right?

Hitofuki didn't flinch. Nothing happened to him. He simply glared at R3, clutching his weapon tighter.

"Ok, you're done." The machine hissed, about to pull and attempt to behead Kaisu. "NO!" Sakura screamed lunging at a button on the wall and freeing Ame "I-I'll let her go okay just- just don't kill my ... my friend,"
The container pulled up into the ceiling and Ame fell onto the floor supporting herself with her scarred left arm. Hitofuki released Kaisu (pushing him into Sakura) and picked Ame up.
"Are you alright?" He asked her.
Ame nodded tearfully and buried her head into Hito's chest.

"Let us go," Hitofuki ordered, walking to the side of the car carrying Ame "Now."
Sakura nodded and pushed the door button. Hitofuki jumped off the opened door and landed gracefully on the floor. Sakura's hand pushed the button again closing the massive door.
"So sir," She said "As I was saying ... could we?"

"Of course we can." Hikaru told her, "Even if we can' seems to be our only real option. We have to try it either way."

As R3 jumped up, he roared with anger as he released a series of coloured disks of energy at the two, green, blue then red. The small machine on his right hand, not used to being used so stimuntaionously, began to heat as the tool blew up, sending out three smal shockwaves and the fired disks weakening as R3 fell, his right hand injured and a small blade lodged in his left light, and the disk flew and peirced the melting wall.

"Soul Liner, depart." R-SOUL instructed, and the doors closed as the giant supertrain began to find higher ground.

"Rescue Taker, exit. All engines, load." R-SOUL muttured as he worked away in his cabin. Taker rolled out as every remaining vehicle began to lend their powers to the train.

"Freezing Cannon, ready. Power, 30%."

"Fire when ready." Hikaru ordered, "Now, who's going to be piloting the Falcons? Any takers?"

"I'll... I'll take Jet Falcon.." Nakida weakly offered, pulling out a Rescue Megaphone.

"R4, Chakusou!"

Panels dropped out of the ceiling as they scanned Nakida, one tentacle-like part taking the megaphone as armour began to materialize.

"Sakura, hurry into Rescue Taker!" Nakida called out as she exited the 'booth'.

Sakura nodded and rushed into the compartment behind her (very tricky as wind was whipping against her face) and then into Rescue Taker.
"I'm ready to launch," She said getting ready to send Taker into the ground.

Cross groggily got up off the ground and nodded.
"I'll, ugh my head, ... I'll take the Dropship ..." he moaned.

"Rescue Taker, gate open!" R-SOUL instructed as the train slowed and the large gate opened to reveal Taker.

"Target lock! Freezing Cannon!"

Rescue Taker moved out ready to launch.
"Everyone ready?" Sakura asked.
"Ready," Cross said "Captain, Final Rescue Requested!"

"Final Rescue Approved!" He threw his arm out, "Explosively Suppress It!"
"Ready! Iku zei!" R4 called back as she launched.
Sakura launched the Taker out of Soul-Liner and sent it hurtling down towards the ground, narrowly avoiding a large plume of lava. Cross meanwhile was flying down beside her when he slashed the Final Rescue Card.

"Final Rescue, Dropship Chill!"

Thousands upon thousands icy blasts collided with Rescue Taker, freezing solidly around the vehicle.

"Hydro Missile!" R4 called out as Soul Liner fired it's laser, along with Jet Falcon.

Hikaru waited, holding his breath as he watched the two Final Rescues collide with the oncoming wave of lava. The molten substance, wherever struck by the icy attacks, started to freeze over, even if only for a few moments. A few precious moments to take advantage of.

The Final Rescues continued on, eventually finding the target: the EDG. The machine was struck by the ice attacks, and was covered in a fine covering of ice.

"Finish! I'll take it!" R4 declared, pulling a lever. "Falcon... Attack!" She shouted as she readied to eject right through the machine.


"What!?" She cried out as she began to fall. "This is R4, I need back-" She frantically shouted into her mouthpeice. A plume a lava shot up underneath the 'bird'.

"Cross, Sakura!" Hikaru shouted, "One of you try to help Nakida!" He wasn't going to be able to do anything. If he could get the Heli-Falcon, he wouldn't be fast enough. It wouldn't reach her in time. Only one of the other two would be able to act to save Nakida.

"Yes sir," Cross called.
The Dropship flew towards Nakida's vehicle.
"Rescue Gattai!"

Cross's vehicle sank towards Jetfalcon and clamped it to the bottom of the vehicle, dragging both vehicles towards the ground. R2 pulled the vehicle up as high as he could, bringing it skyward just before it hit the floor. He sighed with relief.

"Now," he said smugly "I'm cycling the Dropship's power through into Jet Falcon, I say it's time for a Falcon Attack!"

"Target locked, Falcon Attack!" R4 declared as she was shot out of the two vehicles. She hit into the frozen machine as she broke though it. "Final Rescue - Aurura(Sp?) Break!" She cried out as she quickly swiped the next, uneeded card as the ice locked onto the machine. "Heli Falcon, Talon Winch!" She said stimutainously as the vehicle was shot out and hooked onto the frozen machine.

"Explosively captured!" She cheered.

R3 jumped down the edge of the ravine, whistling through the air as a rope shot out of his back to support him. "Tool Gattai!" He called out as he flipped out Zambar, in Javelin mode, Breaker, in axe mode, Tri-Basher, in gun mode, Crusher, in Mantis mode and Divider, in Divider mode. Clipping Zambar and Breaker to his arms, he clipped the gun to his helmet as it connected with his armour's HUD. Opening up a manual charge for his Crusher, he spun Flame Divider into it, sending the spinning chainsaw into flames as he charged at the commanders. A wave of lava crashed behind him as he struck at them, firing Tri-Basher behind him to slightly dent the molten rock.

"Mantis Crush!" He called out as the flaming blue energy disk was shot out, with Flame Divider following suit. "Rescue Thunder!" R3 shouted as he used the combined powers of Axe Storm and Haken Rain to strike down Ame as Hitofuki hopefully took the impact of his long-range weapons.

"Bakuchin... Kanryou!" He announced solemnly as the wave of magma surged on right behind him.

Hitofuki spun around and hugged Ame tightly. He roared in agony as Kaisu's attack tore through the artificial nerves in his mechanical body. He'd taken the brunt of the attack and was panting heavily, Ame began to sob.

"Why?" Hitofuki snarled, spinning around to face Kaisu, "WHY DON'T YOU JUST LEAVE HER ALONE!?"
He staggered forward and clutched at a random boulder for support.
"You've won! Well done!" He said seething with rage "Jishin's run off! I don't want to fight you! Ame's nearly dead! All I ask is that you leave us alone ... please,"

Cross dropped next to Kaisu and grinned from beneath his visor. He aimed a Tri-Basher at Ame and fired it. Jishin's arm shot out and caught the bullets. He muttered something under his breath before glaring at Cross.
"Arashi was right about you ..."

"I have no mercy for lifeforms like you!" Kaisu roared as his visor became transparent, his HUD's screens visible from the outside as he ran up to Jishin. Nakida steered the EDG into Soul Liner to study it later. James was on a cliff above the three commanders.

"Rescue Force... Move in!" R-SOUL instructed as he leapt down, striking Jishin.

"You can't take us all..." He laughed cruely as he launched his killer move, Soul Z Slash at him before following through.

"Kaisu, take Hitofuki! Cross, take Ame! Hikaru, back me up!" He called out as he blocked a move with his sword that was aimed at Kaisu as he slid across a limestone rock and jumped up towards Hitofuki.

Cross nodded and ran over to Ame, switching the Tri-Basher into sword mode and forcing it through her shoulder. The machine's disguise began to flicker out into her robot form. She looked up and grabbed at Cross's arm desperately.
"End of the line," Cross whispered, leaning in close to Ame's face. "DRAGON CHARGE!"

"No-one's survived this!" Kaisu shouted as he changed his Crusher into it's chainsaw form. "Matis Impact!" He roared as the blue energy form was shot out.

Jishin managed to land an attack on the side of R-SOUL's helmet and it shattered, a shard of his visor stabbing into James as a torrent of brown hair appeared.
"This ends now!" James roared as he readied his ultimate attack. "Soul Charge! At the speed of light, my Rescue Soul burns! I, James Damoshika, will continue this burning passion for the world!" He declared.
"Strike at full power! The ultimate of Soul Z Slash!" He roared as Soul Liner connected a cable to the hilt of the sword. It began to glow a shining gold as a contrail was left.

"Rescue Force... Iku Zei!" He shouted as Hikaru readied Sonic Divider, but at R-SOUL.

"Rescue Soul... Have in mind those lives of the enemy! You've been burning cold!"

Hitofuki brought both of his arms up in front of his face, he cried out in pain and stood up, some of the chainsaws teeth caught in his arms. He stood up smiling. "No one's survived it yet," Cross turned around, slightly shocked, and very confused. "What?" asked a dumbfounded Cross "These bastards have killed hundreds of people! It would've been more if we hadn't been there!" R2 wasn't focused, he was seething with rage, the next thing he knew he'd pulled the trigger and launched a Dragon Bullet straight into Hikaru ...

Hikaru saw the blast that R2 had inadvertently fired at him. He had only a moment to react. He drew up his Rescue Breaker and switched it to his Break Hammer. He held it out, using the body of the hammer as his main defense, also hoping that the handle of the weapon would provide him some defense.

As the Dragon Bullet smashed into his weapon, he slid back. He struggled, holding the weapon out before his body. It started to crack, and split in half. He was thrown back. He tried to move to the side, but wasn't fast enough. The Dragon Bullet grazed his side, throwing him farther out until he stopped rolling.

"Now I'm just pissed!" James roared as he struck down as many of the commanders as he could.

"Soul Z Slash!"
"Whale Impact!"

Jishin, Hitofuki and Ame collapsed. Hitofuki crawled over to the sobbing Ame and clutched her hand. "Fine then ..." He muttered "Just end it," Cross took a step forward and changed the Tri-Basher into sword mode, placing it under Hitofuki's chin and lifting his head upwards so he could get eye contact. "With pleasure," He said, almost sadistically.

"Cross!" Hikaru shouted, rushing over. Before Cross could question him, he said, "We need to destroy them, or defeat them, but we're not killers. Look at them. They may be machine, but right now, they're more human than anything else. Lower your weapon." He ordered, no matter how hard this would be for any of them.

Kaisu sighed and lowered his weapon as James wavered in his mind.

Cross's hand was starting to shudder. He growled before finally throwing his Tri-Basher to the floor and pushing past Hikaru. And walking away from the ravine.
"Fine." He hissed.

Hitofuki gazed up at Hikaru.
"Thankyou ..." He coughed "Th-this doesn't ... mean we owe you anything,"

"Of course it doesn't." Hikaru said, "But destroying you know would be like killing a human man. I can't exactly allow that to happen. Now go, for your own safety."

"Fine... But from now, be cautious..." Kaisu growled as James headed back towards Soul Liner.

Right Punch.
Left Punch.
Right Punch.
And so on ...
Cross was pissed. That much was fairly obvious. The moment that the Phoenix had gotten back he'd headed straight to the gym under the Training Grounds. Screamed for a minute and then started tearing into a punch bag. How could Hikaru have let them go?
Kaisu was in the same state as he shot at a door, shredding it as he advanced, changing weapons as he tore through the destroyed building. James trailed behind him, cheery as always, with Dozer Dragon clearing a path. It was a clash of emotions.
Ren was hobbling down out of his bed in the medical bay. He stood, looking at his comrades and what they were doing, unaware of what had happened in the prior mission. At how dire the situation could become, and about what Hikaru had done. He just stood there, watching, in no condition to head down and talk to anyone.

Cross had finished his impromptu workout and was walking through the corridors of Rescue Phoenix. He was recounting his previous encounter with Ame through his head, but instead of being ordered to get away from her, he was imagining tearing her apart, limb-from-limb. He was so wrapped up in his sick fantasy that he didn't notice he was walking straight into Ren until he was about an inch away from his face. He stopped suddenly and then staggered backwards There was a pause until Cross decided on the best thing to say "You should be resting,"
Ren glanced at him, and ignored what Cross said. "What happened during the mission?" Ren asked.

"Mantis Crush!" Kaisu roared as he burst through a wall with the energy blast flying towards Pheonix. He trudged towards Ren and Cross.

"What happened!? We had those little *** and then Hikaru let them go!" He growled.

"Captain...let the enemy commanders escape?" Ren questioned, shocked by Hikaru's choice. "Why would he do that? What would possess him to let them go?"

"CAREFUL THERE! YOU'RE GOING TO BREAK THE DAMN THING!" Saeki roared as Nakida anxiously steered the deactivated EDG. It was a great feat as it was completely intact, with all the technology and components inside.

"I've seen this somewhere..." Hikaru murmured as he stood behind Saeki, a computer screen flashing as he sifted through the data.

"That's it! Neo Terror! It was in there... But the method used to draw the magma... Not Omeganium to power it, but..."
"Drill Boost." Saeki finished grimly.

Sakura stopped still. "Hang on, hang on," She mused "Wasn't Rescue Drill destroyed when the first Phoenix crashed?"
"But... The drills from the EDG that peirced the ground are just like the ones we destroyed with God Striker... Only that instead of Omeganium, I can swear it's Drill Boost..." Hikaru muttured.

"The Final Rescue... A fatal crisis?" Nakida whispered to herself as she climbed out of Taker.
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"We had them at our mercy... But now..." Kaisu sighed. "It's a shame, we could have gotten a lot more free time... Not to mention, revenge, if they set off the Mach Train..."

"Why are you so hung up about that?" Nakida asked through Kaisu's commander. He flipped it open.

"Hung up about what?"

"The second Mach Train..."

"Because it was a disaster! The third generation was killed!" Kaisu roared.

"Well... Either way, Cross, can you meet me in the Control room?"

"Yeah sure," Cross muttered walking off down the corridor.

The door was pushed open from the other side, Sakura and Cross looked at each other for a second and then awkwardly moved aside and let each other walk through.

Sakura walked over to Kaisu and Ren.
"Have either of you seen Yuri?" She asked "I left her in the control room but ... she's gone missing?"

"Yuri? Oh, your sister... Well, she's a kid. Maybe she went out to explore... Either that, or she met James' toys.."

"Something like that," Sakura said.
She walked towards the door and beckoned Ren and Kaisu to follow.
"Can you two just help me find her?"

"I'll tap into the surveillance system." Kaisu nodded as he ran off towards the control room.

"I'll come with you." Ren replied, watching Kaisu leave to check cameras.

"Thankyou," Smiled Sakura "Where do you think she's gone?"

"I really don't know. I haven't known her long enough to get any idea where she would even want to go. But she's a child...maybe somewhere that looks fun?" Ren suggested.

Sakura shrugged.
"What looks fun?"

"Leon Burst!" Four blue shots broke into a wall, followed by a car-sized lion with construction gimmicks all over it. "Dozer Crush!" Bursting into the rubble was a small bulldozer. The rest of the miniature Rescue Fire vehicles came in after.

"What'cha guys talking about?"

Ren looked to the newcomer who had spoken, "We're looking for a little girl. Have you seen her?"

"I wouldn't know... Why don't you just check the cameras?"

"Kaisu's doing that now," Sakura explained "... What the Hell let's just check on him,"
She walked off down the corridor and then turned around to face Ren and James.
"Well? You two coming?"

Ren nodded, "Yeah, let's get going."

"Sure, why not? Vehicle, return." He instructed as he turned towards the Phoenix.

"Tag, you're it!" James announced as he slapped Sakura's shoulder and raced away.

Cross came into the control room and sprawled himself into his chair.
"So, what did you want me for?" He asked.

Nakida threw a bulky file into Cross' lap.
"Chikao... We might as well finish his life story." She grinned.

Cross grinned back and opened the file up to where they were last reading. He squinted at it and turned the page on it's side.
"Sorry, Sorry, I'm not good with Kanji," He admitted "Can you read this?"

"Name changed by siblings... Yuki Chikao to Kaisu Sanyura... Mafia trouble who wanted to hunt him down to get back at his sister... Moved to Japan and thus cancelling his time in university... Trained at the UFDA training facility..." She read aloud.

"Wah! Chikao! Umm... Hiya Kai-" Nakida cried out as Chikao's hand flew to her throat as she was pinned to the wall. She croaked as Kaisu's hand tightened.

"How did you-" Kaisu growled as his gaze darted to the folder. "You.." He threw her to the ground. Moaning, she stumbled into the Chakusou pod.

Blood dribbled down her face.

Cross got up from his chair slowly, cleared his throat, walked towards Kaisu and tapped him on the shoulder. Cross smiled politely and punched Kaisu in the face.

The punch took Kaisu by suprise and he was knocked back towards the closed doors of the room.
"You had no right!" He roared as he ran up and swung his fist at Cross.

The punch knocked Cross to the left and into the wall. After spitting some blood out of his mouth Cross raised his arms over his face and rammed into Kaisu.
"YOU WEREN'T GOING TO TELL US!" He looked up at Kaisu and smiled evilly "Were you, Chikao?"

"I kept it secret for a reason!" Kaisu screamed as he barrelled into Cross. "None of you had the right!" He roared as he slapped Nakida. "It was my life!" He shouted. "I had kept it secret for a reason.." He faltered. Blood was dribbling all over his face with a cut lip and broken nose. "Ritsuka..." He mouthed.

"And what reason, would that be?" Cross asked.

"You don't understand..." He sobbed. "It... It was horrible... They..." He looked like he was going to puke for a moment. "No.. Shut up!" He shouted. He lashed out again at Cross.

"You... You had to this!?"

Cross was knocked backwards, he felt at his cheek, taking some blood off of his face and licking it off his fingers.
"No," Cross smirked "I didn't, but we wanted to know what you were hiding, and Miss. Sassu was all too willing to help m-"

"What. The. Hell. Is going on here?" asked an ice cold Sakura.
She took a tissue out of her pocket and approached Nakida, kneeling down and gently wiping the blood off of her face.
"Cross? Kaisu?" Sakura looked up and glared at the two men "Which of you two did this?" She hissed

Kaisu was surprised by her sudden appearance and his sentence was cut off, along with Cross'.

Letting out a cry of frustration Kaisu stormed out into the corridor, bolting past Sakura.

Nakida sobbed as she cleaned her face of the blood. Her eye was beginning to bruise with her lip cut and her nose mangled. Moaning, her head fell to the side and she fell limp.

Sakura got to her feet and rushed after Kaisu, stopping outside the door and shouting after him.
"Kaisu!" She yelled.
Sakura leapt forward and stopped in front of Kaisu, arms outstretched.
"What happened in there?" She asked firmly.

"Get outta my way!" Kaisu screamed as he swept Sakura off her feet. Dodging past her he ran out of the room and into the garage.

"You alright?" Cross asked, sitting down next to Nakida and putting his hand on her shoulder.

"AGH!" Sakura yelled, "I can't deal with this right now!"
She stormed out of the corridor and back to the control room, she walked deliberately over to Hikaru's computer and opened up the CCTV records.
"I'm not done with you three yet," She said to Cross and Nakida "As soon as I find my sister I want some-"
She stopped.
"-answers ..."
Sakura walked out of the room and headed off towards the garage.
"Yuri's left the Phoenix ... she could be anywhere,"

"Yuri? You mean..." Nakida breathed as she stumbled out of the room. Knowing the situtation... If they have her, or worse, her father... DAMNIT! She found a basin and washed herself before sneaking into the vehicle garage.

"Nakida, I''ll come with you." Ren volunteered, "I need to be able to help. I can't just sit around." He looked to his wounds, "I'll need you to drive, though."

"Hurry up then..." Nakida muttered dismissively as she got into her vehicle.

Ren hurried as best he could, despite his wounds wearing on him. He got into the passengers seat, "Ok, I'm ready."

"Hang on, hang on," Sakura called, clambering into the back of the car and strapping herself in "Right, you can go now,"
"Wait!" Cross cried, running up to the car and diving into it "... you can go now,"

Nakida sighed. "If this is happening... Sakura, take the wheel." She instructed as she stumbled out. "Where are we even meant to look?"

Slamming the door to his vehicle Kaisu made his way into the large office. He was still wounded as he stumbled towards the desk. "Tsubasa-sama..." His bloodied face gasped.

"What do you want?" asked Tsubasa, not even looking up from the torn up pieces of paper he was trying to piece back together.

A drop of blood fell onto Tsubasa's hand as Kaisu evaded him and jumped over the counter. "Where's Ritsuka?" He asked.

"Why do you want to know?" Asked Tsubasa.
He noticed the little red spot on his hand and then looked up at Kaisu.
"What happened to you?" He frowned.

"Chicago. Two idiots just had to find out." Kaisu growled.

"Those two idiots would be Cross and Nakida?" Tsubasa asked.

"Yes!" Kaisu screamed. His clothes were drenched with blood and the wet fabric was being tinted. "Ugh..." He moaned as he fell to the ground.

Sakura pulled the car up into the Suburban District and got tout of the car followed by Cross.
"... Why are we here?" Cross asked.
"My sister used to come here a lot when we were little," Sakura told him "There's a playground nearby, she used to go on the swings a lot after ... my ... just find her,"
Cross sighed and started looking around for Yuri. Instead his eyes caught sight of someone in a black trenchcoat and a fedora glaring at them, he turned the corner and walked down an alleyway. Cross tapped Ren on the shoulder.
"Did you see that?" He asked him.
"Nakida! Cross! Ren!" Called Sakura from the playground "Can you see Yuri?"

"No... Not ye-" Nakida shouted back weakly when she was interrupted.

A sudden tremor erupted as the man peeled himself away from the area.

"Wait... We're all here... Could it mean... EDG!" Nakdia cried out.

Cross started looking around carefully, what was the disaster?
An earthquake?
A Volcano?
A huge drilling machine?
He saw something come out of the ground his fist lunged forward and grabbed it. In his hand he held a tiny black sphere.
"This is it?" Cross laughed "This is the Extreme Disaster?"
He tossed the device at the pavement and chuckled.
"That was pathetic ..."
Suddenly the device sprang up again and bounced off a tree, breaking it into thousands of wooden chunks, the ball richocheted past Cross's ear and bounced off the pavement through a car window (setting the alarm off) and bounded down the street, breaking tree's, buildings, windows and everything in it's random, uncontrollable path.
"... That ... isn't as pathetic," Cross admitted.

"Come on then! Let's take it out!" Nakida wheezed as she pulled out her Commander. "Chakusou!" She winced as the armour smashed onto her jumpsuit as it was locked on tight.

"Where'd it go?" R4 asked as the small ball flew back and dove for the pavement by them. It was shattered as it broke through a sewage pipe and the hole became a violent hydrant.

"They.. They're targeting us... New Terra!" She exclaimed as she pulled a Rescue Crusher out of the car. "Cross, help me!" She called out as she wiped the card and the tool became heavy in her hands.

The liquid nitrogen began to churn as she readied herself for the blast.

"Chakusou!" Cross and Sakura called out.
Cross pulled out another Crusher from the car and swiped the card through it. Sakura instead took a Tri-Basher from her backpack and pointed it at the plume.
"Tri-Basher, Gun Mode! Dragon Charge!" She cried.
"Rescue Crusher, Whale Mode!" Cross yelled.
"Blizzard ... BULLET!"
"Whale ... IMPACT!"
The three blasts hit the raging torrent and froze it solid. Cross was about to make some terrible pun but the team's ears were saved by the small black EDG smashing into the ice sculpture causing the chunks of ice to fall to the ground. Cross switched his weapon to Mantis mode and sawed through two sizeable chunks before they hit the ground. Sakura instead, vaulted onto one of the frozen chunks of debris before bounding onto another piece of ice and another, she leapt of the last one and tried to catch the EDG, instead missing it and falling into a pile of rubbish.
"Dammit!" She shouted, waving some trash bags off of her and getting to her feet "It's too small to use the vehicles without causing massive collaterall damage! How can we stop that thing!"

Nakida had been knocked back by her tool and was sprawled against the bonnet of her car.

"No choice but to fight it ourselves..." R4 thought grimly as R3 walked onto the scene.

"At times like this..." He dramatically began as smoke poured by his feet. "We strike it with grace! " He declared as he pulled out a red tool from his pocket. "Dragon Charge!" He called out as he absorbed energy into his tool. "Fire!" A great icy beam was shot out towards the ball. The blast skimmed the EDG as it ripped into the slide at the playground. Nakida cried out in horror as a child taking refuge on the metal platform disappeared under a sheet of metal. A wet dear dropped out of her eye as the metal has pierced the child. Blood was soaking the plastic floor and his clothes while his face was twisted in pain.

"Target Lock!" R3 shouted as he spun the miniature tool. "Ice Tornado!" He shouted as two small beams of ice entwined and hit the sphere. "Bakuchin Kanryou!" He announced as a shard of ice hit his back. The sphere seemed indestructible.

"Any ideas!?" He screamed as the ball flew into a house.

"You IDIOT!" Cross screamed, punching Kaisu in the stomach "What is wrong with you!"
Sakura chose to take a different approach, leaping out of the rubbish she grabbed Nakida and pulled her into the playground.
"It's okay, it's okay, I'm with Rescue Force, what's your name?" She asked the boy
"Y-yousuke," he replied
"Okay, Yousuke-kun, this is going to hurt ... a lot," She admitted "Nakida when I pull the slide up, get him out from under there and start patching him up,"
Sakura lifted the slide up ...

Ren didn't know what he could do. He didn't have his Commander, so he couldn't transform. He had no weapons or tools on him. His body was still too rattled and weak to be able to do too much to help stop this Extreme Disaster. He ran as fast as he could towards Sakura and Nakida, crouching beside them and the boy, "Anything I can do?" Ren asked them.

R3 pushed R2 back before pulling out his smaller Tri-Basher and entered through a window. As he shielded the family inside he took several swipes with his sword at the EDG.
Cross growled and rushed after Kaisu.
"I was talking to you!" He yelled, pushing the family out of the door rather roughly "What the Hell is that thing!?"
"Get out of the way!" Kaisu shouted as the EDG began to lock onto Cross. Fire Dragon fell as he fell in a lump to the ground. In a quick reversal his armour had been locked down. His HUD barely kept track of the EDG as it flew towards Cross.

Nakida pulled out a small medical kit and began to work on the boy as he cried out.

The ball's momentum hit Cross full in the chest and he was tossed out of the house via the wall. His body flew straight past Sakura and Nakida and only ended when he got stuck in a wall. He moaned and then fell to the floor with a loud crash.
Sakura ignored R2 and ran into the house to find a locked-down Kaisu.
"Kaisu-kun! are you alright?" She asked.
A hand started feeling at his chestplate to find the manual overide for armor lockdown, it was somewhere there. Suddenly her hand recoiled.
"Ow!" She muttered "Bloody static ... electricity ..."
Sakura brightened up beneath her helmet and pushed down on Kaisu's chest with both hands, as if she were performing CPR, there was a loud "CLUNK" and Kaisu's armor began working again.
"I know how we can stop the EDG!" she said happily "We're going to need some wire ..."

"Wire? Hmm... I'll work with it. I could probably be a technician... Thanks, by the way."

Nakida ran over to Cross as he flew.

"Cross!" She screamed. The back of his armour was cracked and heavily dented with one of his lights fizzing out. She shouted in frustration. They were losing to the EDG and she couldn't do anything with Cross. His armour being removed could be fatal...

I just don't bloody know. She sobbed.

"The EDG must have a massive source of energy, chances are it's electrical," Sakura said, digging through the cupboards in the house "If we could wrap wir-" She stopped and looked at Kaisu "It doesn't have to be wire, any sort of metal coil will do," she clarified, before rooting through the cupboard again "Anyway, if we wrap wire around it then ... um, electircal, sciency ... things, Either way it'll turn it into an Electromagnet, given it's weight it'll probably be pulled into the nearest metal thing and be stuck!" Sakura's search finally yeilded something and she pulled a coil of metal out from under the kitchen sink.
"Let's go," She chimed.
Kenneth Cross was sinking into the dark, his eyes were drooping, most of his armor was offline. The radio was crackling in his head, an interference of static occasionally accompanied by a screech of radio transmissions or some sort of chat show. His armor was feeling heavy and hot, a warm trickle of blood was dripping through his body, down his face, his arms, his back. The word "DANGER" was flickering on his HUD gradually getting darker and darker until dissapearing, his field of vision tinting crimson and then blacking out as his eyes closed, the radio crackled with angry static before shutting off. Cross's heart stopped beating.
It went black.
It went quiet.
"Cross!" Someone screamed.
Cross's eyes opened groggily. He could just make out Nakida kneeling over him through a haze of red and black. His heart started beating, and he slowly climbed to his knees, both arms slowly closed around Nakida.
"Don't cry," He smiled.
"Good to know you lot are alright," Sakura cheered running up to Nakida and Cross, dragging Kaisu behind her "Captain Todoroki! Impromptu Final Rescue Requested!"

"Final Rescue approved! Explosively suppress it!" Hikaru shouted in their headsets, giving the go ahead for the Final Rescue.

Ren was lying on the ground, in pain from his wounds. He was watching as the others went about, taking care of the EDG. He wished he could help, but Hikaru still had his Commander. He couldn't do anything.

Nakida twisted a vial on the side of the R2 helmet as the HUD deactivated.

"Okay then! Commander uses a different signal to the usual infra-red transmitter so if we wrap it up and activate a Card that should send an electromagnetical signal that, if boosted, should deactivate the EDG." Kaisu explained to no-one. Wrapping tin foil around the LED light he attached the coil to his glove.

"Target lock!" He announced as he arranged a series of mirrors. "Final Rescue! Blast Hurricane!" He called as he swiped the card. In a bright flash the coil lit up and a high-pitched shriek blanked out the suit's HUD as the EDG fell to the ground.

Pulling out a Break Axe he swung at the falling ball. "Dragon Attack!" He roared as he slammed it into a wall.

"Bakuchin... Kanryou!"

"Cross... You're getting cold..." She whispered.

Suddenly the world lit up with a strange light. She felt a jolt through her armour as R3 shouted something. "Cross..." She repeated again as she propped him up against a small post.

"Guys!" She shouted at the rest of the team.

The man who strolled into the scene and sat down beside Ren was very tall taller than Sakura, a little broader too. Despite the incredible heat he was wearing a thick black trenchcoat, and gloves. This was the man Cross had glimpsed earlier.
This was New Terra's fourth commander.
And his name was Arashi.
"Did you know Kenneth Cross has a history of Sadistic Personality Disorder?" he asked, without even an introduction "And that Kaisu Sanyura is closer to Yuki Ritsuka and her husband than any of them would like to let on? Then there's Sakura Ryusaki, she's tried to kill four people including herself, and her little sister. Not even Nakida Sassu is completly innocent," he turned towards Ren, his mouth obscured by a red balaclava "Then there's you ..."
He stood up, holding a chunk of the EDG that had been destroyed into Ren's face.
"I just want you to know that if Ame, Jishin and Hitofuki fail to defeat you, if these devices don't annhilate you, I. Will." He knelt down again and looked Ren in the eye "I have enough information on you, and everyone who's ever worked for the UFDA to bring it crashing down around your ears," He got to his feet and chuckled, tossing the broken ball into the air and then catching it "This way is just more fun,"
He began to walk off into the distance and soon he dissapeared.
Sakura scampered back up to him, holding Yuri in her arms and hugging her tightly. The younger girl managed a small wave at Ren before Sakura sat down next to him.
"You okay?" She asked. "... who was that?"

Ren didn't know what to say. He had stood there, shocked as this man spoke to him. He gave an offsetting aura that just kept Ren paralyzed with fright.

He looked to Sakura. He was starting to shake as the man left. He fell to his knees as the aura of the man washed away from him. He stuttered to Sakura, "That truly evil..." Is all he could mutter in the shock of this man's absolute power.

Sakura frowned and glanced behind her.
"What did he tell you?" she asked.

Soon Kaisu was drifting over.
"Guys! Sakura, where's your sister!?" He shouted frantically.
"Oh." He stopped when he saw Yuri. "Where was she?"

"New Terra Member 4 - Name Unknown... Looks like our work paid off." Ritsuka smiled. She had dressed in an olive jacket with a black shirt and jeans.

"This just proves it..." Tsubasa acknowledged as he investigated a folder in his hand. "Another person missing after their life went on a tailspin... Another member of New Terra."

"He told me things about everyone. He told me that he had information enough to bring the UFDA down around all of us." He told Sakura, "Some of the things he told me...seem to be very accurate, when I think about it. He knows too much about all of us. I' m sure he could make good on his threat to bring us all down."

"I was ... hiding," Yuri said softly, in answer to Kaisu's question.
Sakura frowned and shot Kaisu a worried look.
"Did he say anything specific?" She asked Ren.

"Sakura, Kaisu...he told me about both of you. He also told me about Cross, and mentioned that he knew things about both Nakida and myself." He looked at both of them, "I don't know if I should tell you two anything. I think you'd rather me not tell you both in front of each other..."

Sakura got up to her feet, holding Yuri's hand.
"Tell us later, if what he says is right (which I don't think it will be) then we tell Hikaru that we may have a security breach," She gave the two a reassuring smile.

Ren rose to his feet, "Yeah, all right then." He said, nodding, "Let's get going, then."

It had been a commotion as Nakida dragged Cross into a vehicle and drove him back to the Phoenix. He was wired up with an assortment of equipment she couldn't name.

"Damnit...' She muttured to herself yet again.

After two or three hours Cross's eyes began to flicker open.
"Cross..." She had a small laptop on the table. "You're awake." She stated gleefully.
The laptop showed a file from the Japanese Police department.
"Rape, child abuse... That was Sakura's story."
"But it was just suspected ..." Cross read, sitting up "They couldn't prove anything because both girls refused to testify, Girl A (Who I'll assume is Sakura) tried to ... Jesus Christ ..."
"Arson... She... Sakura?"

Kaisu was strolling along the cafeteria, bragging about how he had shut down the EDG that had almost killed Cross. What he didn't mention was the fact that he had fried his Commander, deleted all the HUD data on the nearby Rescue Suits and missed the EDG in his final, uneeded 'Dragon Attack'.
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It was a couple of days after the day they'd had two Extreme Disasters, and Cross was feeling guilty. He'd been snooping through Kaisu's folder and was starting to regret it, so he'd decided to show Kaisu his folder. Fair is fair isn't it?
"Here you are," Cross smiled pulling the file marked "Cross, Kenneth" out of the cabinet.
He paused for a second and looked out of the door into the corridor to make sure no one was looking when he took hold of a cluster of pages titled "Mental Health: Kenneth Cross" and tore them out.
"Bin, bin, where's the bin?" He asked.

"Where the heck is Kaisu's slot!?" A voice from inside shouted hurriedly. Nakida was trying to replace Kaisu's folder.
She had needed to 'double-check' something.

Cross looked at the door, then at the sheets his psychiatrist had painstakingly written out (and been disturbingly happy when he did), then at the door again, before looking all around the room to try and find the bin. No luck. He was getting panicky now, what could he do?

Cross took a deep breath. He'd just rushed past Nakida with a quick "Hello". He'd just kept the folder close to his chest so she didn't notice the loose pieces of paper. He sighed with relief and walked into the control room, he couldn't see Kaisu anywhere. Sakura however was sitting at her desk doodling on a piece of paper, Hikaru was looking through some paperwork.
"Either of you two seen Kaisu?" He asked.
Hikaru shook his head, Sakura shrugged.
Cross sighed and then dropped his folder onto Kaisu's desk, attaching it to a post-it note reading "Sorry I looked through your file, I was a dick, here's mine,". He walked out the room.

Sakura looked behind her. Cross had left a small wad of A4 paper on the side of Kaisu's desk. She got out of her seat picked them up and was about to tell Cross he'd left them behind when she read the first few words. Her eyes widened and she opened her commander.
"Ren? Kaisu?" She said into it "Can I see you two for a second?"

"What's happening?" Kaisu asked as he strolled into the room. He saw the file on his desk and sifted through it. "holy crap." He blurted in English as he read a page.

"You know what Ren said?" Sakura asked "About that ... trenchcoat man, he said we all had secrets or something?" She handed the pieces of paper to Kaisu "I think this might be Cross's,"

This put Kaisu in an awkward position.
"Looks like I have no choice... Ritsuka, Tsubasa, Nakida, Cross and Ren already know. New Terra knows." Kaisu sighed. "I guess... I guess I have to admit that I'm not Kaisu." He continued. "My real name is actually Chika-" He was cut off as his computer flashed.
His work disappeared as the same happened around the room.

"System override! Contact the captain!" Kaisu shouted. "We've been hacked!"

Hikaru looked over at the main screen with a worried look and began tapping on his keyboard. What was going on?
Sakura ran to her desk and began typing as fast as she could.
"Data deletion being carried out on the primary and secondary servers, The third one hasn't been touched yet but I don't know how long I can keep it that way, I'm trying to reroute any survivng data I can get to an external storage port, but it'll probably be incomplete or scrambled, maybe both, depends how fast I can override it." she reported

Hikaru wasn't listening he'd already found out what was going on.
"Master lockdown ..." He muttered, disbeleivng.
There were only two people who could authorise that Commander Shiraki and James ... but which one? and why?

"All vehicles are completly dead!" Sakura cried out, starting to panic "Chakusou booth's are offlined! Flight mode disabled! Long and short wave radio signals have been interrupted!" There was a loud bang behind them as the doors snapped shut "Control room locked down!" the lighting cut out and the room turned red. Sakura began to cry.
"E-emergency lighting en-enabled ... we're trapped ... we-we're going to die aren't we?"

Nakida had been able to wedge a chair's leg into the closing blast doors.
"Kaisu!" She shouted. "Help!"
Kaisu ran over the door and tried to open the doors.
"Hikaru!" He shouted as the two managed to allow room for Nakida to squeeze in. Straight after, the doors were latched.
"Complete lockdown..." Kaisu muttered. "Nakida, think you cou-"
"Nope... This is UFDA... Too advanced."

Kaisu leaned over his desk, head in hands. Wait...
"What's that noise?"

Sakura looked around, tears still in her eyes.
"Wha-" She hiccuped "What noise?"

Ren looked at his station at his terminal. He tried to bring it up, but it was completely dead. He guessed that the member terminals would all be dead. He thought it nothing short of a miracle that some, like Hikaru's, would be left active.

He looked back at what was happening, then he heard the noise.

"I swear, I've heard this before somewhere..." Kaisu muttered. "When was it?" The high-pitched drone irritated his ears.
Sakura whimpered and slid herself behind Ren.
"Wh-where's it coming from?" She gulped.
"I wish I knew." Ren told her.

"Everyone! The system's closed off! All data's being transferred to an unknown location." Kaisu reported.
"Only one way out..." Nakida muttered.
"Exactly. Everyone, out the window! We'll need to get down somehow!" Hikaru instructed.
"For once, parlour will come in handy." Kaisu grinned.
"Everyone, let's go!" Hikaru shouted.
"Super Max Kick!" Hikaru shouted as he jumped onto the small blue window with his foot outstretched.
"Wyvern Attack!" Kaisu shouted as he cannonballed through another window.
"Jango Fett had a bloody grappling hook." He cursed as he fell. Nakida came through behind him as he swung onto another part of the Phoenix. Finding a foothold he investigated the path downwards.
Ren rushed to a window and decided not to act odd and shout something. He clung to a small ledge outside the window and started to down-climb, despite his weakened and battered body. He wanted to shout in pain as it felt like knives were being twisted through parts of his body.

He had to get over his weaknesses, though. He knew he had to fight the pain to get out alive.

Sakura gulped and crawled out of the broken window. It was starting to rain now, Sakura looked up into the clouds and sighed with releif as the biting cold whipped against her face. It felt so much better to be outside than stuck inside a locked down room. She took a step forward into the rain ... and off the balcony ...
Sakura screamed, that had been stupid, what was happening to her? Her left hand rushed upwards and grabbed hold of something. She cried out in agony as her arm strained to pull her onto the balcony.

"Sakura!" Kaisu shouted as he jumped down. Locking onto her wrist he slid down the bumpy side of the Phoenix. Jamming his foot into a crease he fumbled for a better hold. "About twenty more feet..."

Ren tried to move towards Sakura as fast as he could. He managed to find a hold next to her and took it, wrapping his left arm around her waist in an attempt to help Kaisu handle her dead weight.

Sakura's hand lashed out at the two, she was too scared to focus properly. She shreiked something and then tried to shake the two off her.
"G-get off me!" She yelled "Let go!"

Kaisu tightened his grip as he jumped. Hikaru awaited below with Nakida crawling down after him.

Sakura took a deep breath and tried to regain her composure.
"S-sorry ... I'm okay," She told Kaisu.

"Yes... Yes... Yes!" James laughed as he stood before a great cave in the side of the wall. I'm suprised they haven't sealed this up yet...
"Omeganium... The ultimate energy source! For the new age!" He roared as he plunged into the hole with a red-trimmed axe. From inside the tunnel a great flash erupted as James neared his target.
"New Striker - Hologram off! Soul Liner - Gecko Dragon Change!" James instructed as he tugged on a chain. His armour released the airlock as he stashed it into his train.
"Did'ja get all that?" He asked as a group of people walked up to him.]
"Well... I guess." A man laughed. "With Rescue Force technology, this is going to be too easy!" He shouted. "James?" He asked as New Striker drove off with Soul Liner in tow.

An unfamiliar train rolled into the subway as it blasted through the debris left from the previous mission of retrieving Zero Fire. The tunnels shook as another vehicle, a great red truck, came rolling into the station.

A heavily armoured man stepped out of the train. His glasses reflected in the little light there was. He was tinted red from the sheen of Zero Fire as he pulled out a small device.

"Activate." He announced loudly. Cameras were shattered and five vehicles rolled out of Zero Fire as they made a wall of debris by the stairs and blocked off remaining exits. "Entrance B17-U blocked." He reported into his transponder.
"Zero° Flame Base - Dash!" He commanded as the giant truck rumbled out of the area.
James Damoshiika laughed a cruel laugh as an assortment of tools slunk out of the back of his armour. "Ruin Omen... This... This is our new age!" He announced as he boarded his train.
"Depart! The ride of death!" His black and red super vehicle shot down the tunnel as the railways burned.

"Hello!" Cross called into his commander "Can you hear me?"
Nothing but static.
He'd noticed people had been running out of the subway and had deduced something was wrong, as a rescue worker he had run to the disaster scene and was trying to call up Ren, Kaisu and the rest of the crew, nothing was happening. He pushed past the few stragglers who were catching up with the other fleeing people and he jumped into the tunnels.
"What happened down here?" He wondered, He'd noticed something lying on the tracks, badly damaged "New Striker ..." He walked forward and patted its side, what was it doing in the subway?
Cross crawled into the access tunnel and dropped into the machine's core. It was just barely functional, Cross narrowed his eyes and started messing around with the wires, after a few minutes the vehicle sparked into life.
Then he heard something coming ... a train?

RU remained paralysed on the ground. R-SOUL was inside his Chakusou booth as his suit was drained of electricity. The two were both unable to move as their captor paced around outside the dented Soul Liner inside the old Phoenix's garage.

"Alright then, everyone." Hikaru clapped his hands. "From here on out, we have to patrol for anything... Eventually, we'll have to retrieve the Phoenix." He explained.
"Rescue Force, depart!"

Cross had decided that if his commander couldn't get through he'd just use a mobile Phone. He typed in the first Rescue Force member on his contact list and waited for them to pick up.
Nakida flipped open her small Samsung as she heard Cross.
"Bad news. The Phoenix is in lockdown! Either the Commander or the Director did this, only they have the authority... We're outside the Phoenix right now." She shouted.
"Oh, I thought you were just being rude," Cross snarked "I found New Striker down in the Subways, and it's the only thing I've found down here, I need you guys to help me scan the tunnels, how long will it take you to get to End City?
"I haven't got a car .." Nakida grimaced "Nor have we got scanning gear."
"Then run," Cross said, slightly annoyed, "Or get a bus or something! No one's here, the announcements keep saying they've stopped all trains due to whatever this disaster is but ... I can still hear one,"
"What if James was using his Soul Liner?" Nakida suggested. "Fine, I'll get over there." She sighed.
"All of you, get over here," Cross said "I need all the help I ca-"
There was a loud crash and then the line went dead.

Ren moved closer to Nakida to listen to the conversation. He walked back towards Sakura, "You ok?" He asked her, referring to her freaking out when they downclimbed.
She was taking deep breath's and trying to focus.
"... No," She sighed, sadly "Something's wrong ... really wrong ..."

"Cross!" Nakida shouted into the phone. Slapping it shut she turned to the others.
"We need to get to the subways, quick!" She announced.

Ren looked towards Nakida, and then back to Sakura, "What is it? What's wrong?" He asked desperately. He glanced back at Nakida, realizing that they did need to get away, but he also needed Sakura to answer quickly, preferably.

"Nakida ... are you okay?" Sakura asked, brushing off Ren's question.

"There's been some sort of thing at the Subway... Everything's shut down, the railways barricaded, CCTV off... Cross was down there. There was one train running, then.." She faltered. "We need to hurry"
Ren looked to Sakura, attempting to analyze her deflection, but was too distracted to try to. All he could tell, like before, something was wrong. He'd have to find out later.
"Do we have any way to move faster?" Ren asked Nakida, "Like a car, or anything?"
"My car was modified for the UFDA." Nakida shook her head.
Sakura had gathered her breath back together and walked out into the road.
"I have an idea ..."
"What is it?" Nakida asked as she walked across the road on the perimeter of the compound.
"What is it?" Nakida asked as she walked across the road on the perimeter of the compound.

A man dressed in rags was stumbling down a street. Construction had been halted so he had moved in.
He was riddled with bullets and he had lost one arm yet he was smirking.
"Point to Point Transfer!" He announced as he swung his belt around. There was a small metal pocket on one side with a Rescue Force commander on the other. He swerved the Commander to his front before pulling out a small card labelled 'Transfer Change'. Flipping up the upper screen he swiped his card. "Henshin!"
Clawing his chest and striking a battle pose metal began to cover his lost arm. A giant gattling gun appeared on the underside of his arm as he swung back a lever. A robot-like person can around the corner. Armed with two blades he lunged at the man as he was peppered by the gun. The man swiped the card backwards and the metal became flesh as he gazed at his fallen comrade. He spun on his foot and walked away as the armoured man exploded.

Sakura had decided that a bus was the fastest way to get there, sadly it meant she was sitting next to a little old lady trying to get Sakura to go out with her grandson, and an even smaller four year old boy was kneeling on the seat in front of her and constantly saying "Hello" in English. The Bus stopped a little bit away from the Subways so they'd have to sprint the last bit but at least it was better than sprinting the whole way. She wasn't particularly happy about being sardined into a bus full of pensioners and schoolgirls either, she felt claustrophobic. Sakura sighed and looked past the old lady and out the window.

Nakida raced ahead of Kaisu as he exited a Taxi. Hikaru followed behind as they raced behind Nakida, beckoning for the other two to follow.
Hikaru approached a wall of rubble as he neared the nearest entrance. Equipping some gloves he began to sift through the rock as he soon managed to crawl into the underground subway.
"Cross!" Kaisu shouted as he flicked on a small torch. Nakida scrabbled after him as they entered the abandoned terminals.
Hearing no trains Nakida stepped onto the railways. She walked to her front, listening for anything as she went.

R-Soul neared the battered New Striker with a Mantis Crusher in hand. James lay a few meters behind with a bloody gash in his chest.
"Mantis Impact!" He swiped the chainsaw at the blackened window of the vehicle as the energy trail left the blade.
A strange laser-like sound brought Nakida out of her trance as she sourced the origin of the noise. Her head snapped to her right as a great silver train flew towards her.

Ren leapt into Nakida, carrying her with his weight out of the way of the train. He rolled on impact and came to his knees, watching and wondering what was happening. He looked down to Nakida, "What happened? You ok?"

Sakura followed the rest of them into the tunnel.
"What the Hell was that?" She asked glancing down the tunnel "Are you three alright?"
"Yeah." Ren answered, "Let's keep moving."
Sakura nodded and lifted a torch out of a barely usable box nailed onto the wall and labeled "EMERGENCY USE ONLY". She began walking down the train tracks, every so often she'd hear a screech of metal, or a train whistle break the sound of boots on subway tracks. After a few miles there was another sound, something above her. She looked up, she could barely see anything up there.

"H-hello?" She asked hesitantly.
There was no response, a drop dripped into her eye and she took a step back.
"Ow! ... what was tha-" She answered her own question when she dabbed her eyes with her fingers, she frowned.
"Water?" She asked.
She looked up and suddenly heard something creaking.
"We're underneath a water pipeline aren't we?" She realised "It sounds damaged, how bad do you think it is?"
There was a loud bang from halfway down the tunnel, followed by an even louder snap, which was in turn followed by thousands of gallons of water spewing down on them from the pipeline above them ...

Ren looked around quickly, trying to think of something to do. With no tools or weapons of any sort that any of them had - to his knowledge - it appeared that they were trapped. Ren thought quickly, "I don't know if it'll work, but just brace yourselves!" He shouted, no time to think, no time to even realize if it would kill them or potentially save them.

"Brace ourselves for what!?" Sakura screamed over the rushing water.

"Swim!" Nakida shouted suddenly. They could make it to another entrance in the city! Kaisu took another approach as he greeted the flash flood and let it carry him to the wall of rubble. A small boulder hit him square on the chest as he was rained on by rubble. Nakida let out a cry of exasperation as she got a mouthful of muddy water.


"Oh?" A puddle had just appeared at his feet. He glanced at the wall of rubble that was melting away. He leapt past the barricade and plummeted into the water.

"Henshin ! [Orbiterra - дquarious]"

Ren was smashed into a wall repeatedly in the tumultuous torrent of water. He grabbed onto something - he wasn't sure what - and pulled himself up, just managing to keep his head above water. He gasped, coughing out as much water as he could to try not to drown above the water.

Kaisu Sanyura, R3... Obiterra swam on. Nakida Sassuu, R4..[/u] A sudden push on his back! He shot up into the air, shouting. "Gravity Shot!" His body's gravity pull was reversed as he submerged above the water. Coughing, Nakida opened her eyes.

"You.. Who are you?" She rasped.

"Aqua Drain!" He continued. The water level slowly withdrew as the man's armour swelled. "Downgrade! [фrbiterra]"

"Out of the water!" He snapped as he threw the several rescue workers onto a flight of stairs.

"Chakusou! [фrbiterra - ҭronitus]"

Several chunks of metal were floating in the water as dark shapes appeared.

"You lot, transform! Now!" фrbiterra barked. Kaisu ran up and grabbed the man's visor.

After finally pulling it off, Kaisu proceeded to punch the man.

"Who the hell are you?"

Sakura groggily stumbled to her feet and coughed water out of her lungs. She felt cold, very cold.
"G-good question," She said, shivering "What are you doing he-here?"

"Look, here, it's not safe! I once worked alongside Unus, but now! He is New Terra's most ultimate commander!" He shouted. "With his new Matrix Extreme Disaster Generator-" The man paused.

"Rescue Force... Transform! Help me destroy him!" His voice faltered.

Kaisu glanced at Hikaru, mouthing the words EDG

Ren watched the man warily, but wondered if he might be telling the truth. Ren liked to read people, trying to read their body language, their emotions. He was confused by this person.
He couldn't tell if he was telling the truth or not.
That might have been Ren's fault, from the water and nearly drowning, but it might not have been. He glanced to Hikaru, and the others, wondering what they should do.

"We need to discuss this." Hikaru said with a finalising edge to his voice. He beckoned for every to gather around.
"Can we trust him?" Nakida asked.

"Of course not!" Snapped Sakura "He just shows up out of nowhere! and expects us to do what he says?"
She turned around and then glared at the man, jabbing an accusing finger at him.
"He hasn't even told us his name yet!" The girl growled.

"But.. That stuff about 'New Terra's most Ultimate Commander'.." Nakida sighed.
"Let's forget that for the moment." Ren told Nakida, "I think the most important thing right now is this guy standing right in front of us."
"Seconded," Sakura said, raising her hand in favour. "Who are you? Where is Cross? What are you talking about? Why haven't you told us your. Bloody. Name,"

"Ah.. That. I am Deus, creator of the фrbiterra system." Dues began as he faced the water. "I worked alongside Unus, who follows New Terra's rather outdated systems and created his own. Now, the New Terra Shocktroopers will arrive soon.."

Sakura stared blankly at Deus for a second before turning around to the rest of her team.
"Cross would hit this guy, we all know he would, and I for one propose we try the Kenneth Cross method," She looked back at Deus and smirked "All those in favour say "aye"."
Sakura raised her hand and said "Aye".

Ren nodded in agreement, "Fine, aye."
Hikaru shook his head, "Let's not go the way of violence, not now." He looked to Deus, "Can you explain more? And in more detail? As I think you can see, my team doesn't like the idea of not knowing what's happening. I don't either."

Deus sighed.

"We both created new Armours, however, Unus couldn't make it well so he turned to someone with some of the most advanced systems in the world. New Terra." He nodded.
"His cell-replacement system can heal all wounds, making him impossible to defeat. He feels no pain. It's the ultimate armour." He listed.
"Now, to repay the favour.. He's joined New Terra. If this works, the Subways will be destroyed and the Highway will soon follow. Japan will eventually be disconnected when they install their anti-aircraft program."

"I don't know why...but I'll believe you." Ren said, "Let's ally." He looked to the others, "Anyone else?"
Hikaru looked at the others, reserving his judgment for last.

Sakura gritted her teeth.
"Fine ... I'll believe Ren," she muttered.

Nakida sighed. "Well, he does seem to have a good side.."
"No. When hell freezes over." Kaisu said simply. "There's no way we can trust him."

"My team has spoken." Hikaru said, "I'm going to cast my lot in with the majority, though." He looked to Kaisu, "Sorry, but we're going to trust this guy. If you don't want to, then I'll give you permission to act on your own to solve the problem." He hoped that Kaisu would have the good sense to realize that he might get himself seriously injured or killed if he would go alone. He hoped Kaisu would change his opinion on the situation and join with the new man, Deus.

[i]A pair of crimson eyes watched from the shadows, watching the backs of the Rescue Force team, watching this new man as well. Standing steadfast and still, the figure remained, remaining concealed, waiting...

Kaisu clenched his jaw.
"Fine then. If you guys get killed, I'm not responsible."
"Kaisu.." Nakida breathed. At that moment a group of cyborgs leapt onto the small island they were on in the wet tunnel.
"Ryuu!" They screamed.

Deus immediately charged at a group that were clambering onto the island. "Dai-Shocker!!" He shouted as a charge of electricity poured out of his armed.
Kaisu ran at the two robots Sakura had weakened using a rugby tackle to bring them to the ground.
Nakida remained with Hikaru as they lashed out at one, sending him into the air. Nakida broke off and shot an uppercut at another as the two stumbled off the island. She grabbed at the robot's leg and submerged him again while he clung to the rocky surface.

Ren dodged the blow from one of the machines, driving his elbow into its chest, knocking it into the waters. He ducked the blow of another, grabbing it by the arm and throwing it back in. It grabbed Ren's leg as it fell, dragging him down as well with a shout.

Something dropped out of the shadows and fell onto the robot. There was a clanging sound and a squawk as it's head was twisted off and tossed into a second robot lumbering up to them. Cross stood up and held a hand out to Ren, giving his defeated foe a small kick to make sure it was definitely dead.
"Where would you be without me?" He giggled.

The left side of his hair had turned red from blood (mostly his) and he was (for some bizarre reason) wearing a pair of flying goggles. The right sleeve of his uniform had been torn off and wrapped around his head as a makeshift bandage. He was covered in mud and dirt.
"So, what took you so long?" He queried, grabbing a rock from the floor and throwing it at one of the robots.

"Some problems at the Phoenix. And thanks." Ren said, getting back up. He kicked one machine in the chest, throwing it into the water. He span around, but took a punch from another into his back as he span. He cried out and drove his knee into it, taking it into the water.

"How many of these things can there be?" Ren muttered, throwing one into a wall. It slid down, but had cracked the subway wall in the process. Ren could barely make out writing on it. He had to get over there.

"More than twenty!" Cross replied. "I counted about eight or nine in the rest of the subway system,"
Another pair of robots came up at him, one of them received a kick in the chest, the other's punch was dodged by Cross and a hard punch in the back sent it sprawling into the water. Cross took a grab at the other machine and ran across to the wall, smashing the robots metal skull into the wall a couple of times before kneeing it in the chest and simultaneously bringing both his hands down into the centre of it's back.

He looked at Ren and then at the wall.
"What is it?" He asked.

"I don't know." Ren replied, reaching the wall. He ran his hand over the cracked wall, peeling away the thin sheets of concrete that remained in his way. He ducked the punch of a machine, allowing it to crack the wall open as well, revealing more of the message. Ren span around, grabbing the shoulders of the robot, and smashing its back into the wall, clearing the rest away.

With a shove, Ren threw the robot into the water. Ren looked to the wall, running his hand over the kanji. He read it over, and then spoke it aloud, "Stone Corruption Empire... The rest is worn away." Ren said, running his hand over the remains of the word, "But the wall here is different. It's like the subway was built over the top of this wall that the words are on. I'm willing to bet something is behind this wall."

Cross looked a little bit clueless for a few seconds before smiling broadly and punching at the wall. There was a loud and unpleasant cracking noise and he pulled his hand away.
"Ow ..." He muttered, rapping on the stone with his left (and unbroken) hand "That's not going to come down without something really powerful ..."

"Like a train?" Asked Sakura, throwing a pair of robots into a tangled heap and then impaling them with her piece of piping. "Like the train that cut out the power? Like the train that's racing around underground at this very minute? That train?"

Cross gave her a blank glance for a second before realization struck him.
"Ah! I completely forgot about that!"

"Maybe we shouldn't destroy this...not yet." Ren said, "Maybe we should have this wall analyzed first, before we bring it down and check what's on the other side."

Cross looked a little disappointed and scuffed his boot on the floor.
"Fine ..." He pouted "Now, do we have any way of stopping that train?"
His left arm flew out and caught a robot's neck before his right shot into it's chest, managing to do it all while looking at Ren.
"Or for that matter, these dudes?"

Ren shook his head, "I really don't know." He pondered about the train, "We have nothing, with the Phoenix locked down. If we could get inside of it, I'm sure we could stop it with a vehicle."
He looked at the various machines still approaching that they were doing their best to hold off. Then he shrugged, "I guess we have no choice but to keep fighting these things, though. We can do that, at least."

Sakura flipped the pipe behind her and used it to toss a robot over her head and in front of her before stamping on it's chest as hard as she could.
"Fine by me!" She shouted.
Cross shoved a pair of robots backwards into the water.
"Not fine by ... I have an idea," He realized smiling brightly and rushing down the tunnel.

Two of his metal opponents chased after him, Cross flitted between them and ran back down the tunnel with the machines still eagerly following him. Cross laughed and kicked one of them in the chest, it staggered backwards but continued after him. He ran back the way the rest of his team had gone, two (well five or six, now) robots in hot-pursuit.
"I have an idea and you are going to love it!" He exclaimed.

"Cross we already went down there!" Sakura cried following him, another group of robots rushing after her "There's nothing there but a broken New Striker!"
"EXACTLY!" Cross chimed happily.

Sakura gave Ren a glance.

"What are you planning?" Ren shouted, ducking the swing of a pipe one of the robots was wielding. He kicked the machine, grabbed the pipe from its hand, and swung it into another's head to take it down.

Cross grabbed a robot that had gotten a little too close and made a sprint forward dragging it across the wall before finally throwing it down in front of New Striker.
"... Jumper Cables ..." He muttered "We need Jumper Cables do you know if there are any?"

Sakura shook her head.
"... I ... I think he's trying to ... Jump Start New Striker ... with those robots ..." She muttered, completely lost but trying to answer Ren's question as best she could.
"Correct!" Cross shouted from a small crack in the vehicle dragging out a pair of Jump Leads and several strips of Copper Wire and tossing them to Ren and Sakura "Tie them together, link their batteries up and we can Jump Start the New Striker!"

Sakura stared at him in shock (breaking the gaze to elbow one of the mechanical attackers in it's face)/
"I-is this ... will that work?" She whispered to Ren.

"It might blow..." Kaisu warned as he swung a sword at a group of them. Deus shepherded them into a pile, binding them with a kunai and chain.

"Cross, you're the stupidest maniac I know." Nakida frowned. What the hell?
"Look, even if you jump start it, it might power down from the damage to the frame." Kaisu ranted.
He's a bit.. Energetic... After those injuries...
"And besides, who knows if this is enou-"
"Shut up!"
"Damoshika!" Hikaru cried in relief.
R-SOUL came crashing down on the drying land with a Whale Crusher in hand. He was walking on a patch of ice he had sketched.
"I'm glad I finally found you lot." He laughed.
"Orca Blaster!" He shouted as water sprayed out on Nakida. The spray froze on contact with her skin and steam(?) rose from her frozen arm. Her body was mostly glazed over with ice.
"Rescue Force... I will enjoy destroying the remainder of you!" R-SOUL roared as he charged at the group.

"Nakida!" Cross yelled.
"Who the Hell are you!" Sakura screamed "What have you done with Damoshika?!"

Ren was ready to fight. He stayed low, watching, waiting for a move. He saw what had happened, but remained silent. He didn't want to give himself away as he tried to hide in the darkness.

Ren was ready to fight. He stayed low, watching, waiting for a move. He saw what had happened, but remained silent. He didn't want to give himself away as he tried to hide in the darkness.

Cross hopped off of the damaged New Striker and aimed a punch at Damoshika's face.
"Let ... her ... go," He growled, before snapping his fist out, aiming for the man's jaw.

The helmet had been weakened earlier but it held as Cross's fist shook the helmet. The jumpsuit burned against raw skin as R-SOUL pulled a scarlet pickaxe out of the back of his suit. The deformed Rescue Zamber let loose a golden aura as it swung as Cross.

In a lucky move the energy spun out and hit the road above them. Light flooded the already flooded subway as R-SOUL was revealed.

The mouthguard was silver with red streaked, the fittings sharp and jagged. The visor was crimson like the jumpsuit he wore. The streaks running across his body pulsed green. His armour was still golden, yet his suit was deformed and shaped strangely. The many plates were more defined with green lines separating them. His emblem was coloured the same, yet it was offset...

"I am the omen! This is the end!"

"This.. This is..." Kaisu stuttered as he slid beside Nakida's frozen body. "Cross, Hikaru... Honki de Izu Zei!" He roared as he charged at R-SOUL.

Where... Where am I?

Nakida woke up to find herself in a frozen wasteland. The entire world was mirrored her life... She glanced at a nearby icicle to see a different scene before her.

"I... I hate you both!" Nakida screamed. Two angry parents sat on a leather couch as she stood defiantly at the door. "I.. I wish you two wou-" She paused as her parents tried to calm her. "Just die!" She screamed. She broke a glass table with her fist. She grabbed a shard and hurled it at her parents. Her father, an aged man with fading brown hair, ducked down as the glass flew free...

"No..." Nakida whispered. "No... I'm not..." She spun around and ran towards a shimmering sea. She leapt into the water, swimming furiously.

I'm Nakida Sassu... Rescue Force, R4...

She gasped for air and grabbed at the iceberg that had appeared. She lay down on the surprisingly warm surface. There was an overhang above her...

"Don't touch me!" Nakida snapped. She jabbed a finger into the stomach of a young boy her age. They both looked around 10.

"I... Nakida..." The boy gripped her shoulder firmly.

"Get off me!" She shouted. She kicked up and the boy doubled over, his eyes shocked. He had been so kind to here... Why? He thought to himself.

She lashed out at the wall with all her strength. It shattered to pieces with the iceberg falling around her. She spied small fragments of an image in the ice... Were they really grouping together?

"Who am I?" Nakida sobbed. "Toby... Who was I before?" She gasped. Torie put a reassuring arm around her shoulder.

"Don't worry about that... It's who you are now, Aki... People change." He announced firmly.

"But... For all I know..."

"Aki, it doesn't matter!" Tobi shouted. His anger had suddenly flared. "Aki, we might not know who you were before, but it's now we should worry about! If you try and find who you were then, how will you live!?" He snapped.

"You don't get it!" Nakida shouted. Two manicured nails shot out at his cheek. A bloody gash ran down his cheek as he gazed up at Nakida, pleading with his eyes. "Tobi, you don't get it..." She whispered before running off.

"Torie Dekima..." Nakida was crying now. "Tobi... My Tobi..." She repeated her pet name for him. "Tobi..." She fell to her knees. Her face was wet with tears as the iceberg melted away...

What the heck? Was Nakida's first thought. Her body was groggy and numb. She spied Kaisu running at something. She found Cross. How do I know Tobi? She wondered.
"Why?" She repeated. Had she really heard her own voice? "What the-" Her eyes swivelled again and found Hikaru hacking at some ice near her arm with a rock.
"That guy appeared." She thought aloud and Hikaru nodded. She flexed her fingers as she broke her other arm free. Hikaru knelt down to work on her legs. She spun her torso and...

Ren had a pipe, but it probably wouldn't be the best weapon. He crept around the back, trying to wait for his shot into R-SOUL's back. It wouldn't do much, but hopefully it would help.

Cross's hands came up into a cross and locked around the Zamber, the blade about an inch and a half away from his face. He growled loudly and tried to pull the weapon from James's hands but to no avail. He, dropped quickly and rolled to the side, reaching up to his head and pulling the goggles down over his eyes.
"Don't think much of your new colour scheme," He chuckled.

Sakura ran forward, grabbed Nakida by the waist and tried to pull her free of the ice, still running forward.

Ren leapt out, slamming his pipe into the arm holding the Zamber, attempting to knock it away. Hikaru took that moment to get in, also striking the arm in an attempt to disarm their foe. Cross took a run up at R-SOUL, jumping up and then shooting his left leg out into his chest. Sakura jumped onto his back and tried to pull him to the ground.

R-SOUL came crashing to the ground as he pulled an axe out of his back. He began to charge at Nakida, the axe poised.

Kaisu ran up and jumped onto his back. His left hand found the small pin.

"Let's have a fair fight!" He twisted the pin before ripping it out. A green shockwave shot out and hit Kaisu. He fell back as an injured James Damoshiika stood, breathing heavily.

His hair was wild and his eyes where a bright green. His clothes were ripped and he was bleeding in several places.

"Rescue Force! This isn't over!" James screamed. He raised his left hand and crossed it over beside his head and clicked his fingers. "Henshin!" At the sound his body materialized and disappeared. His body was soon melted away with his heart, brain, lungs and eyes remaining. A metal cover came over the organs and turned into a strong armour.

"This... Is the end!"

"This is not good." Ren muttered, backing away. He wondered where Cross was at the moment, having lost track of him. He hoped that they could use the New Striker for something here...
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